Streamyard is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch and share videos with your friends. We make it easy for you to create content, upload your videos and share them with the world.

StreamYard Review

What Is StreamYard?

Streamyard is a live video platform, where you can watch videos created by users and content creators.

StreamYard was founded in 2012 with the purpose of creating a community where people can watch videos together. We have been building up our platform over the years, so we are now able to provide a great experience for all our users.

The StreamYard platform is powered by an open-source software called Kaltura. This allows us to provide you with a great user experience without any additional costs or obligations.



What Is Streamyard?

Streamyard was founded by three college friends who met at Berkeley and wanted to do something different than the rest of their peers.

Their idea is simple: create an easy-to-use web app that anyone can use to create and share video content with their friends.

The founders are all students at UC Berkeley, so they have a unique perspective on what makes a good service experience: they’ve been using it for years now!

They know how much time people spend watching videos on the internet and how frustrating it can be when things don’t go as planned.

So they decided to build Streamyard from scratch ourselves, rather than hiring contractors or spending money on ads until we were ready for prime time.


Streamyard is a platform that helps you find and watch the best streams of your favorite games.

Streamyard is built on top of Chrome’s new WebRTC protocol, which allows for easy integration with other sites like Twitch and Mixer.

Here are some features that set Streamyard apart:

– Search and filter live streams by game or broadcaster.


– Browse streams by category or language.

– View and chat with other viewers in real time!

– Share streams or play games with friends on Facebook Messenger, Discord, Teamspeak, Skype and more!


Streamyard is a web-based streaming application that allows you to stream any video or audio file from your computer. You can also make use of the built-in tools to edit your files and add them on your site.

Streamyard offers you a wide range of features that allow you to do a lot more than just streaming videos from your computer. You will be able to share your files with others, upload them on your website, create playlists and add them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Some of the most interesting features include:

1) It is available in multiple languages including English, German, French and Spanish.

2) You can upload any type of media file including audios, images and videos.

3) You can add comments to each of your uploaded files so that other users can leave feedback about them.

4) You can create playlists based on the user’s preference so that they can easily find their favorite videos without having to search through all the files in their account.

Streamyard Review – Main Features

Streamyard is a new video streaming platform that allows you to stream and download videos. The site offers a wide variety of content, including live TV, music videos, gaming videos and much more.


You can use your favorite streaming software on Streamyard such as VLC or Kodi to watch all the videos on this website.

Streamyard has partnered with many popular channels to bring you the latest movies and TV shows in high quality. There are also thousands of user generated channels available on this website. You can also add your own channel to share your favorite videos with others.

The main features of Streamyard include:

Streamyard Review

– Live TV from around the world: StreamTV is an online streaming service offering 24/7 live TV channels from around the world including sports channels like ESPN, NBA TV and NHL Network etc. You can enjoy watching live news coverage from around the world on StreamTV 24/7 without any extra charges.

You can also stream live sports from various countries across Europe such as Italy, Spain, France etc on this website for free!

Streamyard Review – Ease Of Use And Getting Started

Streamyard is one of the most popular streaming software available on the market. It is a premium service that gives you unlimited access to all your favorite music, movies and TV shows.

Streamyard works by allowing you to stream any video file from your computer to your device without any additional software like a browser or a download manager. You can also watch online videos from websites like YouTube or Twitch using Streamyard.

Streamyard also allows you to download videos from popular sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video directly on your phone or tablet without any restrictions. This means that you get high-quality video without having to go through their websites.

With Streamyard, there are no limits on how long you can download or stream videos for or how often you want to do so. You can also choose which videos you want to download by filtering them based on their size, quality and popularity among other criteria.

The main advantage of Streamyard over some other similar services is that it’s completely free with no ads and limitations on how much data you can use per month or per day/hour/minute/second!

Streamyard Review – Live Video Streaming

Streamyard is a live video streaming platform for the mobile phone. It’s a perfect tool for those who want to create and stream their own videos, and it’s also great for those who want to watch video content on the go.

Streamyard is a relatively new app, but it has already become quite popular among users. In fact, it has over 1 million downloads, which means that this app has been in use for some time now.

The app allows you to record and stream live video from your mobile phone, tablet or computer via Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. It’s very easy to use and there are no complicated settings or settings options to configure.

You can download Streamyard on your Android device, iPhone or iPad by searching “Streamyard” in the App Store or Google Play Store. You can then install the application on your device and start using it right away!


Streamyard Review – Multistreaming

Streamyard is a streaming software that allows you to stream your videos and music content on different devices. It works with any platform, including iOS and Android, PC, Mac and Linux.

Streamyard Review – Multistreaming

Streamyard offers two main features: streaming your video or audio files from your computer to multiple devices at once; or sharing online video or audio content with friends. In this review we’ll focus on the latter feature.

You can use Streamyard to stream videos from your PC to pretty much any device that supports HTML5 video playback — PCs, Macs and Linux computers, tablets, smartphones and even some smart TVs (via an app). For example, you could use it to stream videos from your computer to an iPad while you’re away from home.

Or you could share a YouTube video with friends via Facebook Messenger while they are getting together offline for dinner.

In addition to sharing videos and music files with others over social media channels like Twitter or Facebook Messenger, Streamyard lets you create playlists of videos stored on your smartphone that can be played together as a slide show in just one click. You

Streamyard Review – Streaming Pre-recorded Videos

Streamyard is a web application that allows you to stream pre-recorded videos from your computer in just a few clicks. It’s a perfect tool for students, teachers and other people who want to share their knowledge with the world.

In this review, we’ll take a look at how Streamyard works, why it’s so popular and whether or not it’s worth using.

What is Streamyard?

Streamyard is an online service that allows you to stream pre-recorded videos from your computer in just a few clicks. The app has been around since 2016 and has since grown into one of the most popular streaming services on the internet.

What does it do?

The main function of Streamyard is to allow users to stream pre-recorded videos from their computers, tablets or mobile phones. Users can also record video directly from their cameras and save them as .mp4 files for later use.

In addition, Streamyard makes it easy for users to create slideshows with videos that are synced up with music tracks. This feature makes it possible for users to create professional-looking presentations without having any technical knowledge about how computers work.

Streamyard Review – Live Streaming Analytics

Streamyard is a tool that helps you analyze and optimize your live streams.

Streamyard is a tool that helps you analyze and optimize your live streams. It can be used to track the performance of your stream, and then optimize it for better results.

One of its features is the ability to view analytics for all of the streams in your account, including those that aren’t currently broadcasting. This makes it possible for you to see how your viewers interact with your broadcasts when they’re not watching them live.

In addition to viewing analytics, Streamyard allows you to set up alerts that notify you when certain things happen during a broadcast. These alerts will notify you via push notifications on your phone or desktop, email, Telegram or Slack channel, or even through an SMS message!

Streamyard also has some other useful features that make it ideal for streamers using it. For example:

The ability to schedule broadcasts ahead of time – This allows for greater flexibility in scheduling events such as meet-ups or game nights without having to worry about whether or not there will be enough people who want to attend or watch them live!

The ability to save recordings – This means that if something goes wrong during an event (such as someone dropping out) you can

Streamyard Pricing

Streamyard pricing is a simple, yet effective way to sell your product. We take the pain out of selling by automating the entire process, from creating your campaign and uploading images to driving traffic and collecting leads. With Streamyard pricing you can focus on what matters most: building your brand and growing your business.

Streamyard Pricing comes in two different options:

Free Plan – The free plan gives you unlimited campaigns and traffic credits, as well as access to the Streamyard support team via chat or email. If you want more advanced features or would like to upgrade to one of our paid plans, we will be happy to help. You can get started with a free trial here.

Paid Plans – Our paid plans allow us to offer more advanced features like custom landing pages and advanced reporting tools.

Streamyard Review – Pros And Cons

Streamyard is an online streaming service that offers a wide range of movies, TV shows and documentaries for free. The service has been around for a few years now and it’s still going strong.

The good news is that Streamyard does offer a free trial. You can sign up for the trial here. It’s only available through their website, so you won’t be able to sign up through a third-party site like with most trial offers. This is good because it means they aren’t trying to get you to buy something else after you sign up.

This isn’t the only way they make money off of their platform though – there are ads in between videos as well as on the home page itself. That being said, these ads are not intrusive and do not get in the way of watching your favorite movie or show.

Streamyard has over 2 million users across all devices and platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Roku and more!

Streamyard Review – Pros And Cons

Pros Of Streamyard

Easy To Use

Streamyard is easy to use. You just need to download the app on your phone and then set it up. It works with most of the devices like Android, iOS, Windows and even Mac OS X. It also has a website where you can use its features without any issues.

Great Customer Support

Streamyard provides great customer support through its website and Facebook page. The team behind Streamyard is always ready to answer questions about their service or product in detail. They also provide tutorials on how to use it properly.

Good Customer Reviews

The good reviews from customers say that Streamyard is a reliable service provider with high-quality content that makes it easy for people to stream online media without any issue. Moreover, if you have any queries regarding the service or product, then you can easily get in touch with them through email or phone number provided by them on their website or Facebook page

Cons Of Streamyard

Streamyard has its pros and cons. Here are the top 10 pros and cons of Streamyard:


  1. It is an excellent place to learn how to code.
  2. You can make money while learning how to code.
  3. It’s a great way to find a job when you graduate college or university.
  4. You get paid for your work as long as it’s completed by the due date.
  5. You can choose which projects you want to take on and which ones you don’t want to do in order to save time and effort for other projects that are more interesting for you or that pay more money for you because they’re worth your time, such as building websites or making games or applications for smartphones, tablets, etc., or creating web applications like Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for businesses or individuals who have those types of pages already set up online (or even not setting up a new Facebook page if someone already has it going).
  6. You can work at home if you want without being tied down by having to commute into town every day like many people who go into traditional cubicles where they spend their entire day sitting inside their office working away at computers on whatever project they’re assigned at

Streamyard Alternatives

Streamyard is a cloud-based financial management software for small and mid-sized businesses. It was developed in response to the needs of small business owners who want an easy way to manage their finances, but don’t have the tech savvy or time to learn a new system.

Streamyard alternatives include:

QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software that offers small business owners the ability to manage their entire company from any web browser. The program works with all major point of sale systems and mobile devices, allowing users to view their accounts at any time, anywhere.

HomeBudget: HomeBudget is an all-in-one personal finance app that helps you organize your bank account, credit cards, investments and bills with one simple app. It’s available on iOS and Android devices so you can manage your finances wherever you are.

Intuit GoPayment: Intuit GoPayment provides online merchant services for merchants looking to accept credit cards online without having a dedicated merchant account with an acquirer. Merchants simply sign up for the service at no cost and begin accepting credit card payments immediately after getting approval from their customers.

Streamyard Vs

Streamyard and Restream.Io are two of the most popular platforms for live streaming. They both offer a lot of great features but they also have some differences that make them different from one another.

Streamyard is an online platform that allows you to stream live video on your website or blog. It allows you to stream in HD quality, and it has a beautiful interface that makes it easy to use. You can also embed your streams into other websites and blogs, so that people can watch your videos on their own websites or blogs.

Restream is an online platform that allows you to stream live video on your website or blog. It offers high quality streaming, but it does not have as many features as Streamyard does. The main difference between these two platforms is that Streamyard offers more features than Restream does, while Restream offers lower quality streaming than Streamyard does.

Streamyard Vs Obs

Streamyard is one of the best alternatives to YouTube. It has a lot of features that are not available in YouTube. Streamyard is an online video streaming platform that allows you to stream your live videos on the app itself or on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The main difference between Streamyard and YouTube is that Streamyard allows you to monetize your videos whereas YouTube doesn’t allow it.

Streamyard vs Obs: What’s the difference?

The main difference between Streamyard and Obs is that Streamyard has its own app while Obs is available on all major platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There are no ads in Streamyard but there are ads in Obs which can get annoying sometimes as well as irritating especially when you want to watch certain videos from different sources at once like sports or politics etc..


Another difference between these two apps is that Streamyard does not have an option for subscriptions whereas Obs does have an option for subscriptions but it’s not free like Netflix subscription where you pay monthly fees for watching movies and shows on demand.

Streamyard Vs Livestream

Streamyard and Livestream are two of the most popular video streaming platforms today. Both of these websites have their own sets of pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the differences between Streamyard and Livestream:

Streamyard Pros:

The website is easy to use, even for beginners. There are many tutorials on how to use it, which makes it easier for you to start using it right away.

It has a large library of videos, which means that there will always be new content available for you to watch. You don’t have to search for new videos every time you want to watch something new!

The interface is very simple and clean, which means that it won’t take long for you to get used to using the website. Also, since this website was developed by professional developers, you can be sure that their design is perfect for your needs!

They offer a large variety of different videos, so you can find whatever type of content that you want easily!

Livestream Pros:

Their interface looks very modern and stylish; this makes it easy for viewers of all ages to get used

Streamyard Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Streamyard is a new online video sharing platform that allows users to upload and share videos directly from their website or blog.

Streamyard is one of the most popular and frequently used platforms for streaming live video content on the internet, with more than 500,000 users uploading over 5 million videos per month.

We’ve reviewed Streamyard before, but we wanted to update our readers on the latest changes in this video sharing platform. So here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about Streamyard:

Can I stream my videos directly from my website?

Yes, you can stream your videos directly from your website using Streamyard. The only requirement is that you have an HTML5 compatible site and an active WordPress install.

What file types does Streamyard support?

Streamyard supports all types of files including MP4, MOV, AVI and many more formats.

Streamyard Review – Wrapping Up

Streamyard is a new platform that allows users to host their own servers for free. It’s easy to use and has a nice interface, but there are some minor issues with the site that I’ll get into below.

Streamyard Review – Wrapping Up

Streamyard is a new service that allows users to host their own server for free. It’s easy to use and has a nice interface, but there are some minor issues with the site that I’ll get into below.

I tried out the free plan and found it was easy enough to get started, but it took longer than expected for my website to be up and running after registering with Streamyard. There were also some bugs in the registration process that caused me some trouble as well.

The site itself is pretty simple, but it looks nice with its blue-and-white color scheme throughout most of the interface. It also includes an option for non-English speakers who might not understand some of their words or names in other languages on their site (I was able to make sense of what they said).