Are you looking to learn how to delete a video on Vimeo? We have you covered. This is our complete guide to deleting a video on Vimeo.

This article will cover a number of Vimeo fundamentals. I’m sure you’ve come across Vimeo before.

First, let’s learn what Vimeo is.

What Is Vimeo?

When it comes to video platforms, YouTube is clearly the top dog, outclassing all competitors worldwide in terms of user numbers.

Nevertheless, it is worth – of course not only – for bloggers a look at other portals, such as Vimeo.

Vimeo is, so to speak, the alternative to YouTube. No video circus and no dump for blurry smartphone movies, but an offer with sophisticated content and a similar presentation.

In this post, you will learn how to register with Vimeo, what special features the platform has to offer, and if the portal is a good address.

how to delete a video on vimeo

If you only want to use Vimeo to watch videos, you do not need to register.

Anyone who wants to be active, however, requires a registration, which is absolutely straightforward: last name and first name, email address, and password – done. Necessary is also a confirmation.

Then you can complete your profile with additional information about your biography, your place of residence, and additional pictures – and then, in principle, immediately start uploading the first video.

However, Vimeo does not only apply special rules of the game in order to meet the substantive demands but also in terms of money.

When Was Vimeo Founded?

Vimeo was founded in 2004 by a group of filmmakers in New York who were looking for a way to show their works to a wider audience.

Out of this idea, a now globally active company has emerged, but still has filmmakers as well as professional creatives as the main target group.

Vimeo is compared to YouTube rather as a professional portal. In addition to artistic works can be found here also many high-quality video tutorials and online courses, which are often seen only for a fee.

How To Replace Video In Vimeo?

If you want to upload a new version of your videos without changing the URL, statistics, likes, and comments associated with the pages use the “Replace this video” function.

In the File tab of the video configuration, click on the “Replace this video” button to upload a new video file without changing the URL of the page or the statistics or likes or comments or tags, or the rest of the information associated with the video.

During the substitution process, the original video will remain available while you finish uploading the new one.

Once the replacement process is finished and the conversion is started, the original video will no longer be available and will soon be replaced.


How To Delete a Video On Vimeo?

To delete your video, select the Video file tab in the video settings and click on the red “Delete this video” button.

You will have to enter your account password to complete the deletion.

how to delete a video on vimeo

To remove more than one video at a time, check out our handy video manager.

Select the videos you want to delete from Vimeo, choose Delete from the menu on the right, enter your password and confirm the action.

Warning: All videos that you delete will be permanently removed from Vimeo. This action can not be undone. Be careful!

We hope you’ve found this guide on how to delete a video on Vimeo helpful. Need any other assistance? Let us know in the comments section below.