Note: This article was originally written some time ago. These habits are now a part of me. I’ve left it up (like a lot of other articles on this site), but I want it to stand as a complete record of my journey. It’s also great inspiration for readers of my sites.

For clarity’s sake, I’ve gone back and added links in this article to posts I made following this one where I applied these habits, or otherwise charter out a thorough path to adopting them.

I really hope you get as much out of this as I have! 🙂

Inspired by a recent article I wrote about implementing a habit, I’m going to write out a list of things/activities that I want to make Habits.

Then I’m going to follow the article’s advice.

I advise everyone to do the same. This really is so beneficial for your filmmaking, your business and your life overall.


The Habits I Want To Form

Okay, so my habits that I want to form in no particular order are:

A Habit Of Consistently Going To The Gym

I got out of my routine earlier this year and I want it back. I will go 3 times a week and my workout with weights. Shouldn’t be too hard, as I’ve got a nifty little set-up right here in my home! Squat rack and the full works!

I Want To Work On Writing (Screenplays, Treatments, Fleshing Out Ideas) EVERY DAY

Just sitting down and getting started with writing everyday is both a constant struggle and (once you get into it) a real pleasure! It’s just fighting the resistance and getting your butt in the seat…once there, anything can happen! Still, every day is met by a kind of resistance that takes many shades.

This one’s going to be hard!

I Want To Sort Out My Finances And Get Financially Free

Getting financially free is a big one for me. It’s why I plan to go into business for myself and eventually start my own videography business.

I don’t want to have to rely on a boss for money. And I certainly don’t want to rely on handouts.

I want to earn my way and I want a business that works for me. I will work hard at this.

One of the main reasons I don’t want to be an employee anymore is the very real risk of being made redundant, which has happened to me in the past. Lots of people are made redundant, often through no fault of their own, and it’s a real kick in the teeth.

There are, however, countless examples around the internet where people have made the best of their redundancy. The awesome Pat Flynn being just one.

Having my own business means that potential redundancy isn’t a factor and no one can take my chair. It also means that I live and die by my own efforts.

If I work hard, great things will come. If I mess around and don’t take this seriously, then I won’t achieve my goals.

Having my own business means I will work hard for my own money.

Again, another really tricky one (for a lot of reasons), and I don’t even know whether it quite belongs in a list of “habits to form” like this. But I’ll include it here because it’s s massively important.

The Magic Number To Form A Habit

They say it takes 9 weeks to create a habit. Nine weeks to create something that’s so ingrained that if you stopped doing it, it would seem weird.

So 3 nights a week, for 9 weeks in order to form a habit. Although the writing habit needs to be (mostly) a daily habit.

That’s 27 times to form a habit.

So what do you think? What are your goals? Post in the comments and let us know what your goals are – once you make it public, you force a kind of responsibility on yourself to get things done!

Let’s rock it!