Naomi Watts is an acclaimed actress known for her exceptional talent and captivating performances.

With her versatility, depth, and ability to bring complex characters to life, Watts has established herself as one of the most respected and sought-after actresses in the industry.

In this article, we will explore some of the best Naomi Watts movies, delving into the range of roles she has portrayed and the critical acclaim she has garnered.

From intimate dramas to thrilling suspense films, Watts has consistently delivered powerful performances that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Best Naomi Watts Movies

Join us as we embark on a journey through Naomi Watts’ filmography, celebrating her talent and highlighting the remarkable films that have cemented her status as a leading actress.

1. Mulholland Drive (2001)

Mulholland Drive is a psychological thriller film directed by David Lynch and released in 2001. The film stars Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, and Justin Theroux.

The story follows a young woman named Betty (Naomi Watts) who arrives in Hollywood with dreams of becoming a movie star.

She befriends a mysterious woman named Rita (Laura Harring), who has lost her memory, and together they embark on a quest to discover her true identity.

As the story unfolds, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, and the film takes on a surreal and dreamlike quality.

Mulholland Drive is known for its intricate plot, unconventional structure, and Lynch’s unique visual style, which combines elements of film noir, surrealism, and horror.

The film was well-received by critics and has since become a cult classic, with many fans praising its complex storytelling and haunting atmosphere.

Mulholland Dr. (The Criterion Collection) [DVD]
  • Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux (Actors)
  • David Lynch (Director)
  • English (Subtitle)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

2. 21 Grams (2003)

“21 Grams” is a drama film released in 2003, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. The movie stars Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, and Benicio Del Toro in the lead roles, with supporting performances by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Melissa Leo.

The film weaves together multiple interconnected storylines that explore themes of loss, guilt, and redemption. The narrative unfolds through non-linear storytelling, revealing the lives of three individuals whose lives intersect following a tragic accident.


Sean Penn portrays Paul Rivers, a critically ill mathematician awaiting a heart transplant. Naomi Watts plays Cristina Peck, a grieving mother who has lost her husband and children in the accident.

Benicio Del Toro takes on the role of Jack Jordan, a former convict who has found religion but struggles with his violent past.

As their stories unfold, the characters grapple with the consequences of their actions and the weight of their past choices. “21 Grams” delves into the complex emotions and moral dilemmas faced by its characters, offering a raw and introspective exploration of the human condition.

The film is known for its intense performances, thought-provoking narrative structure, and its exploration of existential themes.

It delves into questions of fate, mortality, and the interconnectedness of lives, leaving the audience contemplating the profound impact of seemingly small moments.

“21 Grams” received critical acclaim upon its release, particularly for the performances of its cast. The film’s emotional depth, powerful storytelling, and atmospheric cinematography contribute to its impact.

It serves as a testament to the talents of Alejandro González Iñárritu as a director and the ability of the cast to bring complex and emotionally challenging characters to life.

If you appreciate thought-provoking and emotionally charged dramas that delve into the complexities of the human experience, “21 Grams” is a film worth watching. It offers a gripping and introspective exploration of loss, guilt, and the search for redemption.

21 Grams
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn (Actors)
  • Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Director) - Guillermo Arriaga (Writer) - Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu...
  • Spanish, English (Playback Language)
  • Spanish, English (Subtitles)

3. King Kong (2005)

“King Kong” is a 2005 epic adventure film directed by Peter Jackson and starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black, and Adrien Brody.

The film is a remake of the 1933 film of the same name, and follows the story of a filmmaker named Carl Denham (Jack Black) who takes a crew of adventurers to a mysterious island to shoot his latest movie.

There, they encounter a giant gorilla named Kong, who becomes fascinated with Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts), the leading lady of the film.

As the crew attempts to capture Kong and bring him back to New York City, they discover that the island is also home to a variety of dangerous creatures, including vicious dinosaurs and giant insects.


When Kong is finally captured and brought back to New York as part of a stage show, he breaks free and wreaks havoc on the city, leading to a climactic battle atop the Empire State Building.

“King Kong” was a critical and commercial success, praised for its stunning visual effects, action-packed sequences, and emotionally resonant performances.

The film won three Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Sound Mixing, and remains a beloved classic of the monster movie genre.

King Kong (2005)
  • Italian, English, Croatian, Slovene (Subtitles)

4. Mother and Child (2009)

“Mother and Child” is a 2009 drama film directed by Rodrigo García. The movie stars Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, and Kerry Washington in the lead roles, with an ensemble cast that also includes Samuel L.

Jackson and Jimmy Smits. The film explores the intertwining stories of three women whose lives are shaped by the experience of motherhood.

Here are three reasons to watch “Mother and Child”:

Powerful Performances: “Mother and Child” boasts a stellar ensemble cast who deliver powerful performances.

Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, and Kerry Washington all bring depth and emotional nuance to their respective roles, portraying complex women navigating the challenges of motherhood.

The performances capture the joys, sorrows, and complexities of the mother-child relationship, adding emotional resonance to the film.


Multilayered Storytelling: The film weaves together multiple storylines, examining the experiences of the three women at different stages of their lives.

The storytelling is nuanced and thought-provoking, delving into themes such as adoption, infertility, and the search for connection and belonging.

The intersecting narratives provide a rich tapestry of human emotions and relationships, offering a compelling exploration of the complexities of motherhood.

Emotional Depth and Authenticity: “Mother and Child” is a poignant and emotionally resonant film that tackles universal themes with honesty and authenticity.

It delves into the complexities of maternal relationships, the longing for connection, and the impact of choices made in the past.

The film’s exploration of the emotional landscape of motherhood is heartfelt and relatable, drawing viewers into the characters’ journeys and eliciting a range of emotions.

Overall, “Mother and Child” is a compelling drama with powerful performances, multilayered storytelling, and emotional depth. It offers a nuanced exploration of the complexities of motherhood and the profound impact it has on individuals’ lives.

If you appreciate character-driven dramas that delve into human relationships and emotions, “Mother and Child” is a film worth watching.

Mother And Child
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington, Annette Bening (Actors)
  • Rodrigo Garcia (Director) - Rodrigo García (Writer) - Lisa Maria Falcone (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

5. Funny Games (2007)

“Funny Games” is a psychological thriller film directed by Michael Haneke, and is actually a shot-for-shot remake of Haneke’s own 1997 film of the same name. Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

The story follows a family of three – George, Ann, and their young son Georgie – as they arrive at their vacation home near a lake. Soon after they settle in, two young men named Peter and Paul arrive and begin to terrorize the family.

The men claim to be friends of the neighbors, but their behavior becomes increasingly sadistic as they force the family to participate in a series of violent and humiliating “games”.

“Funny Games” is a deeply disturbing film that explores the nature of violence and the relationship between the audience and the act of watching violence.

The film is known for its unflinching depictions of brutality and its willingness to confront the viewer with uncomfortable questions about their own role in consuming violent media.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its technical skill and others criticizing its extreme violence and provocative subject matter.

It’s not a film for everyone, but for those who enjoy thought-provoking and challenging cinema, “Funny Games” is definitely worth a watch.

Funny Games (2007)
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt (Actors)
  • Michael Haneke (Director) - Michael Haneke (Writer) - Chris Coen (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

6. The Ring (2002)

“The Ring” is a horror film released in 2002, directed by Gore Verbinski. The movie is a remake of the 1998 Japanese film “Ringu” and stars Naomi Watts in the lead role, with supporting performances from Martin Henderson, David Dorfman, and Brian Cox.

The story follows Rachel Keller (played by Naomi Watts), a journalist investigating a mysterious videotape that is said to curse anyone who watches it, resulting in their death seven days later.

When Rachel watches the tape herself, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind its origin and the deadly curse.

“The Ring” is known for its atmospheric and chilling tone, blending elements of psychological horror and supernatural suspense.

The film gradually builds tension as Rachel delves deeper into the eerie secrets surrounding the cursed videotape, leading to a race against time to unravel the mystery and save herself and her son.

Naomi Watts delivers a strong and compelling performance as Rachel Keller, portraying a determined and resourceful character who becomes entangled in a web of terror. Her performance anchors the film and adds depth to the horror narrative.

Directed by Gore Verbinski, “The Ring” features effective cinematography, atmospheric visuals, and a haunting score that contribute to its overall sense of dread. The film effectively creates an unsettling and eerie atmosphere that lingers long after the credits roll.

“The Ring” was a critical and commercial success upon its release, praised for its atmospheric storytelling, strong performances, and ability to deliver genuine scares. It spawned a franchise and became a significant influence on the horror genre in the 2000s.

Overall, “The Ring” is a chilling and suspenseful horror film that captivates audiences with its gripping storyline, atmospheric visuals, and strong performances.

It remains a notable entry in the horror genre and has left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

The Ring
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox (Actors)
  • Gore Verbinski (Director) - Koji Suzuki (Writer) - Michele Weisler (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

7. Eastern Promises (2007)

“Eastern Promises” is a 2007 crime thriller directed by David Cronenberg and featuring Naomi Watts in a prominent role. The film is known for its intense storytelling, gripping performances, and dark and gritty atmosphere.

In “Eastern Promises,” Naomi Watts portrays Anna Khitrova, a British midwife who becomes entangled in the dangerous underworld of the Russian mafia in London.

After a young pregnant woman dies during childbirth, Anna discovers a diary that holds secrets about the crime family and their illicit activities.

She seeks the help of Nikolai Luzhin (played by Viggo Mortensen), a driver for the crime syndicate, to unravel the mystery and protect her own life.

Naomi Watts delivers a compelling performance as Anna, infusing her character with both strength and vulnerability.

Her portrayal adds an emotional anchor to the film, as she navigates a treacherous world and grapples with her own moral dilemmas.

The chemistry and dynamic between Watts and Viggo Mortensen’s character create a tense and intriguing dynamic that drives the narrative forward.

“Eastern Promises” is a gripping and visceral film that explores themes of power, loyalty, and redemption. Naomi Watts’ presence contributes to the film’s tension and emotional depth, making it a standout in her filmography.

If you have any more questions or would like information on other Naomi Watts movies, feel free to ask.

Eastern Promises
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel (Actors)
  • David Cronenberg (Director) - Steven Knight (Writer) - Paul Webster (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

8. The Painted Veil (2006)

The Painted Veil is a drama film released in 2006 and directed by John Curran. The film is based on the novel of the same name by W. Somerset Maugham and stars Naomi Watts and Edward Norton in the lead roles.

Set in the 1920s, the film tells the story of a young woman named Kitty Garstin (Naomi Watts) who marries a bacteriologist named Walter Fane (Edward Norton) and moves with him to Shanghai.

Unhappy in her marriage and seeking adventure, Kitty begins an affair with a British diplomat named Charlie Townsend (Liev Schreiber).

When Walter discovers the affair, he volunteers to work in a remote village in China that is suffering from a cholera outbreak, taking Kitty with him.

As they confront the dangers of the epidemic and the isolation of their new home, the couple begins to rediscover their love for each other.

The Painted Veil received positive reviews from critics, who praised the film’s performances and cinematography. The film was also noted for its faithful adaptation of Maugham’s novel and its exploration of themes such as love, betrayal, and redemption.

The Painted Veil
  • The Painted Veil - DVD Used Like New
  • Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, Liev Schreiber (Actors)
  • John Curran (Director) - Ron Nyswaner (Writer) - Sara Colleton (Producer) - W. Somerset Maugham...
  • English, Spanish, French (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)

9. I Heart Huckabees (2004)

“I Heart Huckabees” is a philosophical comedy film released in 2004, directed by David O. Russell. The movie features an ensemble cast including Jason Schwartzman, Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin, Jude Law, Mark Wahlberg, Naomi Watts, and Isabelle Huppert.

The story follows Albert Markovski, played by Jason Schwartzman, a disenchanted environmental activist who hires a pair of existential detectives, Bernard and Vivian Jaffe (Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin), to help him uncover the meaning of life and understand the series of coincidences happening around him.

As the investigation progresses, Albert becomes entangled with a corporate executive named Brad Stand (Jude Law) and his girlfriend Dawn Campbell (Naomi Watts), leading to humorous and thought-provoking encounters.

“I Heart Huckabees” delves into existential questions, exploring themes of identity, purpose, and interconnectedness.

The film employs an offbeat and quirky style, blending comedy with philosophical musings, and uses surreal and metaphorical elements to examine the nature of reality and personal relationships.

The performances in the film are notable, with the ensemble cast delivering vibrant and eccentric characters. The interactions between the characters, especially the banter between the existential detectives and their clients, provide humor and provoke introspection.

David O. Russell’s direction infuses the film with energy and visual flair, utilizing a mix of visual styles and editing techniques to enhance the narrative and comedic moments.

The screenplay, co-written by Russell and Jeff Baena, offers witty dialogue and clever scenarios that invite viewers to contemplate deeper questions about existence.

“I Heart Huckabees” is a unique and unconventional film that challenges traditional storytelling conventions and invites viewers to reflect on their own lives and perceptions.

It embraces philosophical ideas with humor and levity, providing an entertaining and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

If you enjoy films that blend comedy with philosophical musings and feature an ensemble cast of talented actors, “I Heart Huckabees” is worth exploring. It offers a refreshing and unconventional take on existential themes, delivering laughs and provoking contemplation along the way.

I Heart Huckabees
  • Condition: New
  • Format: DVD
  • Closed-captioned; Color; Dolby; DVD; Subtitled; Widescreen; Full Screen; NTSC
  • Jason Schwartzman, Jude Law, Naomi Watts (Actors)
  • David O. Russell (Director) - David O. Russell (Writer) - Dara Weintraub (Producer)

10. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)

“You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” is a 2010 romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Woody Allen.

The film tells the intersecting stories of a group of people living in London, all of whom are struggling with issues of love, marriage, and infidelity.

The main characters include a writer who is struggling to finish his novel (Josh Brolin), his wife who is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their marriage (Naomi Watts), her mother who is obsessed with her own mortality (Gemma Jones), and her father who has left her mother to pursue a younger woman (Anthony Hopkins).

As the characters navigate their complicated relationships, they all become fixated on the idea of finding true love and happiness, even as they make increasingly reckless and self-destructive decisions.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” was a box office success, grossing over $34 million worldwide. The film features an ensemble cast that also includes Freida Pinto, Lucy Punch, and Antonio Banderas.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger
  • DVD
  • Multiple Formats, AC-3, Closed-captioned
  • French (Subtitled), French (Dubbed), English (Original Language)
  • 1
  • 99

3 Reasons To Watch Naomi Watts Movies

Versatile Acting Range: Naomi Watts is renowned for her versatility as an actress, seamlessly transitioning between a wide array of genres and roles.

Whether it’s a gripping drama, intense thriller, heartfelt romance, or even a lighthearted comedy, Watts consistently delivers nuanced and compelling performances.

Watching her movies allows you to witness her impressive acting range and appreciate her ability to bring depth and authenticity to diverse characters.

Emotional Depth and Intensity: Naomi Watts has a remarkable ability to convey complex emotions and immerse herself fully in her roles, resulting in performances that resonate with audiences.

She fearlessly tackles challenging and emotionally demanding characters, bringing rawness and vulnerability to her portrayals. Watching Watts on screen allows you to experience the raw emotional power she brings to her performances, creating a captivating and immersive viewing experience.

Collaborations with Acclaimed Filmmakers: Naomi Watts has collaborated with many highly regarded filmmakers throughout her career, including David Lynch, Alejandro González Iñárritu, and David Cronenberg, to name a few.

Her films often feature rich storytelling, innovative direction, and thought-provoking narratives. By watching Watts’ movies, you not only get to appreciate her performances but also witness the artistry and craftsmanship of acclaimed directors as they bring their visions to life.

Overall, watching Naomi Watts movies offers a chance to witness her versatile acting range, experience the emotional depth and intensity she brings to her performances, and appreciate the collaborations with acclaimed filmmakers that make her films stand out.

It’s an opportunity to delve into the captivating world of an immensely talented actress and immerse yourself in the compelling stories she helps bring to the screen.

Best Naomi Watts Movies – Wrap Up

Naomi Watts has an impressive filmography filled with standout performances across a variety of genres.

From gripping dramas to thrilling suspense films and heartfelt romances, she has consistently delivered memorable performances that have earned critical acclaim and captivated audiences worldwide. Here is a wrap-up of some of Naomi Watts’ best movies:

“Mulholland Drive” (2001) – Directed by David Lynch, this psychological thriller features Watts in a career-defining role. Her performance as Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn showcases her range and talent, earning her widespread recognition and critical acclaim.

“The Ring” (2002) – In this horror film, Watts plays a journalist investigating a mysterious videotape that brings a curse upon anyone who watches it. Her compelling performance anchors the film and adds depth to the suspenseful narrative.

“21 Grams” (2003) – Watts delivers a powerhouse performance in this intense drama, portraying a grieving mother who forms an unexpected connection with a man (played by Sean Penn) whose life intertwines with hers after a tragic accident.

“The Impossible” (2012) – Based on a true story, this harrowing drama follows a family’s struggle to survive in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Watts’ performance as a mother fighting for her and her son’s survival is emotionally charged and deeply moving.

“Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” (2014) – In this acclaimed dark comedy, Watts plays an actress involved in a troubled Broadway production. Her role as an insecure but determined performer adds depth and humor to the film.

These are just a few examples of Naomi Watts’ best movies, showcasing her talent, versatility, and ability to deliver captivating performances.

Whether it’s her emotionally raw portrayals or her ability to immerse herself in complex characters, watching her films offers a chance to appreciate her immense acting prowess and the range of stories she has brought to life on the big screen.