Taking your video production startup to the next level is what you need for huge success. But most people next get there. In this article, we outline a system for promoting and marketing your video company to get maximum exposure and really get your name out there!

Every entrepreneur starts with the same goal, driving his business to the highest level and making it a huge success.

But success stories don’t happen overnight, though.

The ones you hear about have been through a lot of hard work, patience and using the correct marketing strategies to scale the desired heights.

If you wish to take your startup to the next level, then look at these few points.

Laying The Foundation

Before you jump into marketing, your business needs to lay the foundation correctly. You cannot build something great without a solid foundation.

1. Target Market

You need to be careful while selecting the target market for your services. It’s important to create a niche market. Rather than marketing to everyone or anyone who has no value for your business. As an outside example, if your product is business suits for women, targeting teens and marketing to them will never lead you to success.

2. Correct Keywords

When you have a target audience in mind while promoting your business online you will need to use the correct keywords. These keywords help your business show up on the search engines hence driving traffic to your website.

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3. Budgeting

You will need to set up a budget on your marketing efforts, else you might end up spending on things which could be avoided while connecting with the niche market. Don’t begin to market everywhere at the same time. Build a strategy which suits your budget.

4. Defining Success

Success can mean different things to different people. For some it’s measured in terms of revenue generated. For others, it could be the number of customers. You need to define it and adhere to it. Also, it is very important to share it with your associates so that all work towards achieving the common goal.

Social Media Marketing

Once you have laid the foundation. It is important for you to create an online presence. It doesn’t happen just by building a website to sell your product. How do you reach your target audience?  By using different social media platform.

1. Choosing The Correct Social Media

You have numerous options to choose from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr to Instagram. Once you have a target audience in mind you select the right platform to connect with potential clients.

2. What To Post

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video much more. All platforms don’t necessarily use the same video format. What do you do? In this case, you can use the online video converter which helps you convert any form of a video from MOV to MP3 online.


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3. When To Post

It is also important to consider the time to reach the audience. For example, if you are targeting teens it could be early mornings or evenings during school days. For reaching a business, it could be something like early Tuesday morning of your target audience’s timezone.

4. Blogging

Along with posting on social media, you can also set up a blog. You will need good content to share the details about your service, and the solutions your service provides.

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How To Create Better Blogs Than Your Competitors?

While setting the blog make sure you have the perfect content and visually appealing design. It should have search and social media buttons in place (at a bare minimum), so that your visitors can share desired content on their social media accounts.

Remember that it takes time to build traction. You will need to reach out to other bloggers, comment on their articles, and follow their posts, which in turn creates your following.

5. Content Creation

Before you are ready to market your product, it is very important to have the correct content in place.

1. Listing The Content

It is important to list down the topics you would be writing about before you begin writing content. You could use SEO (search engine optimisation) keywords as a starting point. List topics which you could use to convey your ideas and help you reach a greater audience.

2. Type Of Content

Other than blogging there are different types of content one can publish. Similar to social media marketing, you need to select the correct type of content which would help you reach your target market.

You can select one of the following:


A) Newsletters

You can have visitors leave an email address and subscribe to your newsletters. Through newsletters, you can provide your customers with the latest updates about your product, new launches or new offers.

B) Guides Or Ebooks

You can offer a free ebook to download to your potential customers, which can be used to inform them about you, your product, and your company’s updates.

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C) Webinars

Suppose you are a new coach and your target market is recent college students who are in need of motivation. The best way to reach out to them would be through a webinar. It’s easier to connect with someone when we can hear and watch them speak.

You can also create promotional videos for your upcoming webinar and upload on different social media. To create and convert these videos into various formats from MOV to MP3 online, you can use an online video converter.

D) Videos

You can design explainer videos about your service and post on your website or blog. Your blog, website, social media account might support different formats from MOV to MP3 online. You can use an online video converter instead of creating the same video in different formats.

3. Email Subscriptions

You can have visitors subscribe to your newsletter, blog or email marketing campaigns. You can send regular updates to your audience via email or notify them when there is a new blog post or any new update.

4. Guest Blogging

You can start commenting and following different bloggers as mentioned earlier. You can also request influential bloggers to share guest posts on your blog which would drive traffic to your blog and bring you new followers and help you reach a larger market.

PR Strategy

You have your blog in place, your product ready, you have good content but how do you capture the target market? Do you hire a PR team? Or you build on your strategy to promote your business? How do you promote your product to convert it into sales?

1. Understanding Competition

You need to study and understand what your competitors are doing? How do they market, what media do they use? You need to be well informed about what the competition is already doing so that you can reach the target market and show them how you can do it better and why.

2. Media Kit

For a successful media launch, you need a successful Media Kit. These include having your statements, logos and promotional videos in place. The potential customers could have an insight into your company via photos, logos, bios, and videos about you and your team. Also, remember these promotional videos can be converted online from any format like MOV to MP3 online using the online video converter.

Testing And Innovating

You have already started marketing your product. There is social media coverage, promotional videos, webinars. How do you measure that these are working for you?

1. Using Analytic Tools

From Google Analytics, Yahoo or to any other analytic tool available on the internet, you can measure if the current marketing strategy is working for you? Are you able to reach the target audience? How does the target audience respond to your marketing promotions?


2. Mapping With Your Goals

You will need to check your current marketing strategy to gauge if you are able to reach the set revenue or target audience goals. If yes, how can you make it better and if not what is it that you need to change?

3. Innovative Strategies

You can be doing everything your competition does. Then why would the customers leave their loyalty and choose you? You will need to create innovative strategies to attract the audience so that they are ready to try your product. Even though they have been using your competitors’ products for years.

Video Production Startup – Conclusion

A startup can have the best content and PR strategy in place, but yet they might fail. Why does this happen and how does one avoid it? Is there a secret ingredient? Not really. Then what do you need to do? You need to believe in your product so does your team. Unless you and associates believe, you cannot make the target market trust you.

Remember the graph is not a straight line up or linear. The idea is to keep your focus and work towards your goals. To begin with set small achievable targets. Celebrate each success with your team and your target market. You could even set promotional offers for customers. Besides, keep renewing your marketing strategies as you keep growing.

There isn’t a single mantra that would take you to the next level. You will continuously need to come up with new content, innovative ideas, improve your product, reach a larger audience, upgrade your PR strategies to take your startup to the next level.

We hope you’ve gotten a lot out of this article on taking your video production startup to the next level. What stage are you out in your video business journey? Let us know in the comments below.