An electronic press kit (or EPK) is a tool that can help get your music, books, blog or other creative work out to the masses.

An EPK is a great way to showcase yourself and your skills. The best part about an EPK is that it’s not only can it be easy to create, but it can also be done for free if you follow some of the tips in this guide.

The average person listens to 3 hours of music a day. The number of blogs has increased over 300% in the past year alone.

With so much content being produced, how are you supposed to stand out?

An EPK is designed to give you the edge you need over your competition by making you appear more professional to potential customers.


Electronic press kit

What Is An Electronic press kit (EPK)?

An electronic press kit or EPK is a collection of multimedia assets and information about an artist, band, photographer, movie producer or any other creative entity.

The term is most often used to describe a set of promotional tools for musicians to use when promoting an album. In this context an EPK will usually consist of a biography, press releases, images of the artist, audio clips and video clips.

The purpose of an EPK is to enable journalists and other members of the media to gain a better understanding of what you are doing and provide them with all the resources they need to write about it.



What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

The first thing that many people think when they hear the term EPK is “press kit” but in reality, there is a distinct difference between them.

A press kit is generally just a collection of images and information that you can send out to journalists who want more information about your project.

An EPK includes everything that would be in a press kit as well as videos, audio clips, and other multimedia resources.

An EPK allows you to put your best foot forward by showcasing who you are and what you have to offer.

Here are some reasons why you need an online press kit: 

  • If you want people to learn more about who you are and what you do.
  • An EPK can help make it easier for people to find all of the information they’re looking for, including your contact info and social media profiles.
  • If you want to gain more exposure for your music, book, blog or any other type of media that you need to promote.

Why Do I Need An Electronic Press Kit?

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a marketing tool used by businesses to pitch their products or services. There is no universal definition for an EPK, but it usually includes a short executive summary, a copy of the business’s press release, and contact information for the company’s main executives.

The main purpose of an EPK is to inform journalists of company news, but it can also be used to market a product or service. 


Tangible Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of an EPK is that it allows businesses to target specific journalists who are interested in their industry or niche.

Journalists receive hundreds of pitches after every major event, but with an EPK, they only receive pitches that are relevant to them and their publication.

This allows journalists to spend more time reading and less time sorting through unsolicited material.

Another benefit of EPKs is that they allow journalists to get information about the company in one place, instead of having to search for different sources on the Internet and elsewhere.

Journalists typically receive so much information from PR professionals that they use specialized software to organize everything into an easy-to-read format. This is important because if a journalist has to spend too much time organizing information instead of writing about it, he or she might end up missing

Electronic Press Kit Examples To Inspire Your Own

If you’re a freelancer, small business owner or solo entrepreneur who is looking to promote yourself, your products and creative works online, you’ll need to develop a website and start blogging.

The domain name and hosting service is the first step to getting up and running, but an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) can help you take your website to the next level.

TIP: When writing content for your website, blog or other digital marketing platforms, be sure to follow SEO best practices.

This will make it easier for people searching online to find your content. Try using keywords in your titles and blog entries that are relevant to your products and services.

Include links within your content to other informative web pages on your website so that visitors can easily navigate around the site as well.

Follow these steps to create an electronic press kit for yourself:

Step 1 – Create a professional-looking brochure style website with information about yourself, your products and services, as well as a blog for readers to subscribe to.

Step 2 – Use Google Analytics or other analytics tools to monitor site traffic patterns so you can fine tune the content on the site.


Step 3 – Use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter along with blogging platforms such as WordPress or Blogger to share information.

What To Include In An Electronic Press Kit

Treat an EPK like it’s a resume or curriculum vitae. Include the basics: your name and contact information; background on who you are and what you do; any credentials or achievements that are relevant to the story the reporter is covering; and examples of your work (like links to your website, blog, social media profiles, etc.).

You can also use an EPK to deliver important information about you and your business in a multimedia format (like podcasts or video clips). It’s a way to make sure that reporters have access to everything they need in one place.

EPKs should be short and organized so they’re easy for reporters to digest. Be sure to create one for yourself first before sending out a press release!

How Much Does An Electronic Press Kit Cost?

As a small business owner you have several goals every day. You want to make money, sell your products and services, keep your customers happy, provide value to your employees and make the world a better place.

You want to do all of this while keeping your costs low.


Trying to accomplish all of these things at once can be tricky. You want to spend as little money as possible while still maintaining a professional image.

You want to spend time on the projects that will most directly lead to sales and profits while leaving time for maintaining strong relationships with customers and employees.

One way to accomplish all of these goals is by purchasing an electronic press kit (EPK) online. By doing this, you not only save money but you also get the opportunity to create an EPK tailored to your business.

How To Make A Free Electronic Press Kit

In this article, I’ll show you how to create an electronic press kit (EPK) and distribute it to music industry professionals.

TIP: If you want to be able to send the EPK directly from your Web site, I recommend creating a page on your Web site and uploading the EPK there.

That way you can easily link to it from anywhere on the Internet. A free online service called SendOwl makes it easy to create an online store and send files from your Web site: ___

The press release is an important tool for publicizing an upcoming tour or album release. The best way to get publicity for a product is to have a press kit available for journalists and other media outlets in advance of the product’s launch date.

But what exactly is a press kit? And how does it differ from a press release?

A press release typically describes what appears in a written press kit, but contains only basic information like an artist’s name, album title, touring schedule, contact information, etc. It’s a good idea to include all of that information in your press kit, but there are other elements that should be included as well: band photo (at least one), song lyrics and audio samples of each song.

Ways To Promote Your Electronic Press Kit

The Electronic Press Kit, or EPK, is a promotional booklet that’s sent to certain websites and magazines so they can learn more about your band. Unlike a press release, an EPK contains multimedia files such as audio and video clips.

They are usually more creative and contain more information than a press release. To promote your EPK effectively, you need to make sure that the public is aware of its existence.

Here are a few ideas on how to do this:

Create a website for your EPK. Offer some information about your band as well as download links to your songs and videos.

You could also include contact information so visitors can get in touch with you. Make sure the website is unique and has its own name rather than being part of your main website.

Sites like MySpace are great ways to showcase your EPK because they offer a unique URL for each band member. Promote the URL on any other sites you use (such as Myspace, Facebook or Twitter).

Treat your EPK like any other music or video file by using it yourself on websites and forums dedicated to bands, musicians and recording artists.

This will help spread the word about your band and encourage people to visit your website or download your EPK.

Tell Your Band Story With Your Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) are a great way for you to tell your story to the media and fans. An EPK is a digital file that includes all of the information about your band and your newest release.

It’s perfect for sending out to music blogs and websites, record labels, booking agents, etc.


Telling your band story with an EPK will help you get more exposure, press coverage and gigs.

Here are some tips for creating an effective EPK:

1. Focus on the music.

Your EPK should be based around your newest album or single.

People are more interested in hearing new music than they are in reading about your past albums, tours and other news. Provide links so people can buy or listen to it online.

Give them a reason to write about you, instead of someone else.

Include photos of the band members performing live or in the studio, as well as photos of the band’s members off stage. Upload professional-quality photos to use in your EPK, but also include fun candids shot by fans to give readers a sense of what it’s like to hang out with you guys on tour or at a party.

2. Focus on one or two projects at a time. 

Everything You Need To Build A Stunning Electronic Press Kit

The Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a digital presentation of the artist. The EPK has replaced the “press kit” which used to be a physical box with the artist’s biography, photos, and contact information.

Today an EPK is a portfolio in digital form that enables artists to be more accessible to press and industry professionals.

Content of an EPK

Essentially an EPK is an online portfolio that is presented in such a way that it’s easy for media and other professionals to find the information they are looking for. An EPK should include:

1. Your bio – This may be the most important piece of your EPK so make sure it’s completed and updated regularly.

Your bio should include all the pertinent facts about you as well as any awards, credentials or accomplishments you may have.

The bio can also include links for further information about you including links to your website, social media profiles, YouTube channel and any other relevant sites where you have personal presence or influence.

2. Photos – Include specific headshots of yourself as well as any photos from live performances or promo shoots you may have done.


Remember to add captions with any personal notes that help describe the photo or video including who the photo was taken by, when it was taken and any other relevant details.

How To Build A Filmmaker Electronic Press Kit

There comes a time in every filmmaker’s career when they need to put together an Electronic Press Kit or EPK. An EPK is a machine-readable package of information that includes your film’s credits, your production notes, and a few clips from your film.

One of the hardest parts of putting together an EPK is deciding what media to include, especially if you have never put one together before. To help get you started, I’ve selected the top ten most common video files and formats that filmmakers use in their press kits.

Video File Types

Quicktime ProRes 422 (HQ): This is the industry standard for digital footage and should be used when possible. It’s lossless compression and high quality make it perfect for distributing to studios and other large groups.

Quicktime ProRes 422 (LT): Similar to ProRes 422 (HQ), but with lower quality. If you are sending out multiple videos or large clips, this can save on postage costs by reducing file size.

All Quicktime files: When sending multiple clips to multiple recipients, consider compressing your clips with Apple Compressor. While it may take a little more time and effort to compress all your files.

Why Do You Need An Epk?

Every day more and more businesses are using an Epk to help them promote their products, services, and especially their brand.

But what exactly is an Epk? And why do you need one?

Trying to get your business noticed in a crowded marketplace is no easy task. There are so many companies trying to attract new customers that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

In fact, statistics show that up to 90% of small businesses fail within the first three years, not because of a lack of product or service but because they don’t have the right strategy for marketing and promotion.

For most businesses the answer lies in creating an effective online presence or “Epk.” An Epk is a website that includes all relevant information about your business from contact details through to a detailed description of what you do.

It’s basically a digital version of traditional business cards with the added advantage that it can live on multiple social platforms as well as your own website. This means you’re able to reach out to potential customers and keep in touch with existing ones on a daily basis.