When you see a picture of someone and they’re looking at the camera, but there’s something else in the background that makes it look like they were distracted by something else.

That’s called a photobomb.

There are two different kinds of photobombs: those done on purpose and those done accidentally.

The first kind is usually done by someone who wants to be in the photo but not have their face shown (like celebrities),

while the second kind is usually just an accident where someone gets in front of another person’s shot without realizing it until later when they see their picture online or in print media.

History of Photobombing

The first known photobomb was taken in 1839 by photographer Henry Peach Robinson.

He was taking a picture of two people, but he didn’t realize that someone else had walked into the shot and was standing right behind them.

The person who photobombed hadn’t been invited to be in the photo, so it would be fair to say that this was an accidental photobombing incident.

The first intentional photobomb occurred in 1858 when photographer William Mumler snapped a picture of his wife and daughter posing with their friends outside their house–

but there was also another woman standing behind them who wasn’t part of their group! She seemed like she wanted her own moment in the spotlight, so Mumler decided to immortalize her on film instead of asking her to leave (or moving away from her).

The Art of Photobombing

Photobombing is a skill that can be learned and mastered.

If you’re looking to get into the business, here are some tips on how to do it right:

Find your subject.

It’s important that your photobomb be relevant to what’s going on in the photo; otherwise, it won’t make sense or look like an afterthought.

For example, if someone is taking a selfie with their family at Disney World and you decide to jump into frame wearing nothing but underwear and holding an ice cream cone (don’t do this), well…

I don’t know what kind of reaction they’ll have! But if they’re posing for a photo with Mickey Mouse himself? Perfect opportunity!


Get ready for action!

Make sure everything is set up before snapping away because once those cameras start clicking around us humans tend not only forget our manners but also become very protective over our personal space–and rightfully so!

Famous Photobombs

There are many famous photobombs. Some of them have become so iconic that they have their own names, like the “duckface” or “resting bitch face.”

Other famous photobombs include:

The classic celebrity photobomb

The classic celebrity and dog photobomb (this one is adorable)

The classic celebrity, dog and baby photobomb

Photobombing Etiquette

Photobombing is an art and a skill.

It’s also a way to make someone’s day, or at least their photo, more interesting.

But there are rules to follow when it comes to photobombing–and if you don’t follow them, you might end up with some angry people on your hands (or in front of your lens).

So what are these rules? What should you know about photobombing etiquette? Here are some tips:

Don’t photobomb unless asked.

If someone has asked for your help with a photo shoot or wants you involved in the picture somehow, then by all means go ahead and do so!

But if they aren’t asking for help and just want some peace and quiet while they take pictures of themselves or their friends/family members/significant others…well…you get my drift here–just respect their wishes by staying out of frame!

If they ask later on whether there was anyone else around during that time period where no one was paying attention to them but instead focused on their phones or something else entirely unrelated altogether such as watching TV shows online instead (which happens often), then feel free as well as encouraged even more strongly now than ever before thanks again especially towards newer technologies like smartphones where everyone seems obsessed nowadays due to its convenience factor alone.”

Types of Photobombs

There are several different types of photobombs, each with their own unique characteristics.

Group photobombs:

This is when a group of people (usually friends) sneak into your picture and ruin it.

They’re usually pretty easy to spot because they all have the same expression on their faces and they look like they’re trying not to laugh too hard.

Solo photobombs:

A solo photobomb happens when one person sneaks into your picture without anyone else around them. It can be hard to tell if this person actually wanted their picture taken or not, but either way it’s pretty funny!

Celebrity photobombs:

If you’re lucky enough to meet a celebrity in real life, don’t forget that they might want some attention too!

They might try sneaking into some photos just so everyone knows who they are–even if those photos aren’t really about them at all!

Photobombing Apps and Software

There are a number of apps and software that can help you photobomb.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, there are even games that allow you to photobomb other players.

Creating Your Own Photobombs

There are plenty of ways to create your own photobombs. Here are some tips for getting started:

Think about what you want the picture to look like before taking it.

What kind of scenery would be best?

Is there anything in the background that could ruin your photobomb?

Make sure you’re ready before taking a picture, so that no one else gets in front of your camera when they shouldn’t be there!

If possible, get someone else involved with this process–it can make things more interesting!

Photobombing Trends

Photobombing is a popular trend on social media, and it can be fun to see what kind of photobombs you can pull off.

You might even want to challenge yourself by trying out some of these popular photobombing trends:

The classic “kissing couple” pose, where the couple kisses while in the background someone walks by or does something silly.

This one is easy to pull off! Just make sure that your partner doesn’t mind being photographed kissing someone else.

If they do mind, maybe try another idea instead?

Photobombing memes are also very popular right now–they’re basically just images with text overlaid on top of them in order to make fun of something happening in the photo (like if someone looks like they are about to sneeze).

You could use this technique for any type of photo you take with friends or family members!

Photobombing – Wrap Up

So, what have we learned?

Photobombing is a fun way to make your friends look silly in photos.

It’s also a great way to get some laughs out of strangers who don’t know what’s going on.

If you want to photobomb someone, just ask them if it’s okay first–you don’t want anyone getting mad at you!