If you’re looking to get started in real estate videography, you need our definitive guide to filming real estate videos.

Video is one of the most powerful forms of communication. And today, your smartphone and laptop together make the video production part easier than ever.

The hard part is finding a way to create videos that people really want to see.

So, how can Real Estate Videography help us to create a video that people really want to see?

real estate videography

Real Estate Videography: Create A Close-up Of The Community

The secret of a great real estate video, experts say, can be found in creating content that buyers want to see that they can not easily find elsewhere on the Internet.

That’s why videos that include content that profiles a neighborhood or is close to a community are so effective.

real estate videography

Real Estate Videography Tips

Next, we will show you how to create a great community profile or neighborhood profile:

1. Collect B-roll Videos Throughout The Year

B-roll is simply a video that you shoot that you can then narrate. You see it all the time in the news.

2. What To Shoot And How Can Videography Help Us Here?

Include plans for different types of homes; Local parks; Schools Local sporting events and small soccer leagues.

Local annual events such as fundraising and outdoor celebrations.

Local parades and festivals. Commercial establishments – shops, theaters, restaurants – those places that capture the culture and character of your community.

Capture key historical sites and landmarks. If there are places with spectacular views or nice views, make sure you get images of those.


Remember that it is video that you’re creating:

  • look for action,
  • things that move and activities with people.

And keep in mind that the close-ups are what really make people connect to a video: see other people laugh, smile, and have fun.

real estate videography

3. Try Not To Talk About Your B-roll When Filming

It is best to try to pick up some of the natural sounds, since you may want to use some of this mixed sound underneath your narration.

This can give your video a very sophisticated feel.

4. Keep Your Video Files Organised So You Can Find Them Easier Later

This is a crucial step: after each session, download your video files, name, and organize them into folders so you can find them later.

This will save you hours later.

5. When Shooting Is Essential

Wait for the best weather, the sunniest days.

Cloudy days can be good for art films, but not for the optimistic emotion that a real estate video is trying to achieve: the sun is the number one criterion for a good video.

real estate videography

6. Tell A Story

Your video should tell a story about your community or neighborhood. Why is it such a great place to live/ play/go to school?

You can anchor your video around a powerful title that captures strong search engine optimization or SEO, such as:

“10 best things about (your community name, favorite places in (your community name)”


7. The Most Important Thing About A Great Real Estate Video: Great Video

This is the number one mistake that even YouTubers make. Even the best, most beautiful videos can be ruined by poor audio.

When building your final video, make sure your audio quality is first-class.

The key is to keep it simple, avoid including interviews, stick to the basics, and keep it short: three minutes should be your goal.

If you follow these tips, and you will have a video that will be seen again and again.