There’s no doubt that the invention of the smartphone changed the face of marketing forever, particularly the methods in which marketing content is delivered.

Video content is fast becoming the number one way to reach audiences, which is why vlogging is such an important skill for any business to have.

Let’s take a look at what vlogging is, what equipment you need for it, and tips to ensure your vlog is successful.

Vlogging is one of the best activities you can use to take your business to the next level.

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogs, short of “video blogs” are simply video versions of blogs. The aim here is sharing video content and educating the audience or giving them an insight into the daily life of a certain personality.

Vlogging started to gain popularity in 2004 when daily news broadcast Rocketboom started to gain a cult following in the RSS feeds.

When YouTube launched in 2005, vlogging suddenly had a dedicated platform that allowed anyone with a camera and a YouTube account to start putting out videos. Content creators leveraged the format to build their brands and audiences.

As mobile technology improved, vlogging followed suit, leading to the huge followings that we see today.

Importance of Vlogging

Why Is It So Important?

If you’ve been wondering whether a vlog is worth it or not, think about this. Vlogging is big news because around the world, 44% of internet users watch a vlog every month.

Partnerships and advertising campaigns with popular vloggers are a great way to access the younger market but more importantly, it allows your audience to see who is behind the brand.

Consumers love to feel understood and connected to the places that they buy from, and vlogging provides the perfect platform to achieve this.

What Skills Do You Need?

Although it might sound as simple as uploading a video from your smartphone, successful vlogs require a few essential skills, such as:

  • Understanding what your audience wants to see
  • Having a grasp of video SEO and how to maximize it
  • Video editing
  • Discipline and consistency
  • Teamwork – collaboration is all about working with others successfully!
Video is one of the best ways to deliver content effectively. 

What Equipment Do You Need For Vlogging?

Sure, you could launch and run a decent blog on any good smartphone. But if you want to get serious about it, it’s worth investing in some specialist equipment.


When it comes to finding the perfect camera, there are a million things to consider. Mic capabilities flip out screens, pixel quality – it’s easy to get lost in the maze of trying to find the perfect one. Having said that, it’s well worth doing plenty of research to find the right one for you.


This is an essential piece of kit to help keep your vlogs steady and to enable you to shoot from different angles. Look for one that has flexible legs that can grip onto different surfaces.


Mic Muffler

Mufflers are the best way to reduce sound interference from wind or outside noises.


You might find that a simple spotlight is the best way to achieve the finish you want, but there are lots of ways that you can use lighting to create different effects, so you may end up investing in more than one.

Tips For Success

Starting a vlog is an exciting adventure but before you get carried away with the glamour of it all, it’s important to remember a few key points to ensure that your vlog is successful.

Set a goal for your vlog and regularly check in with it, so that you stay focused on your vlogging goals.

Seek out a niche that you can become the master of and really try to understand what makes your audience tick. Vlogging expert Jeff Gross says that it’s worth adding music and using props to make yourself stand out.

Always stay consistent with your branding message and, even though you are giving people a glimpse into your life, try to stay as professional as possible.

There is a trend for using drama and conflict to generate engagement, but if you are looking to partner with other brands in the future then this is a huge no-no.

As you can see, vlogging is a brilliant way to reach your audience while conveying your brand message. Though it might not be as straightforward as simply uploading a video, once you learn the basics, you’ll find that it becomes second nature.

Ahendra is a writer and journalist who’s work has been featured at a number of websites.