Eric Bana is an Australian actor who has established himself as a versatile performer in both film and television. He began his career in the Australian entertainment industry as a comedian and later transitioned into dramatic roles.

Bana gained international recognition with his breakout performance in the 2000 film “Chopper.” Since then, he has appeared in a wide range of films, showcasing his range as an actor.

Best Eric Bana Movies

In this article, we will discuss some of the best Eric Bana movies that showcase his talent and versatility.

1. Black Hawk Down (2001)

“Black Hawk Down” is a 2001 war film directed by Ridley Scott and based on the true story of the Battle of Mogadishu that occurred in 1993. Eric Bana plays the character of Delta Force Sergeant First Class Norm “Hoot” Hooten, who is a skilled and experienced soldier.

Bana’s portrayal of Hooten is intense and realistic, bringing to life the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who fought in this difficult and deadly battle. His performance was widely praised by critics and audiences alike and helped establish him as a serious actor in Hollywood.

“Black Hawk Down” is widely considered to be one of the best war films ever made and is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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2. Hulk (2003)

“Hulk” is a 2003 superhero film directed by Ang Lee and based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Eric Bana plays the lead role of Dr. Bruce Banner, a scientist who transforms into the Hulk, a giant green monster, whenever he gets angry or agitated.

Bana’s portrayal of Banner is nuanced and complex, capturing the character’s struggle with his inner demons and his attempts to control his powers. While the film received mixed reviews, Bana’s performance was praised for its emotional depth and range.

He brought a humanizing element to the character, making the Hulk’s struggle relatable to audiences. Despite the film’s mixed reception, “Hulk” has gained a cult following and is regarded as a unique take on the superhero genre.

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3. Troy (2004)

“Troy” is a 2004 epic historical war film directed by Wolfgang Petersen and based on Homer’s epic poem, “The Iliad.” Eric Bana plays the character of Prince Hector of Troy, the honorable and courageous defender of his city against the invading Greek army.

Bana’s performance as Hector is widely regarded as one of the best in the film, with his portrayal of the character bringing depth and complexity to the role. He imbued Hector with a sense of honor and nobility, making his eventual downfall all the more tragic.

Bana’s performance in “Troy” helped solidify his status as a leading man in Hollywood and showcased his range as an actor in epic historical dramas.

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4. Munich (2005)

“Munich” is a 2005 historical drama film directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the true story of the Israeli government’s response to the Munich massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Eric Bana plays the lead role of Avner Kaufman, an Israeli Mossad agent who is tasked with hunting down and assassinating the Palestinian terrorists responsible for the massacre.

Bana’s performance in “Munich” is intense and emotionally charged, showcasing his ability to convey complex emotions and inner turmoil. He brought a sense of humanity and vulnerability to the character, making his actions and motivations relatable to audiences.

Bana’s performance in “Munich” was widely praised, earning him a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama.

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5. The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

“The Other Boleyn Girl” is a 2008 historical romantic drama film directed by Justin Chadwick, based on the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory.

Eric Bana plays the character of King Henry VIII of England, who becomes embroiled in a love triangle with the Boleyn sisters, played by Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman.

Bana’s performance as King Henry VIII is powerful and commanding, capturing the character’s authority and charisma. He also portrays the king’s vulnerability and inner turmoil as he struggles with his desires and the political pressures of his position.

Bana’s performance in “The Other Boleyn Girl” was widely praised for its depth and complexity, and he proved once again that he was a formidable actor in historical dramas.

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6. Funny People (2009)

“Funny People” is a 2009 comedy-drama film written and directed by Judd Apatow. Eric Bana has a supporting role in the film as Clarke, the husband of the main character’s ex-girlfriend.

Bana’s performance in “Funny People” showcases his comedic talent and versatility as an actor, as he delivers hilarious and memorable lines throughout the film.

Despite having a smaller role than some of the other actors in the film, Bana’s performance is noteworthy for its comedic timing and delivery.



“Funny People” received mixed reviews, but Bana’s performance was widely praised by critics and audiences as a standout in the film.

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7. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” is a 2009 romantic fantasy drama film directed by Robert Schwentke, based on the novel of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger. Eric Bana plays the lead role of Henry DeTamble, a man with a rare genetic disorder that causes him to time travel involuntarily.

Bana’s performance in “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is emotional and heartfelt, capturing the character’s struggle with his condition and his love for his wife, played by Rachel McAdams.

Bana and McAdams have great chemistry on screen, making their love story all the more poignant. Bana’s performance was widely praised for its depth and sensitivity, and he proved that he could excel in romantic dramas as well as action and historical films.

3 Reasons To Watch Eric Bana Movies

Versatility: Eric Bana has proven his versatility as an actor, showcasing his range in a wide variety of film genres, including war films, historical dramas, comedies, and thrillers.

He has a natural talent for bringing depth and complexity to his characters, making them both relatable and compelling to watch.

Emotional depth: Bana is known for his ability to convey complex emotions and inner turmoil through his performances.

He is skilled at portraying characters who are struggling with difficult decisions, trauma, or personal issues, and he brings a sense of authenticity and empathy to these roles.


Realism: Bana’s performances are often praised for their realism and authenticity, particularly in his portrayal of real-life people or characters based on true events.

He takes great care to research his roles and bring a sense of respect and dignity to the characters he plays, making his performances both compelling and insightful.

Best Eric Bana Movies – Wrap Up

In conclusion, Eric Bana is a talented and versatile actor who has delivered many memorable performances throughout his career.

From his breakout role in “Chopper” to his more recent work in films like “The Secret Scripture,” Bana has proven his ability to portray a wide range of characters with depth and complexity.

Whether he’s playing a heroic soldier in “Black Hawk Down,” a troubled CIA agent in “Munich,” or a comedic radio journalist in “Special Correspondents,” Bana consistently delivers powerful and compelling performances that keep audiences engaged.

His range, emotional depth, and commitment to realism make him one of the most talented actors of his generation, and his films are definitely worth watching for anyone looking to see some truly great acting.