In filmmaking, casting is the process of selecting actors for a part in a motion picture, television program or stage production.

The purpose of the casting process is to find actors who appear as if they fit the role and are well-suited to working with other actors on-screen or on stage.

Casting may be done by a casting director, often hired by a producer or film studio. They review resumes and headshots of actors who wish to be considered for roles in a movie or TV show.

Then, they conduct auditions and interviews with prospective actors who are trying out for the parts.

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What Is casting In filmmaking?

Casting is the process in which filmmakers select actors to portray characters in their film.

Sometimes, casting directors will hold an open casting call where anyone who meets certain requirements can audition.

Typically, though, the actor’s agent submits them for a role and the director and producers decide who gets the part. Casting may seem like a straightforward aspect of filmmaking, but it’s anything but simple.

To begin, casting directors must understand every character and their specific traits.

This comes from reading the script over and over again and asking as many questions as possible about what the writer had in mind when he or she created the character.

Casting directors must also have an eye for talent — they know what’s good acting when they see it and can easily spot potential stars.


Casting is one of the most important stages of filmmaking, but it’s one that many filmmakers approach with a lot of trepidation.

Casting can be very challenging, especially for those who don’t have previous experience with it.

Trying to figure out how to cast your film is likely to be stressful and frustrating, but there are things that you can do to make the process easier.

Keep reading for some tips that will help you find the perfect actors for every part in your movie.

What Is Casting In Filmmaking?

The casting director may ask the actor to perform specific scenes from some of the main roles and may also ask them to read lines of dialogue from another character in their repertoire.

If there is any resistance to this, it may disqualify that individual from being considered for the part.

Once all the auditioning is done and the final decisions have been made, studios will usually seek out an actor’s agent for contract negotiation purposes.

Some Independent filmmakers cast their own films with little input from a casting director or agency.


How Can You Get Great At Casting Actors?

So you want to cast a film, huh? 


This means you’re in the process of taking your filmmaking to the next level. Casting is half the battle, and if you don’t have the right actors, your movie will be doomed from the start.

How can you make sure that you’d be the best person to cast your movie? The following tips will help guide you in making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Subject yourself to a test. You must be able to prove to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to cast a film. What better way than to put yourself to the test by auditioning for a small role?

If you think this is a bad idea because you wouldn’t want your “actors” judging your casting skills, ask a friend or family member if they wouldn’t mind putting an ad on Craigslist for an audition for a small role in your upcoming movie. Or use an online casting service like Casting Frontier’s Craigslist posting tool!

Do your research! Before even beginning to search for potential actors, do some preliminary research. Whether it’s reading up on trends in Hollywood or simply researching films similar to the type you’re hoping to create, it’s important to make sure that you’re not wasting anyone’s time when they show up for an audition.

Pre-screen all applicants. It’s important that all applicants are pre-screened before they ever set foot into the room with other actors.

Casting Tips For Directors And Producers

It is important to remember that casting calls are done in a variety of ways. Some casting calls are posted online while others are done through the mail, phone, or even in-person.

However the casting call is published, it is important to avoid using generic language and make sure you get specific when describing the character and a brief background story. 

The best way to do this is to ask yourself who your audience members will be and then create your description around what they would want to see in an actor. Also, keep in mind the age range of your audience members so you know how much precision needs to be used in your description.

If you are seeking a male who is 23-years-old that loves football, there are many different types of actors that would fit such a description.

You can get more specific by stating “23-year-old African American male who loves football.” If you have a very specific look in mind, include that as well; for example, if you want someone who is 6 ‘1 with brown hair and blue eyes, include that.

How To Cast The Right Actors For Your Film

Film casting is always tough, but if your movie is a comedy, it’s an even bigger challenge: laughter is subjective. What one audience finds funny, another may not. 

So the best way to make sure you cast the right actors for your project is to focus on finding people who are naturally funny in their own way.

Truly funny people have an almost tangible energy to them; they’re magnetic, enthusiastic, and likable. 


They’re also supremely confident — which is good, because you’ll need them to bring out the humor in whatever script you’ve given them.

If you’re looking for great comedic talent, look for these qualities:

A gift of gab: Funny people tend to be talkative and friendly. You want someone with a quick wit and ability to carry a conversation, so that when there are lulls in dialogue during filming, he or she will be able to keep the team entertained.

A sense of humor about themselves: Humor is all about perspective; it comes from realizing the absurdity of life and making fun of it. This quality isn’t just important for comedians — it’s essential for anyone playing a character in a film, particularly if they’re playing a somewhat nasty or unlikable person.

Why Is Casting Of Actors For Your Film Important?

Casting the right actors for your film is an important factor in making your movie a success. Here are some of the reasons why casting the right actors is so important:

  1. The actor is able to understand and deliver the project notes. If you are working with an A-list actor and their acting skills are not up to par, then it will be difficult for them to deliver your vision for the film.
  2. The actor will be able to connect with the audience. If people do not believe that the actor is actually living out his role, then there will be a disconnect between what they see and what they feel; when that connection is lost, you have lost much of your audience’s attention.
  3. The actor can pull off the role naturally. What good is it if you have an amazing script and a great story, but once you cast mediocre actors? You will lose quality in your film and that could cause you to have a big budget loss on your hands.
  4. The actor will be able to deliver dialogue and other lines well. If actors cannot deliver their lines well, then all of the time spent editing could go to waste because no one will care about what they have to say.

How To Cast Influencers In Your Film

There are many ways to pitch a production company, but it isn’t always so easy to pitch an influencer. Many influencers are already overworked and often receive hundreds of emails a month from people similar to you asking for the same thing. 

So how do you make sure you stand out?

Make your pitch short and direct. Ideally one email would suffice. 

Don’t send unnecessary attachments. The less work for them, the easier it is for them to say yes and even refer you to others down the line because they like you or your idea.

If there are any other people involved in the project (for example a writer or director), don’t forget to mention them as well. Once you’ve got their attention, make sure that what you ask is as clear and concise as possible.

Ask them if they would be interested in an opportunity but only if it aligns with their brand and core values. For example, if they support women empowerment or sustainable development don’t pitch a sexist or environmentally damaging campaign just because they have a large following. 

When you’re creating a short list of potential cast members who are influencers, it’s best to use a spreadsheet. This will allow you to easily sort your ideas by categories and really narrow down the options.

How To Cast An Indie Film

Indie films are made by people who have little to no experience making feature films and are usually done on low budgets with little or no name actors.

The fact is that everyone has different skill sets and everyone’s budget is different. Some movies take place in an office building, others take place in space. There are movies where the budget can be as high as $200 million and other movies where the budget is $50,000.

You must have a lead actor. In every movie, there needs to be one character who is “the lead”. This character will be the character who drives the movie forward and also the one with whom most of the story revolves around.

In most cases, this character will be the protagonist of the story, but not always. For example, in a movie about saving the environment, it may be about saving the rainforests or fighting against pollution. 

In this case, the lead actor may very well play the antagonist of this particular story.

Insider Tips On Successfully Casting Your Film

As the director, writer, and producer of my first feature film with a $1 million dollar budget, I thought I had all bases covered. However after learning the hard way, here are some insider tips on successfully casting your film.

Treat the cast as family.

As you grow to know your actors and build up a rapport with them, you will soon get a sense of how they tick. I made the mistake of not getting to know my actors enough when we started shooting the film and we ended up having problems on set because some of the cast didn’t feel comfortable being directed by me.

Luckily we were able to work through it, but it was a very long process to recover from that mistake.

If you want an actor who will have chemistry with another actor in your film, then make sure you hire that same actor for both parts. For instance in our film, our main actress had chemistry with an actor playing her older brother.

We hired both actors so that they could play their parts. When casting for multiple roles in your film sometimes it can be difficult to find an actor who can portray two different roles because they usually don’t come in pairs like that.

Working With Actor’s Agents As A Filmmaker

As a filmmaker, you’re out to make a great movie. But whether you are an independent filmmaker or a rookie director, getting your movie off the ground can be challenging. 

One of the most essential elements of your success is getting good actors for your film.

Whether you are casting a small 20-minute short film or a $100 million blockbuster, you will need to find some good actors.

Trying to cast without the help of an agent can be difficult and often unsuccessful. Although there may be some instances where you can get by without one, it is highly recommended that you work with one when trying to cast for your film.

Even if you are well-connected in the industry, it is still recommended to use an agent as a go between for yourself and the talent in order to ensure smooth operation when it comes time to casting your movie.

Casting Major Actors

Successful films are often more than just a combination of good script and great story. Having the right cast will make or break a film.

A film with a great cast can make a bomb movie into a blockbuster hit and vice versa.

The stars in the film play a very important role in bringing the story to life. They need to be extremely talented when it comes to getting into their character’s skin and portraying them convincingly enough for the audience to fall in love with the characters they have created.

It is not easy to act in front of the camera, especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, some actors are just naturally gifted with the talent and skills needed to bring out their character’s emotions.

They really know how to get into their character’s skin by using their own personal experiences and traits to create an authentic portrayal of their character.

Casting Walk-on Roles And Extras For Films

Casting walk-on roles and extras can be a tricky job, but as long as you know what to look for and how to meet the people in the industry, you can make it easier on yourself. If you want to start in films or TV, one of the best ways is to become an extra.

Extras are generally those that have no lines of dialogue and are used in the background for crowd scenes or things of that nature. As an extra, you will play a small role but get paid for it! 

This is similar to being an extra in a play or musical. You will be given instructions such as where to stand and when to walk into a scene just as they would on a movie set.

Extra work is mainly done through casting directors, so if you’re interested in being an extra, don’t forget to ask them if there are any opportunities available.

Extra work gets easier to find when you begin your career with part-time jobs and then move up from there. 

Working With Central Casting

Working with Central Casting is an exciting and fun experience. No matter what your project needs, they will work with you to find the perfect talent. 

The process is easy and straightforward. Wait until you see how many talented individuals are in the Central Casting system.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Central Casting for a TV commercial spot. I needed a few extra hands for a scene; it was all about getting a portion of the lawn done before a certain time of day. 

The commercial company (not my own) worked directly with Central Casting and filled their need in one day!

Central Casting has access to thousands of people from all walks of life and from every age group. They are just as good at finding children as they are adults and everything in between — you can even find animals for your next film or commercial shoot!

Central Casting also works with other forms of media such as theatre, movies, music videos, etc. They have connections worldwide, so if you need someone from another country they can help get that person booked and into your production.

Working with Central Casting is a great way to create a large number of people for your movie.

Taking Your Film Casting To The Next Level

An easy way to find actors for your film is to simply go on Facebook and look up some local acting groups or pages. You can also find a lot of casting calls on Craigslist, Backstage,  and IMDB Pro.

If you’ve got a smaller production with little money, try looking for actors on YouTube or Vimeo. Many YouTubers have built successful careers through their videos and are looking to branch out into other mediums.

It’s important when auditioning actors that you’re going off of more than just looks. 

Sometimes you’ll get an actor who has a great look for your role, but they can’t deliver the lines well enough to make it believable. Find an actor that has great acting skills as well as good looks for your part.

It’s also important that you have chemistry between all of your actors, so if you’re looking at someone who isn’t right for one part but seems like they’d fit in well with others, consider creating a role specifically for them.