Today we have an article from a prominent SEO agency on how you can use video SEO in your business to improve the search rankings of your website’s pages.

This information is integral if you want better Google rankings, more exposure, and therefore more clients. Enjoy!

Video SEO – Introduction

As a digital marketing and SEO agency in Hertfordshire, we work with clients from several industries. While each niche has its particularities, we can still incorporate SEO principles and best practices across the board.

We worked with a video production agency, an industry that tends to be a bit insular when it comes to online presence. But with SEO, we were able to drive more traffic to their website, increasing their organic sessions by almost 60%.

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Why Businesses Should Be Using Video SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, will be familiar to anyone operating in the digital sphere these days. While most companies know what SEO is, I often find that they don’t know how it works.

This usually results in one of two things. Either they assume SEO is just a flip they can switch on their website, instantly optimizing it and increasing their traffic, or they don’t see its importance and just ignore SEO altogether.

These are misconceptions about SEO that can harm your business.

There are countless figures to support using SEO for your agency’s online presence. One is that SEO increases ROI because sites optimized for search rankings get 50% more organic traffic.

Another is that 14.6% of the leads generated by SEO are converted into sales, and another is that 93% of all mobile users are most likely to click on the first set of results after searching for something.

At this stage, most businesses can’t afford to ignore SEO. Nor can they afford to do SEO incorrectly or even half-heartedly.

By optimizing your website, you improve the user experience, gain site authority, keep people on your website for longer, and have a higher conversion rate.

I’ll look at how this applies to the video agency we worked with, and how it improved their SEO.


Increasing Website Traffic For An Industry Leader

The video agency we worked with had been working with high-profile clients since 2000. They’re established in Brighton, but they’ve worked on projects worldwide. Their experience and clientele make them industry leaders. But they weren’t ranking like one.

The problem was that their website traffic relied almost solely on word-of-mouth. Previous clients would refer the video agency to colleagues, or potential clients who heard about their work would seek them out directly.

Being an industry leader and cultivating a bespoke reputation is, of course, essential to growing a business. But without an increase in organic traffic, where new customers can find the business in Google’s search results, that growth isn’t possible.

We were able to increase their organic sessions with our approach to SEO. We emphasize a targeted, personalized SEO campaign with strategic link-building to boost rankings and drive more traffic.

This video production agency came to us because they wanted their website on the first page of Google. They were puzzled as to why, with their stellar credentials, they weren’t ranking higher.

We created an SEO campaign that targeted the agency’s website traffic, incorporating the essential elements of SEO strategy outlined below, and increased their organic sessions by 60%. Here’s how.

The Major Components Of An Effective Seo Strategy

As I mentioned, SEO affects a website’s organic search results. This means that the site appears in results when a user inputs a search value on Google.

It’s the difference between our video agency appearing in results for “video production Brighton” as opposed to a search for their agency’s name (which is how most of their traffic was achieved).


SEO involves three major tasks. They are optimizing your website, optimizing your Google products, and establishing an online presence. For the video agency, the first two were more important for helping their website rank.

They already had contacts in the video production industry, but this represented more of an offline network than online. I stressed to them the importance of keeping up connections in the digital space because this translates your industry authority into online, domain authority.

Task #1 Optimise Your Website

SEO is about more than just keywords. Optimizing a website for SEO involves many details, like improving site navigation, meta information, building authoritative links to other sites, linking to your own content, and – this was important for our video agency-client – the use of multimedia.

Optimizing a website for search rankings is no small task, and it’s ongoing. And it’s only one part of SEO.

Task #2 Optimise Google

The next major component I advise for our Brick Digital clients in optimizing Google products. This mostly relates to getting a site listed in Google My Business listings. When users search for local results or have their Google location services turned on, they have search results that appear for businesses near them.

The first three that appear to get half of all clicks. This is essential for local businesses, but even companies serving international clients, like our video agency, should optimize for Google My Business.

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Task #3 Expand Your Network

Establishing a network is about more than making contacts – it’s optimizing your overall presence online.

This incorporates aspects of “off-site SEO”, which focus on things like backlinks, reviews of your business on other sites, or even mentions on social media.

For Google, when other sites backlink to yours when people mention or review your business, it shows you have authority. Authority is a key ranking factor for Google.

How Our SEO Campaign Increased Organic Sessions By Almost 60%

Brick Digital always starts clients with a full SEO analysis. With the film agency, we started with what keywords they’re already ranking for.

Then we looked at technical aspects, like any broken links, 404 errors, or pages that were being blocked from indexing on Google for any reason.

Technical Issues

We then addressed technical issues. This video agency hadn’t used internal linking extensively.


They had links to other websites but hardly any to their own! Internal linking tells Google how a website’s structured, giving a sense of hierarchy and making the site easier for Google to crawl.

Keyword Research

After the technical analysis, we underwent keyword research. We looked for keywords their competitors were ranking for, and for long-tail keywords, users regularly search for based on the services the film agency offers.

They produce live event videos as part of their corporate video production services, and they wanted to rank particularly for these keywords.

Content Optimisation

Once we had a handle on targeted keywords and phrases, we shifted to the foundation of SEO strategy – content. Even with all the technical aspects involved, great SEO is anchored by great content.

The website for the film production agency already had some great content, especially multimedia content.

We simply helped optimize it by rewriting and refreshing old content (content “freshness” is an important Google ranking factor) and relaunching their blog.

Regular blog posts are a great way to target your keywords, build links, and establish a greater online presence – all crucial aspects of our content marketing approach.

SEO is Ongoing

As I said, SEO is not just a flip you can switch. To rank on Google, and to keep ranking, businesses have to look after their websites.

We encouraged the video agency to publish blog posts regularly, offering assistance. We also provide keyword tracking and help with regular content updates.

All of these targeted SEO efforts helped this video agency increase its organic sessions by almost 60%. They got the organic traffic they were after, with a fully optimized website that improves user experience and boosts lead generation. All with SEO.

Video SEO – Final Thoughts

If you haven’t realized by now, SEO is extremely powerful when it comes to marketing your business. It’s also not an easy process.

Brick Digital specializes in SEO because we want to see businesses succeed. SEO can be a big undertaking, but specialists can help you tackle it.

Lorenzo Luiso is the founder of Brick Digital, a PPC and SEO agency in Hertfordshire. Specializing in growing businesses through search engine marketing and online reputation management.

With an extensive history in online business, and an innovative approach to internet marketing Lorenzo shares his thoughts, tactics, and advice online through his SEO blog here.