FiLMiC Pro is an online video editing suite that has everything you need to create and share high-quality videos with your friends and family.

Filmic ProReview has over 14,000 clips in its library, which makes it one of the most comprehensive video editing suites on the market.

The app supports a wide range of formats, including HD and 4K.

Users can also import their own media files by dragging them into the app’s window or by selecting “Import Media” from Filmic’s main menu.

The app’s interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to navigate even for beginners. It also includes handy features like trimming and editing audio tracks. Users can add titles, captions, transitions and filters to their videos by clicking on any part of the screen where these options appear.

In addition to creating new videos with Filmic ProReview, users can also view other people’s creations via its social network or through third-party sites like YouTube or Facebook. Users can save their work in different formats such as MP4 or GIFs so that they can easily share them online with friends or family members who might not have an app installed on their mobile devices!


FiLMiC Pro Review

What Is FiLMiC Pro?

FiLMiC Pro is an app that allows you to shoot and edit video on your iPhone or iPad. It gives you the power of a professional camera in the palm of your hand.

With FiLMiC Pro, you can shoot footage in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. You can also record audio through the built-in microphone or connect external microphones via Lightning or 3.5mm jacks.

Once you’re done shooting, FiLMiC Pro gives you the power to edit your footage using a variety of tools, including trimming, cropping and rotating clips, applying filters and adding music tracks from Apple Music libraries.



Filmic Pro Overview

 Filmic Pro is a free, lightweight, and easy to use video editor for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s perfect for making quick edits like adding titles or music and trimming clips, but it can also handle some serious projects like editing long videos with effects or adding titles.

Filmic Pro features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find the features you’re looking for. It allows you to choose from three different types of clips: stills, video, or audio files. You can even combine these types of clips together in one project.

You can add text to your videos using a variety of fonts and colors so they look just right on your device’s screen size. You can also add special effects like blur, sepia tone, or brightness changes by selecting them from the effects menu before adding them to your project.

If you’re interested in creating professional-looking projects with Filmic Pro then check out our article on how to create great looking videos using Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro Bottom Line

 Filmic Pro is a lightweight video editor that’s very easy to use and has great features. It’s ideal for beginners who want to edit videos on their phones or tablets.

The app is free, but it does have in-app purchases. For example, if you want to upgrade from the free version to the pro version, you’ll need to pay $9.99 (although there are other options available).

The app comes with a ton of features and tools that make it great for amateur videographers and filmmakers looking to get started in the world of video editing. It includes basic editing tools such as trimming, cropping, adding titles and effects; advanced tools like filters, transitions, audio mixer and more; as well as support for exporting your projects via YouTube or Facebook Live (or any other service that supports live streaming).


Filmic Pro Pros

  • Free to download and use, with no registration required.
  • Unlimited storage capacity for all your videos
  • Multiple quality levels available: good, best or best quality.
  • Automatic uploads to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

Filmic Pro Cons


  1. You have to be prepared to spend a lot of time learning how to use it.
  2. You have to have a fairly powerful computer in order to run the software.
  3. It’s not cheap, and when you buy it you won’t be able to play all of your favorite movies until you’ve spent some time learning how to use it.
  4. There’s no way around this – if you want to create high quality videos with Filmic, then you will have to spend some time learning how to use it properly – or else your movies will look like crap!
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Getting Started With Filmic Pro

 Filmic Pro is a new video editing software that comes with every purchase of a Windows PC and all Macs.

The software is straightforward and easy to use, but it does have a few quirks that can be frustrating. Here are some tips and tricks for getting started with Filmic Pro:

  1. Open the program from the Start menu (it’s called “Filmic”).
  2. Click on “Open files” to open your videos in the program.
  3. Select the clips you want to edit by clicking on them or by clicking anywhere on the timeline to select multiple clips at once.
  4. Use the toolbar above timeline to move around your video once it’s loaded up into the program (you can also adjust audio volume while you’re editing).
  5. To add effects like transitions or titles, click on an effect and then drag it onto your clip before you start editing it (you can also adjust audio volume while you’re editing).

Filmic Pro Formats And Quality Settings

 Filmic Pro is a professional video editing software. It supports various formats and allows you to add effects, titles, and transitions to your videos.

To edit videos in Filmic Pro, you need to import them into the program. You can do this by dragging your video files onto a disk icon in the Files panel of the program or by using the File Import option in the File menu.

When you import a file, you’ll see it listed in the Files panel on top of your workspace. The name of the file will appear under its icon; if it’s an MP4 file, for example, then its name will be “Movies/DCIM/00002040-0001-Video01[1].mp4.

” If there are multiple files with the same name inside that directory, then each one will have its own number (which may be “0001,” “0002,” and so on).

You can also import videos by selecting them from within other programs. For example, if you have some movies stored on your hard drive and want to add them to an existing project without having to reimport them from their original locations, then select all of those files at once from within Windows Explorer or Finder

Filmic Pro Interface

The Filmic Pro Interface is a set of tools that allow you to work with your footage in a more creative and efficient way. The first tool is the Timeline, which is where you place your clips so they all line up perfectly on the timeline. You can also create new clips from any piece of footage on your timeline and add them individually to the project.

The second tool is the Effects Panel, where you can apply a variety of different effects to your footage, including color correction, image stabilization, motion tracking, and more. This panel also gives you access to over 200 presets that you can use as starting points for creating your own custom effects.

The third tool is the Audio Panel, where you can add music or sound effects to your piece. You can also adjust levels and fine-tune EQ settings if needed.

The fourth tool is the Output Panel, which lets you export video files without having to go back into the project editor at any point during post-production.

Filmic Pro Exposure And Focus

The Filmic Pro app can automatically adjust your exposure and focus if you are using a DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera with live view. You can also use manual settings, but if you do not have an external microphone or external microphone adapter, the app will use your internal microphone to record sound while you are recording video.

You can use the camera settings in the Filmic Pro app to set up your camera for filming. If you have an external microphone or external microphone adapter, make sure that it is connected before starting the recording process.


If you have an external microphone or external microphone adapter, connect it now and press on Start Recording to begin recording audio from your attached device.

If your device has no audio input (e.g., Apple Watch), then there is no way for the app to pick up any audio without using an external microphone or adapter first (see below).

Filmic Pro Color

 Filmic Pro Color is a color correction tool that allows you to adjust the color, temperature and saturation of your pictures after they have been taken. This app has a very clean interface, it looks great and doesn’t take up much space on your device.

The app was created by Intelligent Apps Limited based in London and is available for free on iTunes.

Filmic Pro Color has three main sections: Picture Adjustments, Filters and Other Effects. The Picture Adjustments section contains seven categories: Skin Tone, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Skin Tinting, Surface Tone, Vibrancy and Contrast.

Each of these sections contain sliders that adjust specific aspects of your picture. For example you can adjust the skin tone using a slider that adjusts the colour of your skin or hair colour using another slider to adjust the colour of your clothes.

Filmic Pro Audio

 Filmic Pro Audio is a full service video production company that specializes in professional audio and video services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products, services and customer satisfaction.

Filmic Pro Audio is a small business that strives to do more than just meet the needs of our clients. We strive to provide them with an exceptional experience that will leave an impact on their business for years to come.

Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and high quality products at an affordable price. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do and take pride in their work.

Filmic Pro Sharing And Output

 Filmic Pro is a powerful video editor that can be used to create and edit videos. Filmic Pro has the ability to share your work on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You can also export your video to various formats such as MP4, AVI and WMV.


The most notable feature of Filmic Pro is its ability to create animated videos with a single click. These animated videos are usually referred to as “films.”

Filmic Pro also has a lot of other features such as image editing tools and effects, text editing tools and an audio recorder. There are also several tools for creating titles and transitions between scenes in your film.

Filmic Pro is available for free download from the developer’s website (

Filmic Pro – Features To Look For

 Filmic Pro is a video editor that’s ideal for beginners. It has a simple, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to edit and create videos from your favorite social media platforms. The app also features some advanced features like the ability to create animated videos, which makes it perfect for creating fun content for YouTube, Vine and other platforms.

Filmic Pro – Features To Look For

The app has an intuitive design. You can easily navigate through its different sections by swiping left or right on the screen.

The interface will also present you with information about the file you’re working on in real time so you can track its progress. You can also save your work at any time by pressing the “Save” button in the toolbar at the top of your screen.

Once you’ve finished editing your video, Filmic Pro allows you to share it with friends or upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook. You can also export your masterpiece as an MP4 file if you want to share it with others who aren’t using Filmic Pro themselves.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create videos on iOS then Filmic Pro could be just what you need!

Filmic Pro – Frequently Asked Questions           

 Q: How should I use Filmic Pro?

A: Use it to do what you want it to do. It’s your camera, and you can go as far with it as you want.

Q: What kind of footage does Filmic Pro handle?

A: It handles all kinds of footage from 720p to 4K (and beyond), from DSLR to action cameras, from one person to a large studio shoot, and so on. If you have a camera that shoots video, it will probably work.

Q: How much memory does Filmic Pro require?

A: You should expect at least 1GB of RAM and 8GB+ of storage space per minute of footage. We recommend at least 16GB of RAM and 32GB+ of storage space per minute of footage.

Q: Is there anything I can’t do with Filmic Pro?

A: Yes and no! You can’t edit audio together with video or cut out individual clips or delete them without also deleting the entire clip as well. However, this is easily done by exporting an MP4 file with your footage in it, which allows you to select individual clips from there and delete them individually

Filmic Pro Review – Wrapping Up

Filmic Pro is a powerful screen capture, editing and sharing tool that can be used to create professional-looking videos. The program has a wide range of features, including image and audio editing tools, as well as an editing timeline that allows users to tweak their videos on the fly.

Unlike other screen capture tools, Filmic Pro also has a built-in video recorder that allows users to record their own videos in real time. This feature is especially helpful for beginners who want to create short tutorials or explain themselves better.

The program also includes many other useful features such as image stabilization, voice notes and text overlays. Users can also upload their creations directly to YouTube or Vimeo or export them to various formats including MP4 and AVI.