This is the 29th instalment of this feature here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, where we chart the best-of-the-best from around the filmmaking and video production world. This article covers the best posts from February 2018.

Every month, I post a round-up article featuring the best things I’ve found around the web on filmmaking and video production. If you missed one, we have a complete archive here.

We’re talking articles, videos, infographics, all sorts. Anything that stands out to me and that I think is worth keeping in an archive, I’m going to include in these reports.

I post these articles at the end of each month, along with all the regular posts you get on Filmmaking Lifestyle.

The Best Posts Of February 2018


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With that said, let’s jump into what we have for you this month!

Filmmaking & Video Production

Here’s great page with filled useful information on production company contact info, links to television network & film jobs, and freelance gigs and more. Very helpful for anyone looking for a job in the industry.

This is some solid analysis: The Geometry Of Emotion: How Paul Thomas Anderson Uses Hot Dog Shapes In His Films To Create Mood.

Hiring a scammer to be a documentary filmmaker? Here’s what happened:


Here’s newly minted Oscar winner Roger Deakins on Cinematography:

So what did we have on Filmmaking Lifestyle this month? Busy month this month started with an article on Video Content, what we called the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Video Creation and Marketing.

Next up, we had articles on the best lav mics out there and 7 Steps to LUT Color Grading.

We rounded out the month with pieces on the best Nikon DSLR cameras and a special on Filming VIPs, with discussion of a production involved Prince William.

Software, Hardware & Visual Effects

Sigma adds 105mm f1.4 and 70mm Macro f2.8 to Art Line according to Cinema5D.

RED and Foxconn to create range of affordable 8K prosumer cinema cameras.

And news that the Canon M50 mirrorless camera features 4K video.

Interested in shooting product videos? This is really cool:

Here’s how to Create Your Own LUTs Using Lightroom:

Helpful little tutorial here:

And here’s how to create that Blade Runner / Altered Carbon look:


Here’s a great article on the Top 10 Cameras (Under $1,000) For Beginner Filmmakers 2018.

Learn how to create cinematic lighting techniques:

Organizing a Stop-Motion Film Production at Aardman Animations:

Picture of the Month

This month’s Picture of the Month shows that Stanley Kubrick really was too old-school for modern vfx. This image shows the rea projection as Tom Cruise walks in Eyes Wide Shut:

Video of the Month

For this month’s Video of the Month, here are some solid tips on recording audio and all things sound:

Anything else you’ve found in the filmmaking / video production world online? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch you soon!