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Pre Production Hacks For A 2nd Ad

What Is A 2nd Assistant Director?

A 2nd Assistant Director or 2nd AD is a member of a film crew who assists the 1st Assistant Director in the planning and managing of a shoot. The 2nd Assistant Director is also known as the 2nd AD or Second AD.

They liaise with Production Coordinators, Production Managers and Production Assistants to ensure that all required personnel are on set.

They communicate with department heads to make sure that the crew knows what is expected from them and their departments.

They also help to organize the set so that it can be filmed in an orderly manner – managing props, the wardrobe, makeup, actors and extras so that filming can run smoothly.



A career as a 2nd Assistant Director usually begins with some sort of film training, such as a film school or through an apprenticeship on a low-budget production.

Some people may come up through jobs like drama or art school where they have learned how to organize people, but this is not required for most entry-level jobs in this field.

Production Hacks For 2nd Assistant Director

Whether it’s how to handle multiple tasks at once or how to avoid run-ins with crew members, this book is your top resource for keeping production moving along smoothly. A comedy short film? A tech startup?A small marketing company filming a sales pitch for a major client?  A one-off corporate shoot with a lot of intricate effects? Guess what… it’s all the same job. And because you’re the 2nd AD, that means. YOU have to deal with all of it.

We’ve assembled the best 2nd AD hacks across thousands of shoots and put them in one resource to help everyone on set keep up with the pace and navigate the day.

2nd Assistant Director Production Guide

The 2nd Assistant Director Production Guide is an exact replica of the 2nd AD binder used on the “Kingsman: The Secret Service” Feature Film directed by Matthew Vaughn. All 52 departments are accessible by simply flipping through each section of the binder, just as you would in an actual production.

Much more than simply a call sheet, this real-world guide contains forms, checklists, and resource information that are vital to ensure a smooth production day. This one-of-a-kind guide is written by a 2nd Assistant Director who has worked in film and television for years.

It offers straightforward details about what most people don’t talk about–their jobs! Whether you are a 1st AD looking to move up in your career or someone who has always wanted to be involved in production, this guide gives an in depth view. For those who like to read digital books, this book can be read on a tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone.

Industry veterans serve up insider how-to secrets from their daily experiences to guide you through all aspects of the 2nd AD’s career, from choosing a set of industry-standard “tools” to reaching out to crew for taking care of budget, props ,and costumes.

You’ll also get a map with the names and addresses of managers who hire 2nd Assistants. Discover A-List tip on salary negotiation, digging your way up to being a 1st AD, negotiating a high salary.


2nd Assistant Director Production Know-How

With helpful pointers and practical advice, 2nd Assistant Director Production Know-How will give you everything you need to know about this vital job within the film industry. Learn how to make your way in a production office through daily life and work issues, script breakdowns, post-production process, and much more.

Hire Me! is a complete guide for new and aspiring 2nd assistant directors to quickly learn the roles, responsibilities, and techniques used by successful second assistants in the film industry. It covers everything from how to prepare for that first AD job interview to performing on set with experienced ADs and directors.

2nd Assistant Director Production Know-How is written by a 2nd AD who strives to make films better while creating a rewarding career path. The world of film and TV is a unique one, with its own jargon, well-known personalities, and generally interesting day job.

However, there’s still a lot that you need to learn if you’re going to make it in the industry. The 2nd Assistant Director Production Know-How ebook is here to help. We hope our ebook helps give you an understanding of just what it takes to be a part of this exciting business.

2nd Assistant Director Production Help

As the team member in charge of callsheets, a 2nd Assistant Director Production Help is responsible for organizing and making sure all of the shots needed for a production are completed on time. This person is what makes it possible for the 1st Assistant Director to complete the schedule effectively. This position requires organization, attention to detail, and the ability to pay close attention to detail while keeping an eye on shooting.The 2nd Assistant Director (2AD) will help plan and manage the casting, scheduling, and shooting of production

You are the right hand of the Assistant Director (AD) as you work together to deliver a great film experience for our actors and crew. You will help coordinate the production team to ensure that all elements of production move smoothly over the course of shooting.

As a 2nd Assistant Director, you’ll be responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of all aspects of production. You will give information and instructions to crew on set, possibly act as a liaison between the production team and other departments, and continually monitor for potential problems, such as lighting issues or permits that have expired.

2nd Assistant Director Tips And Tricks

2nd AD Tips and Tricks takes all the mysteries, secrets, and unnamed tips and tricks of a 2nd Assistant Director on a film or television set and lays them out in a comprehensive training manual that breaks down each department; editorial, camera/electrics, props/wardrobe/make up, car/boat/plane, key grip/grips, art department and stunts.

Finding your own style as an assistant director is largely about finding the tools that brush each specific department to the best it can be. This book is not only a great way to learn from someone with many years of experience as an assistant director but more importantly gives you the tools to make your craft better from the beginning.

This book will teach you how to efficiently communicate with the script supervisor, camera assistants and other crew members. Gain the respect of your fellow crew members by knowing everything there is to know about scheduling, call sheets and shooting scripts.

Production Advice For 2nd Assistant Directors

Do you want to become a 2nd Assistant Director? If so, welcome! A2Ds can get a lot of frustration as we do not have much say or power at all over the set, but it is still one of the best jobs in the film industry. We are the wing-man or woman of the director.

Our job is to make sure that everything gets done before and during the shoot day and that everyone has what they need when they need it. We make calls, send out emails, and make letters to help coordinate things with other departments. 

Hey all! My name is Amber Dawn, and I am a second assistant director. I was assigned to my first film in 2008,so I have 5 years of experience under my belt. Since 2009, I have been getting more calls as an additional Second or First AD. While some ADs work 2 months out of the year on numerous sets each month, I have not been one of them.

That meant I really needed to establish myself as well as cast solid pictures on my resume so that when an AD called in sick (or worse… never showed up!) the producer would call me before he or she called anyone else they knew. Showing up with a crew list full of friends is nicebut only if they show up! Learning how to “abuse” a caterer will get you a very long way; but knowing how to feed a city crew from your catering budget will launch you into set management faster than almost anything else. PLEASE NOTE: This seminar is for New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey only.”

2nd Assistant Director Production Tips

Are you a 2nd Assistant Director looking to further your career? Do you need insight into how to be a strong team leader, or get production notes quickly and during moments of chaos? Are you feeling overwhelmed with just what to do and when?

You are not alone! There are many tips, tricks and tidbits that no one tells you about being a 2nd Assistant Director. Hiring the right 2nd assistant director for your production can be a tricky decision. As a director, you want someone who is going to help make the process go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Here are some helpful tips to make that decision easier for you.

Whether you’re starting your career or a seasoned vet, there is always something to be learned. Having been the 2nd Assistant Director on over 40 film and television productions, from TV shows like Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, and The Good Wife to feature films like Bride Wars and Confessions of a Shopaholic, as well as multiple commercials for companies such as Target and Budweiser.

Based on my experiences so far it’s clear that there are some essentials to success in the job.

What Does A 2nd Assistant Director Do In Pre Production?

A 2nd Assistant Director is the foremost member of production management. You are a crucial part of pre-production and will be one step ahead of the film crew at every turn to ensure that the film is produced both on time and on budget.

You’ll work with the Director, Producer and Head of Production to plan the complete shooting schedule, hire crew, line up location permits and scout good filming locations. With 48 hours worth of footage being taken each day, you’ll be working hard throughout and making sure that nothing is left to chance.

The 2nd assistant director is a vital and active member of the film production team, working under the supervision of the 1st assistant director on set. The 2nd assistant director’s responsibilities include maintaining the proper order of each day’s shooting schedule, communicating with all departments such as sound, props and set design to ensure that their needs are met, monitoring stunt crew, establishing and enforcing safety on the set, and consulting with actors on any questions they may have.

How Much Does A 2nd Assistant Director Make?

The average salary for a 2nd Assistant Director starts at around $10/hr or $25,000 annually, but can range from as low as $8/hr all the way up to over $100,000 a year for some film production companies.

In addition to determining the typical salary for someone in this position, you need to know how a 2nd Assistant Director is paid and the hours they work. On most small budget shows to mid-sized budget shows there is a 2nd Assistant Director or 2nd AD. The 2nd AD’s job title in the film industry always begins with 2nd and is one of the most essential crew members on any set.

He or she has the responsibility of making sure all of the cast knows where they are supposed to be at any given time, that everyone is together for all scenes and monitors for continuity errors. In addition, he or she makes sure that the shot does not fall behind schedule because this reflects poorly on the director.

This article explores how much a 2nd AD would make working in Los Angeles California as an assistant director on most feature films and television commercials.

What Does The 2nd Assistant Director Do On Set?

The 2nd Assistant Director is one of the most well rounded positions in the film business; therefore the position can be defined by knowing the responsibilities of where they stand within the production organization. The 2nd Assistant Director’s job on a film set is to assist the First Assistant Director (1st AD), who coordinates all aspects of production.

The 2nd assistant director is responsible for the coordination of logistics on the set in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Responsibilities include scheduling actors, scouting locations, and maintaining continuity from take to take. This person also helps make sure that all talent, crew members and equipment are present as needed.

The 2nd assistant director serves as the right-hand man or woman to the AD, who is typically wearing many hats of his/her own: director of photography, set designer, script supervisor, liaison to the director. As the saying goes, “A movie is never really made—it’s just executed.” And the 2nd assistant director (2nd AD) is part of that execution team. The 2nd AD is able to complete many tasks on the set to help pull off a successful day of shooting, including: