Do you belong to the film-making industry? Are you a video editor? If yes then you must face difficulty in the post-production process a couple of times.

It is an important issue that is not only faced by the filmmakers but also the bloggers, YouTubers, video editors, and everyone who wants to edit a video, especially the beginners.


Here is the EaseUS Video Editor and it is considered the best video editing software especially for beginners.


EaseUS Video Editor is just amazing and easy to use. If you want to make your professional videos then this is the best one to be used. That’s why it comes as built-in software in the Windows 10 PC.

You can use this editor for anything like cropping, splitting, rotating, merging, trimming, and mixing video & audio files. Moreover, it also provides you with video features like applying different effects, slowing down or accelerating the speed of your video.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide about “how EaseUS Video Editor is the best video editing software for beginners?”

The interface is easy to use


The most important thing that is being noticed in any kind of software or editor is its interface. If it’s complicated then the editor is not recommended to be used by beginners as it is difficult for beginners to understand its features.

Some editors are designed especially for professionals and that’s why beginners could not be able to use it. Considering this thing, the EaseUS editor is considered the best. You can use it easily without any headache.

The most irritating thing that any software designer can do is to create something that is excessively confounded or hard to utilize. Obviously, some editors are perplexing because of their interface.

In case you’re creating something for tenderfoots or individuals that need to work quickly, it’s likely not a smart thought.

EaseUS is great in such a manner, in light of the fact that the video editor is incredibly instinctive and simple to utilize. When you open the product, you’re met with three choices, contingent upon where you plan on posting your content.

Choosing orientation


On the off chance that you are planning to anticipate posting video content material onto the web-based media sites, this makes things easy for you, because you can pick the portraits sooner than you even start.

Considering all the things, you can edit in widescreen as well, which is the way you can normally produce content material.

Three options to use

When you pick your direction, the essential site page will open, at the interface, you will find the three most significant options: the media part option where you can drop the records data you are locked in on, the timetable, and the reference screen.

The options are a lot and easy to know at the time. I am giving you a guarantee that someone who has a video in no way, shape, or form can create sooner as one won’t have to make some intense things exploring this editor program.

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What to do after importing data

When you are done with importing your content into the software program, you can add them to the timetable as you’re using it to build a definitive video. The course of events itself works in an easy way.


The main video is situated on the most noteworthy piece of the course of events, and a b-roll could be added to the segments underneath. With this design, you can build up your video in a smart and unique way that is easy to deal with.

Sound settings


Any sound that is on the b-move film will play. Regardless, you can mute it just by right-tapping on the clasp and choosing the “mute” option. Other than with the feature to mute b-roll film, there isn’t any other option you can do to the sound.

I don’t expect it is an issue because commonly talking, you’d exclusively need sound from the main video to be partaking in at any cost.

Primary tools

The primary tools that are just over the course of events are because of the fact that if it’s advantageous to decrease or do some alterations to any of the clips, you have got a quick way to do them.

There aren’t various adjusting instruments out there, as this product feature isn’t really implied for that. For example, it is for the individuals who plan on changing the shade of their clips.

At that point, you should utilize one other bit of the editing program. That is extra implied for putting those films that are not considered for further editing, for the videos that to are just for preview.

On this part, I see one instrument that may show genuinely accommodating is the voice-over trademark.

As much as you have a receiver identified with your PC, you can properly include a voice-over to your motion pictures. This forestalls the need to jump out and in of different editing projects, and it is to make the whole course easier to some degree.

Usage of the left panel


The extreme left panel gives you access to some intriguing highlights. The editor offers illustrations and advanced options, and they’re quite unique. The advances can be amazingly helpful in improving the creation value of your films.

The content illustrations are likewise something that I figure individuals can use to give all the more fascinating look at their films.

Different highlights like the overlays and channels are excessively a lot, despite the fact that they presumably could be utilized in a video blog for diverting impact.

Exporting video


At last, when you’re prepared to export your complete video, it’s just a matter of clicking the export button and choosing the options you’d like.

In case you don’t know about what record design you should pick, the product makes things simpler by offering different output formats.

For instance, in the event that you plan on transferring to Facebook, you can choose the Facebook format and afterward settle on the output goal.

You can also Convert files from 10+ supported formats.

Free to download

In this flexible video editor, each feature is clear and simple to work on. Regardless of whether you have never attempted to edit a video on a PC previously, you can become a master of this video editor in a brief timeframe and edit like an expert.

You can download EaseUS Video Editor for nothing and can go to utilize a large number of features to make the video as you want.

Wrapping Up

EaseUS video editor is among those editors that are not only helpful for the professionals but also the beginners. You can use it to edit your video, download it, and share it on any social media platform anytime.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about its interface and options as they are just a piece of cake even in a case, you are using it the first time.

Think about the idea for your video, record it, edit it via this super intuitive video editing software, download it in HD quality, share it on social media, and become the master editor.