Covid-19 is casting a cloud of uncertainty over the future of the filmmaking process and the entertainment industry as a whole. Now a company is releasing a solution that is shedding light on an innovative, yet more transparent one.

One of Forbes under 30 featured tech-startups, We The Project, is launching a new discovery platform to all current and aspiring professionals in the realm of entertainment.

We The Project’s founder, Kiki Chansamone, is an award-winning industry professional with a career in post production and directing that spans over 25 years. He is confident that WTP will solve the problems that can limit talent from life-changing opportunities.

“I want these people to actually believe in opportunity; if you have the skill sets, there should be nothing that stops you from actually getting a chance,” Kiki says.

Here are some ways that you can use We The Project to make your future in filmmaking better.

we the project

1. Connect With Talent And Crew From Near And Far

We The Project is keeping you from writing off your filmmaking dreams due to lack of connection. The platform enables users to create dynamic profiles to showcase their portfolios and search for local talent and crew.

The search features and filter capabilities help creatives find assistance near them and in locations around the world. Here are a few of the roles out of over 150 options to choose from:

Talent can even be scouted on details as specific as age, height, build, ethnicity and hair color.

Well respected cinematographer and YouTube star, Matti Haapoja, has already announced his excitement on being involved with a platform that will help pave the way for aspiring filmmakers and creatives, as he once had been.

“You can connect with other people in your field, in your town and area, You can also find and apply for freelance projects around the world.There’s been so many times in my career when I didn’t have these connections, and I wanted to meet more filmmakers in my area. That’s why We The Project is so great.” Matti says.

WTP will be used by real people who have the passion to create from wherever they are and work on teams of creatives that have their same drive.

we the project

2. Create Projects Through Teamwork

The connections made through the platform’s interactive tools will be beneficial as you set up projects on your profiles to hide or showcase once they are finished. Some of the project details include:

  • Project Title
  •  Project type
  • Project Location
  • Stage of Production
  • Project Genre
  • Logline
  • Synopsis
  • Poster Image
  • Project Video
  • Cover Image

Creators will have the power to add desired crew to their work and post for hire if further help is needed.

Small, multi-talented teams spotlighting what they have to offer in a constantly evolving arena are needed now more than ever.

The 2020 Future of Film Report says filmmaking will be strengthened through increased interdisciplinarity. Creative teams will bring together world views, perspectives, and multi-disciplinary skill sets.

Complete Projects Through The Production Stage

A major problem that the film industry is facing now is the social distancing protocol during the production stage.

Many award shows, and festivals have been postponed or canceled because of it. At this time, moving forward in the industry will require more ingenuity through technology with fewer people on sets.

According to the World Economic Forum virtual production technologies are on track to be the chosen route to Hollywood’s new normal.

we the project

An example of a positive adaptation would be the 2020 BET Awards that actress and comedienne, Amanda Seales, hosted from her house. Virtual backgrounds paired with at home musical performances and acceptance speeches gave viewers around the world the entertainment they had been missing.

We The Project is tackling the moment for small scale production in the mainstream world and giving current and hopeful professionals opportunities that they have never had.

we the project

3. Discover Opportunities You’ve Never Had

Many aspiring industry professionals are currently using social media as a discovery tool, yet lacking visibility due to a competitive market. This new stage set by WTP will give opportunities for all users to be discovered, find local jobs in need of their talents, and reap maximum exposure from niche audiences in:

  • Film
  • Music
  • Tech
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Pop Culture

The platform isn’t only beneficial for individual creatives in the entertainment industry; it can also be used by film organizations and companies like video production studios, small and large scale.

Boutique production companies, creative event spaces, and even smaller entities that rent out or sell film equipment will have opportunities for brand exposure and expanding their clientele by using WTP. Everyone is equally discoverable to one another.

we the project

Upcoming Platform Features

The unreleased features by WTP could be influential in your financial and filmmaking future. Everyone can agree that the main goals after making a film are to have it seen by others and to make some sort of profit from the viewing.

Now with the help of WTP you will soon be able to have financial compensation just from working on your created films. The platform is working on features that will give you the opportunity to make legitimate deals through customizable contracts.

Terms and payment logistics will be fair and negotiable. Money will be held in escrow before work begins and will not be released until work is completed. These upcoming add-ons will even include opportunities to work with investors and distributors.

Now with the closing of theatres, other routes have to be taken for the goals of distribution to be met. The old ways of getting blockbuster films to the public have already begun to change.

Major films for 2020 like Love Birds and The High Note were scheduled for wide theatrical release but were ultimately made watchable from home on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The President of Take Action Productions predicts that large studios will begin to do their own distribution, borrowing from the models of Netflix and Hulu, in an article on Future of Everything .

The platform’s features are designed to provide you with the necessary tools to operate like the industry’s leading companies to make and close deals on your own terms with your own work.

Wrapping Up

WTP aims to build a better, more transparent Hollywood through technology that’s addressing your needs as creatives.

Hopefully taking these steps on the all-in-one platform will help you in your filmmaking lifestyle or another lane of the entertainment industry.Believe in yourself, and take a chance on your dreams. There has never been a better time than now to do and create what you’ve always wanted, no matter what that is.

Making connections, creating work that you’re passionate about, and being noticed by the right people are universally important in any profession.

Although the deal making features for We The Project aren’t available yet, you can still join the beta release on and test out what is currently being offered. In what way can WTP help you? Are there any other features you would like to see added on the platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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