If you’re looking to expand your filmmaking resume with some additional experience, then television shows are a great way to start. Television shows are used in every aspect of film production, and they’re an excellent way to gain experience as a director, producer, editor and more.

TV shows are some of the most prominent ways that filmmakers can get the experience they need to be successful in the future. There is no better way to learn how to work with actors or how to make sure your shots look great than by working on a TV show.

What Is staff me up

What Is staff me up?

Staff Me Up is an online community for working professionals and job seekers in the entertainment industry.

Whether you’re an actor, a screenwriter, a cinematographer, or anything in between, we can help you get work, grow your network and learn more about your craft.

Staff Me Up is designed to make recruiting easier by keeping track of job applicants in one place.

Applicants login with their LinkedIn profiles and can then apply for jobs within the site or on external sites like Monster and Careersite. The tool also allows companies to import resumes into their database.



Film Production Jobs Through StaffMeUp

If you’re looking for a project that will allow you to gain valuable experience as a filmmaker, then a television show might be just what you need. Shows like The Voice or Hell’s Kitchen have small budgets but have to get just as much done as a much larger budgeted movie would have.

With these smaller budgets, it’s easier for new filmmakers who don’t have a lot of experience get the opportunity to direct and edit these shows. They are also designed for cable audiences so they are shorter in length than movies which allow for even more opportunities for new editors and directors all around.

Tips On Using Staff Me Up

If you are looking for a job, you have probably heard of Staff Me Up. This is a site that is known for providing great opportunities to people who are looking for work. As a result of this, there are more and more people using the site each day. If you want to use Staff Me Up to find a job, it is important to understand how it works.

Tons of options – When you use Staff Me Up, you will be surprised at how many jobs you can find. There are management jobs, customer service jobs, administrative jobs, and much more. This means that there really is something for everyone.

Video Interview – When you take a job with Staff Me Up and are hired by your company, they will likely have you do a video interview. What this does is allow them to learn about you before making their decision about hiring you.

This can be very helpful when to make the decision about whether or not to hire you in person or not. 

Payment Plans – One of the best things about Staff Me Up is that they offer payment plans.

The reason why this is so good is because it allows people who cannot pay their entire fee up front the option to do so over time. This makes it much easier.


How Do I Get A Job In A Movie With No Experience?

The process of getting an acting job in a movie with no experience is similar to the process of getting any other job. But it’s a little more challenging because there are so many actors competing for roles.

Trying to get work as an actor without any experience is common, but it takes time and patience. Here are some tips that can help you land your first film or television gig: 

Be professional at all times. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can still appear professional.

Actors who have worked on numerous projects often find that they’re perceived asmore professionally than actors who haven’t. This can give you an advantage when you’re trying to get a manager or agent.

Research local casting agencies. Casting agencies typically post their auditions online, so you can search for them in your area and try out for the projects posted there. A listing on a casting agency’s website doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the job, but it does give you a better chance than if you weren’t listed at all.

Reach out to companies directly. If you want to contact production companies directly, reach out to them through email or phone calls as opposed to social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Social media is great for networking and building relationships.

How Do Film Production Assistants Get Hired?

If you are looking for a career in film production, it’s important to learn everything you can about the industry. One of the most important jobs on any film set is that of the production assistant, or PA.

PAs are responsible for a wide variety of tasks and have extensive contact with other important cast and crew members. What Do Film Production Assistants Do? A film production assistant (PA) is an entry-level position that requires little to no experience in the field.

A PA will work long hours and might be expected to perform a variety of duties depending on the needs of the project. 

Some duties might include: Organizing supply lists and making sure all necessary equipment and props are available on set, assisting with set up and clean up after filming, making copies of scripts and maintaining continuity during filming, triage all incoming calls, emails or faxes, determining which needs to be brought to the attention of higher level staff members, handling transportation arrangements for cast and crew, annimal wrangler, if needed, andranslating as necessary when non-English speaking actors/crew are on set. 

PAs are typically hired by more experienced, higher ranking staff members who don’t always have time to handle all the details themselves.


Should I Pay For Staff Me Up App?

Should I Pay For Staff Me Up App?

StaffMeUp is a free app that offers staff scheduling and attendance, employee management, and time tracking in one convenient place. Find out if this app is the right fit for you.


StaffMeUp offers a free 30-day trial for its service, which is nice because it gives you a chance to take it for a test drive. The app works on both Android and Apple devices, so you can use it from any smartphone or tablet.

As an employer, you can add employees to your account and start creating schedules. You can also input your employees’ work schedules or find open shifts through the app’s built-in calendar tool. If your business operates multiple locations, you can create schedules for each location independently.

While there are no premium features with StaffMeUp, the app does provide some advanced functionality. For example, it has a time clock tool that allows you to track time worked per day, shift and even month.

The time clock feature is fairly simple to use; all you have to do is tap the “clock in” button when your employees start working and tap “clock out” when they’re done. Then, StaffMeUp calculates their hours worked based on their scheduled shifts.

Do People Use Staff Me Up App?

Do People Use Staff Me Up App?


Staff Me Up is a complete, easy-to-use application for restaurant owners and managers. The staff management tool can be used for scheduling, employee attendance tracking, and tip management.

It has been developed with the intention to help business owners streamline the way they manage their staff, by making it easier to create and send schedules and tips, while keeping track of employee attendance.

Staff Me Up provides businesses with an online scheduling software that is mobile friendly. This way, business owners are able to send schedules, and  accept and approve requests from the palm of their hands. Managers can also access the app from any device that is connected to the internet.

The scheduling app allows you to save time by not having to switch between applications for accepting or rejecting employee requests or updating schedules. All this functionality is available right in one place and in real time.

Businesses can also keep track of their employees’ attendance and manage tips all in one application. With just a few clicks, you can know who is scheduled for your next day’s shift, how many hours they worked yesterday and what their base pay will be today, as well as calculate their tips.

Things Producers Look For When Using Staff Me Up

Staff Me Up helps producers find qualified talent and allows freelancers to build a bigger network. Here are some advices from our producers about what they look for: “I’m looking for someone who is easy to work with and understands the demands of the role.”

“I’m looking for someone who will be reliable, self-motivated and proactive.” “I’m looking for someone who is creative and has a good attitude. Someone who can think outside of the box.”

Whether you’re a producer on a film or television show, or you’re hiring someone to do some graphic design work, it’s important to make sure that your personalities are going to mesh. Sometimes that chemistry can happen over email, other times you want to be able to meet in person- like when we were casting for the movie “Your Sister’s Sister”.

I was able to watch how people interacted with each other and gauge their personality based on how they spoke about themselves and others. The importance of these things cannot be understated. As a producer,

it’s my job to make sure that everyone on set is comfortable, happy, and having fun so everyone can do their best work. This is why it’s so important to me that we have people working with us from all over the world.

Finding Film Production Industry Jobs

Wondering how to find film production industry jobs? Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced industry professional, it should be easy to find work in the film industry with the right preparation. To get started, follow these tips:

Use Film School to Your Advantage

If you’ve recently graduated from film school, you’ll have an edge on the competition when it comes to landing a job. Film schools provide their students with incredible opportunities to network with other students and professionals working in the industry.

These relationships can be extremely valuable when it comes to landing a job after graduation. The great thing about making connections at a film school is that you create potential opportunities for yourself before you even graduate!

For example, if you make friends with filmmakers who are already established in the industry, they can help recommend you for paid internships or entry-level positions once you’ve earned your degree.

Likewise, if your professors establish connections with filmmakers, your professors may be able to help you find work once you’re ready for a career move.

Network Like Crazy

There’s no better way to find film production industry jobs than networking! Sure, it’s great to have a degree and some work experience on your resume, but when it comes time for someone to decide.

Verify Your Identity To Post Jobs On Staff Me Up

Are you looking for a job? Do you have your resume ready and is it search engine optimized? Have you considered posting your resume on Staff Me Up, one of the fastest-growing job sites in the country?


Tens of thousands of new resumes are posted every month. If you want to make yours stand out then you need to ensure that it is search engine optimized. Make sure that the keywords used in your resume will be searched by employers when they post a job.

If the keyword is not included in your resume then you may never get considered for the position. Staff Me Up offers users the ability to verify their identity, which is necessary before they can post a resume.

It is recommended that users attach an image of their government-issued ID card to their profile before they are allowed to post a resume on Staff Me Up. This ensures that all users are real people and helps prevent identity theft.

If you do not have access to a scanner or can’t take a digital picture, then you can ask someone at your local library for help. The library should be able to scan or take a picture of your ID for free.

Make sure that your name, address, and date of birth match with what is listed on your ID card.

Staff Me Up Is Your #1 Source For Production Jobs In Los Angeles And Nationwide

With more than 10 years of experience in the Production staffing industry, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find your next Production staff job. Whether you’re looking for a Production Assistant or a Production Coordinator job, we can help you find the right fit.

Tired of sending your resume out to Production jobs with no response? Well, so are we! That’s why we started Staff Me Up. We use our expertise in the Los Angeles Production staffing market to pair qualified candidates like you with the best Production jobs available in Los Angeles and nationwide.

Tired of dealing with rude or unhelpful people at other agencies? We know that being a temp can be tough, which is why our company is built around treating our clients and candidates with kindness and respect.

We work hard to make sure that every candidate who applies to a Production job through us gets an honest review of their application from one of our recruiters. And if you do get placed into a Production job through us, we’re available 24/7 to handle any problems that may arise on set. No other staffing agency in Los Angeles offers this kind of service!

You’ll also benefit from being paired up with only the best Hollywood production companies that are looking for temp workers.

Set Designer Production Jobs

Set designer jobs are plentiful in Hollywood. Set designers work in all aspects of film, television, and commercials. The movie and television industries are always looking for qualified set designers to hire.


Set designer jobs fall into two categories: production set designers and art directors. There are many production set designers who work on film sets; however, set designers primarily work on the construction of sets.

A set designer is responsible for designing and constructing of various rooms, props, and buildings that make up a film or television set. Set designers need to be familiar with technical aspects of filmmaking such as sound, lighting, and cameras. They also need to understand how the constructed sets fit into the overall filmmaking process.

The job of an art director is very similar to that of a set designer; however, art directors are responsible for entire productions rather than individual sets. Art directors may design props, but their main responsibility is organizing the entire film crew to complete a project.

It is up to the art director to ensure that everyone has everything they need to complete their parts of the project properly. Art director jobs may require artists to perform a variety of tasks on a single project including building sets, painting walls, or even writing dialogue. Art directors must have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of production

1st AD Production Jobs

There are lots of first AD jobs out there, and I’ve had a lot of experience with them. In this post I’ll talk about a few of the more common ones. I’m not going to get into the details of making a good demo reel, because that’s been covered elsewhere on the site – see my previous posts for more information about that.

So, let’s start at the beginning: applying for a job. The ad you’re responding to might say something like: “Must have 5 years experience as 1st AD” or “Experience essential.” What does that mean? Well it means that most people who apply to this job will be rejected at the outset – but you might have enough experience to get an interview. It’s worth applying anyway if you think you can do the job – it never hurts to try!

The next stage is an interview. If you make it this far then you’ve probably got enough experience to do the job. The person interviewing you isn’t just looking at your showreel though – they’ll want to hear about specific jobs you’ve done and how your experiences relate to the position they’re hiring for. They’ll also want to know how well you work with other members of crew and cast, and whether.