This is the 14th instalment of this feature here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, where we chart the best-of-the-best from around the filmmaking and video production world. This article covers the best posts from November 2016.

Every month, I post a round-up article featuring the best things I’ve found around the web on filmmaking and video production. If you missed one, we have a complete archive here.

We’re talking articles, videos, infographics, all sorts. Anything that stands out to me and that I think is worth keeping in an archive, I’m going to include in these reports.

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The Best Posts Of November 2016

As November and December roll around, and we move into the holiday and festive seasons, thing normally slow down on the video production business front. Not this month!

Lots of big filmmaking and video production related news this month, as November turned out to be yet another very busy month.

My production companies were especially busy, as we got involved with the video production for a major local real estate company. Great to get the drone up and doing some fly-pasts both for a new promo film for them, as well as helping to get houses and land developments for them.

Just some quick admin stuff before we jump into the news and the best from around the web for November 2016. I’ve been getting a number of emails asking me about the delay to the launch of my first product, the eBook Video Business Fast Forward. There’s been a slight delay getting everything released, as I’m only interested in putting out the best possible products/courses for you guys.

Look for the book to be released in the new year! 🙂

Filmmaking & Video Production

This is pretty interesting. Seems like a new idea for showing prologue films as trailers before major theater releases. They’re doing it for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, to be shown before theater viewings of Star Wars: Rogue One.

Here’s rare interview with Stanley Kubrick with the New Yorker in 1965.

Meanwhile, on Filmmaking Lifestyle, we had a series of articles on How to Make $10K for every video you make. Part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 is here.

We had an article on 109 of the Best Filmmaking Tools & Resources, as well as 11 Key Takeaways: Your Video Business Roadmap, plus an article on the 4 Must-Haves For Filmmaking Companies To Get Started.

We also featured 51 of the Most Hilarious Filmmaking Images and Memes. Good for a laugh, or if you need to chillout with something funny during work.

And we rounded out the month for articles about Timecode and Mise-en-Scene that you should definitely checkout.

Do you know six-time Vimeo editors’ pick DP, and former MTV cameraman, Brandon Li’s work? He’s started sharing his experience on YouTube and his channel is a must watch!

Software, Hardware & Visual Effects

Here’s a really good color grading tutorial from ours friends at Go Film Now. Getting cinematic color with your DSLR makes your film look 10x better, so read about it in the article.

Looking for sound effects? Here are 1000+ premium sound effects for free.

Hans Zimmer announces that he’s releasing a film scoring course. The cost will be $90.

Here’s an awesome Davinci Resolve 16mm Film Look Tutorial using false colors and mattes. Great for anyone looking to achieve that 16mm look digitally!

And here’s a cool video for the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Picture of the Month

The Picture of the Month this month is a real killer. Here’s an incredible infographic about the basics of storyboarding from Juugad Animation.

There’s also an awesome blog post that compliments it well, explaining a number of the concepts in depth.


Video of the Month

This month’s Video of the Month is a long one (but a good ‘un!).

Here’s Michael Caine teaching acting in a pretty famous recording from back in the day. Great advice for both actors and filmmakers alike:

Find anything else out there that you feel is worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next month’s article, make sure you stay shooting! Cheers!