There’s no denying that when it comes to action cameras, GoPros are most filmmakers’ device of choice.

The cameras are renowned for their superior image quality, incredibly portable design, and plenty of features that help you capture that perfect shot. But what is the best GoPro alternative?

However, GoPros come at a cost, and whether you’re starting your filmmaker journey, or you’re simply filming on a budget, sometimes the price tag is just too much.



What Are GoPro Alternatives?

With the recent release of GoPro’s newest camera, many people are interested in finding out what other options there are for similar cameras.

The new GoPro Hero is expensive and doesn’t have much to offer that previous models don’t already have.

There are many good quality-to-price ratio alternatives to the GoPro that have features like voice control, Wi-Fi, and image stabilization.

Options like this make them excellent alternatives for action cam users who want a lot more than just HD video capability.



In some cases, you might find the GoPro features don’t quite hit the spot, and you need something a little more orientated to your needs.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other fantastic alternatives out there for you to choose from.

Best GoPro Alternative – Overview

While GoPro is a household name, it’s worth remembering there’s an extensive range of action cameras and portable film cameras that could be precisely what you’re looking for.

Today, we’re going to explore the very best GoPro alternatives, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the choice that’s best for you.

Let’s go!


1. DJI Osmo Action

Image Quality and Stabilization

Designed as a rival to other action cameras in the market, the DJI Osmo Action boasts a 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor capable of capturing 12MP stills and 4K video at 60fps, delivering vivid and sharp imagery.

The camera showcases its strength in various lighting conditions, exhibiting well-balanced exposures, accurate color representation, and commendable dynamic range.

A cornerstone of the Osmo Action is the RockSteady stabilization technology, which works meticulously to produce smooth and stable footage, reducing shake and jitter, especially paramount when involved in high-motion activities.

Dual Screens and User Interface

Distinguishing itself in the action camera landscape, the DJI Osmo Action features dual screens, a front-facing screen for selfies and vlogging, and a rear touchscreen for general operation.

This addition enhances the camera’s versatility, allowing users to frame themselves easily and monitor footage in real-time.

The camera’s interface is intuitive, characterized by a straightforward menu system and responsive touch controls, making adjustments and mode switches seamless even in the midst of action.

Build and Durability

Reflecting the demanding nature of action photography, the DJI Osmo Action is built with durability and resilience in mind.

The camera features a rugged construction, ensuring it withstands the rigors of extreme environments and activities.

It is waterproof up to 11 meters, enabling underwater exploration and aquatic adventures without necessitating an additional housing.

The lens features a protective coating, aiding in reducing fingerprints and smudges and ensuring the clarity of captured content.

Additional Features

Expanding its repertoire of features, the Osmo Action offers a range of shooting modes such as HDR, slow motion, and time-lapse, allowing for creative expression and varied content creation.

The integration of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilitates the easy sharing of content and enables remote operation through the DJI Mimo app.

The camera’s voice control feature adds a layer of convenience, allowing for hands-free operation, which is particularly useful in action scenarios.

In conclusion, the DJI Osmo Action stands out as a formidable contender in the action camera market, amalgamating high-quality imaging, innovative features, and robust construction.

Its dual screens, effective stabilization, and array of shooting modes make it a versatile companion for adventurers and content creators.

Whether it’s exploring underwater realms, traversing rugged terrains, or documenting high-octane activities, the Osmo Action proves to be a reliable and adaptable tool for capturing memorable moments.

DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera with 2 Displays 36ft Underwater Waterproof WiFi HDR Video 145° Angle, Black
  • Dual Screens: Osmo Action’s dual screens allow you to capture it all with the touch of a button. A...
  • The RockSteady technology combines EIS with complex algorithms, delivering stable, shake-free...
  • Action camera with 1/2.3" CMOS Sensor, 12MP, wide-angle 145° that allows you to shoot 4K HDR...
  • 8x Slow Motion: Capture every epic move with jaw-dropping clarity and detail when you use 8x slow...
  • 11m Waterproof, -10℃ Temperature Resistant Sporting a watertight seal and a hydrophobic coating on...

2. Sony FDR-X3000

Image Quality and Stabilization

Within the realm of action cameras, the Sony FDR-X3000 distinguishes itself with superior 4K video capabilities and a renowned Zeiss Tessar lens, ensuring sharp and detailed imagery.

The camera’s Exmor R CMOS sensor and BIONZ X processor collaborate to deliver vibrant, low-noise footage, exhibiting laudable performance across varied lighting scenarios.

The standout feature of the FDR-X3000 is the Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS) stabilization, a pioneering technology that significantly reduces camera shake and produces remarkably smooth videos, making it particularly suitable for high-motion activities and adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Design and User Interface

Designed with functionality and durability in mind, the FDR-X3000 features a compact and rugged construction, making it resilient against the elements and challenges of extreme videography.

It is equipped with a water-resistant exterior and can be further housed in an included underwater case for aquatic endeavors, offering water resistance up to 60 meters.

The user interface of the camera is designed for efficiency and ease of use, characterized by a simple menu system and accessible controls, ensuring that users can quickly adapt and modify settings even in dynamic and demanding environments.

Connectivity and Mounting Options

The Sony FDR-X3000 boasts a myriad of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, thus enabling seamless content transfer, remote camera control, and location tagging.


These features are complemented by the Live-View Remote, a wearable device that allows users to monitor the view from the camera and control its functions remotely, adding a layer of convenience and flexibility.

The variety of available mounting accessories and options ensures that the FDR-X3000 can be securely attached to helmets, bikes, vehicles, and other gear, allowing users to capture unique perspectives and immerse themselves in the action.

To conclude, the Sony FDR-X3000 stands as a testament to Sony’s commitment to merging innovation with quality.

The action camera’s hallmark feature, the Balanced Optical SteadyShot stabilization, sets it apart in the market, ensuring that every piece of footage is smooth and steady, regardless of the intensity of action.

The combination of high-quality optics, robust build, and versatile connectivity options make the FDR-X3000 a worthy companion for those seeking to document their adventures and experiences.

Whether it’s hurtling down mountain trails, diving into the ocean’s depths, or exploring uncharted territories, the FDR-X3000 is well-equipped to capture every moment in stunning detail.

Sony FDRX3000/W Underwater Camcorder 4K, White
  • Ultimate image stabilization from Balanced Optical SteadyShot Professional 4K with ZEISS lens and...
  • Splash-proof body or use incl. waterproof housing down to 197ft. Selectable viewing angle: Wide,...
  • Interval record at 8.3MP for stills and 4K time-lapse videoHigh Quality stereo sound with wind noise...
  • Intuitive interface, 3x rec. lights and adjustable beep volume;Shoot at desired angle with...
  • NOTE: Refer User Manual on Technical Specification before use.Monaural Speaker

3. Yi 4K+ Action Camera

Image Quality and Performance

The Yi 4K+ Action Camera establishes itself as a competitive presence in the market with its impressive 4K video recording at 60fps, a feature that was groundbreaking upon its release.

Housing a 12MP Sony IMX377 sensor, the camera excels in delivering high-quality images and videos, characterized by vibrant colors, sharp details, and commendable low-light performance.

The Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) effectively minimizes blurriness and shake, ensuring smooth footage even during intense movements and activities, which enhances its appeal to adventurers and sports enthusiasts.

Design and User Interface

Sporting a sleek and compact design, the Yi 4K+ Action Camera is constructed with user convenience and portability in mind.

The camera features a 2.2-inch Gorilla Glass retina touchscreen, which is both responsive and durable, providing an intuitive interface for users to navigate through settings and preview their shots.

The straightforward menu system and user-friendly controls contribute to a seamless experience, enabling quick adjustments and mode switches, which is vital in the dynamic environments the camera is intended for.

Connectivity and Battery Life

In terms of connectivity, the Yi 4K+ Action Camera is well-equipped, featuring Wi-Fi and USB Type-C, which facilitate swift data transfers and allow for external microphone connectivity, enhancing audio quality in recorded videos.

The camera also supports voice control, offering hands-free operation, a feature that is particularly convenient during activities that require full engagement.

Another notable aspect of the Yi 4K+ is its impressive battery life, with the 1400mAh battery providing up to two hours of 4K recording, ensuring that users can capture extended moments without frequent interruptions for charging.

To sum up, the Yi 4K+ Action Camera emerges as a versatile and reliable option for individuals seeking high-quality imaging in a compact form factor.

With its groundbreaking 4K video capabilities, effective stabilization, and responsive user interface, the camera is well-suited to a variety of scenarios, from extreme sports to casual vlogging.

The combination of robust connectivity options and extended battery life further enhances its usability, making it a favorable choice for those looking to document their adventures and create vivid memories.

Whether it’s navigating through rugged terrains, soaring through the skies, or exploring underwater landscapes, the Yi 4K+ stands ready to immortalize every experience with clarity and vibrancy.

YI 4K Action and Sports Camera, 4K/30fps Video 12MP Raw Image with EIS, Live Stream, Voice Control - Black
  • Superb Image Quality – Records 4K/30fps (100mbps), 2. 7k/60fps, 1080p/120fps, 720p/240fps video,...
  • Long battery life – high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery records up to 120mins of...
  • Intuitive touchscreen UI - built-in 2. 2” high responsive LCD Touchscreen with 640 x 360 high...
  • Instant sharing -- built-in Bluetooth and high speed 5GHz/2. 4GHz Wi-Fi support for wireless remote...
  • Advanced features – always Update to the latest firmware (1. 8. 25) to enjoy the extra features....


Advantages of Using GoPro Alternatives

• Avoid being stuck with expensive GoPro accessories.

• Get a high-quality camera without the hefty price tag.

• Skip the hassle of waiting for cameras to be delivered or returned.

• Be more in the moment by not having a large, bulky object attached to your body.



4. Olympus Tough TG-Tracker

Image Quality and Resolution

The Olympus Tough TG-Tracker is lauded for its exceptional image quality and high-resolution output. With the ability to record in 4K at 30 frames per second, it ensures that the footage remains sharp and vibrant, making it a remarkable tool for adventure enthusiasts.

The camera is equipped with an ultra-wide lens that boasts a 204-degree field of view, capturing panoramic scenes in their entirety.

Users find the TruePic VII image processor particularly advantageous, enhancing the color reproduction and aiding in swift image processing.

Durability and Build

Built to withstand extreme conditions, the TG-Tracker’s robust construction is highly praised.

The camera is waterproof up to 30m, freeze-proof up to -10°C, shockproof from 2.1m, and crushproof up to 100kgf. This makes it a quintessential companion for divers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers.

The camera’s dual-layer chassis, protective lens barrier, and reinforced body have received commendation for their resilience in keeping the internal components safe.

Users have found assurance in its build, enabling them to focus on their adventure without worrying about the device.

Advanced Tracking Features

One feature that sets the TG-Tracker apart is its advanced tracking capabilities.

It houses multiple sensors such as GPS, barometric pressure sensor, temperature sensor, direction sensor, and an accelerometer.

These sensors work in unison to gather comprehensive data about the user’s environment and movements.

The data collected is then synchronized with the video, providing a detailed log of the adventure.

Many users have expressed their appreciation for this feature, as it adds an informative layer to their videos and aids in reliving the experience in detail.

User Interface and Connectivity

The user interface of the TG-Tracker is often noted for its simplicity and ease of navigation.

The tilting LCD monitor provides flexibility in composing shots and reviewing footage on the go.

The inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi is a valuable addition, allowing for quick sharing and uploading of videos.

Users can seamlessly connect the camera to their smartphones through the Olympus Image Track app, enabling them to manage their files and settings efficiently.

The app also allows for the overlay of data logs on the video, enhancing the viewing experience.

In conclusion, the Olympus Tough TG-Tracker has received notable acclaim for its robust build, advanced tracking features, and high-quality image output.

Users appreciate the camera’s durability and its ability to withstand extreme conditions, making it a reliable companion for various adventures.

The advanced sensors and user-friendly interface add to its appeal, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable user experience.

OM SYSTEM OLYMPUS TG-Tracker with 1.5-Inch LCD (Green)
  • 4K 30P Video capture
  • Dimensions 35.0 x 56.5 x 93.2mm,1.37 x 2.22 x 3.67 inches. 204 Degree Extreme Angle f2.0 High-Speed...
  • Waterproof to 100 feet/30 meters without housing
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • 5 Built-In sensors capture movement: GPS, eCompass, Accelerometer, Thermometer, and Barometer

5. SJCAM SJ8 Pro

Video Quality and Resolution

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro is renowned for its superb video quality, offering 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

This feature ensures that every detail of the action is captured with crystal clear clarity and vibrant colors.

The Ambarella H22 S85 chipset and Sony IMX377 sensor play pivotal roles in enhancing video quality and maintaining stable performance, even in challenging conditions.

Users have repeatedly praised the electronic image stabilization (EIS), noting that it significantly reduces blurriness and shakes, especially during high-motion activities.

Build and Design

The design and build of the SJCAM SJ8 Pro have garnered appreciation for being sleek yet durable.

The camera is encased in a robust body that can withstand minor bumps and falls, ensuring that it remains a constant companion in every adventure.

The 2.33-inch touch screen is particularly noteworthy, providing an intuitive interface for users to navigate through settings and playback with ease.

The presence of a secondary front screen is lauded for its convenience, allowing users to check camera status and settings swiftly.

Connectivity and Battery Life

In terms of connectivity, the SJ8 Pro excels with its versatile options, including Wi-Fi and USB Type-C, enabling swift file transfers and hassle-free charging.

Users have expressed satisfaction with the camera’s ability to connect seamlessly to smartphones via the SJCAM Zone app, which facilitates live streaming, file management, and firmware updates.

The battery life of the SJ8 Pro has also been commendable, with the 1200mAh battery providing ample recording time, receiving positive remarks for its longevity and reliability during extended use.

Additional Features and Usability

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro is equipped with various additional features that enhance its usability and appeal.

The inclusion of slow-motion, time-lapse, and car mode provides users with diverse filming options to suit their creative needs.

The camera’s underwater performance is notable, with the waterproof housing ensuring functionality up to 30 meters underwater.

The diverse language support and voice control features have also received favorable reviews for adding convenience and enhancing the user experience.

Conclusively, the SJCAM SJ8 Pro has proven itself as a reliable and versatile action camera, receiving accolades for its high-quality video output, durable design, and versatile connectivity options.

The variety of shooting modes and user-friendly interface have significantly contributed to its appeal among users.

Whether used for underwater filming, high-motion activities, or casual shooting, the SJ8 Pro has consistently delivered on its promise of performance and reliability, making it a valuable asset in the action camera market.

6. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Video and Image Quality

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 has garnered much acclaim for its superior video and image quality.

With the ability to record in 4K at 30fps, the camera delivers crystal-clear and vibrant footage, making it an ideal choice for capturing dynamic action.

The 12MP image capability ensures sharp and detailed still photos, satisfying users who desire both functionalities.

The G-Metrix technology, which overlays performance data on videos, is particularly praised for adding an interactive layer to the footage, providing insights into speed, altitude, and heart rate.

Build and Durability

Built with the adventuresome user in mind, the VIRB Ultra 30 boasts a rugged and durable design.

It comes with a waterproof case, allowing the camera to function optimally up to 40 meters underwater.

Users have commended this feature, noting its reliability during water-based activities.

The lightweight and compact design are appreciated for providing convenience during extended periods of use.

The high-sensitivity microphone, which records sound even when the camera is encased, has been highlighted as a valuable addition, enhancing the overall user experience.

Connectivity and Voice Control

Connectivity is a strong suit for the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30, offering Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT+ to cater to various needs.

These features facilitate seamless pairing with mobile devices and Garmin accessories, earning positive feedback from users.

The VIRB Mobile app is recognized for enabling live streaming, video editing, and data overlays, enhancing the versatility of the camera.

The introduction of voice control is met with particular enthusiasm, as it allows users to start and stop recording, take photos, and tag highlights, all hands-free, adding an element of convenience to the operation.

High-tech Features and User Interface

The camera’s user interface is lauded for its intuitiveness and ease of use, featuring a bright, touchscreen LCD that remains functional even in the protective case.

The inclusion of high-tech features such as 3-axis image stabilization is celebrated for reducing the effects of shaky and turbulent movements, ensuring smoother video capture.

Users also appreciate the variety of shooting modes, including time-lapse and slow-motion, which allow for creative exploration and diversified content creation.

In conclusion, the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 has successfully carved a niche for itself in the action camera market.

It combines high-quality video and image capture with a robust and versatile design, earning accolades from adventure enthusiasts and casual users alike.

The integration of advanced features, such as G-Metrix technology and voice control, along with intuitive connectivity options, make it a compelling choice for those seeking a feature-rich

and a reliable action camera.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera
  • ULTRA HD VIDEO - Crystal clear 4K/30fps footage, 1080p/120fps, or slow motion capability at...
  • G-METRIX - Built-in GPS and external sensors with connectivity to Garmin devices to capture...
  • LCD COLOR TOUCHSCREEN - 1.75-inch display is easy to operate; fully functional in and out of...
  • VOICE CONTROL - Shoot hands-free by using voice commands to start/stop recording, take a photo or...
  • 3-AXIS IMAGE STABILIZ3-AXIS IMAGE STABILIZATION - Captures steady footage up to 1080p/60fps

7. Sony RX0 II

When seeking the best GoPro alternatives, we can’t overlook the Sony RX0 II.

This camera packs a serious punch with its 1-inch sensor, offering filmmakers superior image quality even in low-light conditions.

The Sony RX0 II is incredibly compact and durable, made to handle the demands of adventurous filmmaking.

It’s waterproof, shockproof, and crushproof, which ensures it keeps up with the toughest shooting scenarios.

Noteworthy features of this powerhouse include:

  • 4K 30p internal recording capabilities
  • Up to 960 fps super slow motion
  • Electronic image stabilization

The flip screen of the RX0 II is a game changer for vloggers and solo content creators.

This feature allows us to frame our shots perfectly, ensuring we are always in focus and capturing the desired angle.

Even though its tiny size, the Sony RX0 II does not skimp on connectivity.

It boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for quick file transfers and remote operation, making it a versatile tool in our filmmaking kit.

Integrating advanced features like S-Log2 and Eye AF, the RX0 II is a tool that professional filmmakers appreciate.

These tools Help greater control over our imagery and enable us to capture cinematic footage that stands out.

Battery life on the RX0 II keeps us going in the field.

It’s reassuring to know we can count on our equipment to last through our most intensive shooting days.

Pairing the RX0 II with the Imaging Edge Mobile app extends its functionality even further.

With this app, we can effortlessly transfer images and videos to our mobile devices for quick edits or social media updates.

The ease with which we can incorporate the RX0 II into our existing workflows is remarkable.

Transfer and editing workflows mesh seamlessly with popular editing software, ensuring that our post-production process is as efficient as our shooting schedule.

With the Sony RX0 II, we can capture stunning, high-resolution footage in a variety of settings.

It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with a compact camera, making it an excellent choice for filmmakers seeking versatility without compromise.

8. Insta360 One R

In the realm of action cameras, the Insta360 One R presents a unique proposition – its modular design.

This innovative feature allows users to switch between different lens modules to suit their filming needs.

What sets the One R apart is its adaptability.

Filmmakers can choose from the 4K wide-angle module, the dual-lens 360 module, or the one-inch sensor module co-engineered with Leica for superior image quality.

With the Insta360 One R, resolution and frame rates are at the forefront:

  • 5.3K at 30fps for the one-inch sensor module
  • 4K at 60fps with the wide-angle module
  • A remarkable 3K at 100fps for smooth slow-motion footage Beyond resolution, the One R’s FlowState stabilization ensures buttery smooth clips that rival even the most advanced traditional stabilization systems. We’re impressed by how it eliminates the need for additional gimbals in many shooting scenarios.

The camera thrives in an array of environments:

  • Its IPX8 waterproof rating makes it submersible up to 5 meters
  • Advanced scene detection algorithms help to maintain exposure and color balance across various lighting conditions

When it comes to editing, the Insta360 Studio software is a game-changer.

The AI-powered algorithms offer features like shot-lab and tracking for an easier post-production process, which is invaluable for filmmakers who are constantly on the go.

The One R’s compact size belies its power.

Even though its small form factor, it packs a punch, with a host of features suitable for both amateur and professional filmmakers.

The dual-lens setup also captures dynamic 360-degree footage, expanding the possibilities for creative storytelling.

also, the Insta360 One R doesn’t fall short on durability.

Its rugged build withstands the rigors of extreme filmmaking, matching the reliability that’s essential for our work in challenging environments.

In terms of connectivity, the camera supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means we can easily transfer files and control our shots remotely.

This convenience is crucial when we’re During a hectic shooting schedule, ensuring we never miss a beat.

9. Ricoh WG-M2

When it comes to rugged and robust action cams, the Ricoh WG-M2 stands out as a formidable competitor to the GoPro lineup.

It boasts an ultra-wide 204-degree lens which captures scenes in dramatic angles and perspectives that are often missed by standard cameras.

The WG-M2 is not just about its lens; it’s built to endure extreme environments with a shock resistance that withstands falls from up to 2 meters high.

It’s also waterproof down to 20 meters without needing an additional housing – a notable advantage for underwater filmmakers.

Video quality is impressive as well, with the WG-M2 offering 4K recording at 30fps alongside 1080p options at 60fps.

What filmmakers appreciate most is the vibrancy and clarity that comes with each recording, ensuring that the footage is not only dramatic but visually stunning.

One standout feature is its user-friendly interface which makes it a breeze for fast-paced action shooting.

Quick settings adjustments allow us to keep up with the dynamic nature of adventure filmmaking without missing a beat.

  • Durability – Shock-resistant and waterproof
  • Lens – Ultra-wide 204-degree perspective
  • Video Options – 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps

For those of us who often find ourselves in challenging shooting scenarios, the Ricoh WG-M2’s adaptability is a lifesaver.

Wi-Fi connectivity enables easy file transfer and remote control operation, streamlining our workflow when we’re out in the field.

This camera is designed keeping in mind the needs of both novice and professional videographers.

Its combination of resilience, video quality, and ease of use makes it an attractive choice as a GoPro alternative.

Plus, the WG-M2’s affordability means we don’t have to compromise on quality for cost.

10. Xiaomi Mijia 4K Action Camera

For those of us in the filmmaking community who prioritize both quality and budget, the Xiaomi Mijia 4K Action Camera emerges as a remarkable contender in the action camera space.

This device offers impressive 4K video capabilities at 30fps, ensuring that every frame of our high-octane footage is captured with clarity and detail.

Its compact design makes it a breeze to take on any adventure, and with a user-friendly interface, it appeals to both the novice filmmaker and the seasoned pro looking for a handy second camera.

The Mijia 4K is known for its reliable performance in diverse shooting conditions, which is indispensable for us when on location.

Packing a host of features, the Xiaomi Mijia stands out with its:

  • Large 2.4-inch touchscreen for easy navigation and shot-framing
  • Long battery life of up to 2 hours when shooting in 4K
  • An array of shooting modes such as time-lapse and slow-motion at 1080p for creative flexibility

Connectivity is also a forte of the Xiaomi Mijia 4K.

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, we can quickly transfer files and control our camera remotely, which is essential for those hard-to-reach angles or when operating as a one-person crew.

When considering action cameras, the Mijia 4K doesn’t skimp on durability either.

It’s built to withstand the rigors of filming in the field, further solidifying its position as a solid GoPro alternative.

Whether we’re capturing scenic vistas or the hustle of urban environments, the Xiaomi Mijia 4K remains a steadfast tool in our filmmaking kit.

11. AKASO V50 Pro

Diving into the realm of high-quality yet affordable action cameras, we’ve discovered the AKASO V50 Pro as a top contender.

This model boasts a well-rounded performance profile that caters especially to filmmakers on a budget.

The V50 Pro records stunning 4K footage at 30fps, rivaling the pricier models with its clarity and detail.

It also features electronic image stabilization to ensure smooth shots during high-octane action.

One feature we appreciate is the adjustable view angle.

Filmmakers can switch between wide, medium, and narrow, which offers significant creative flexibility.

This versatility is crucial when capturing diverse types of scenes and subjects.

plus to its video capabilities, the V50 Pro comes equipped with:

  • A durable, waterproof case – it’s effective down to 30 meters
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – simplifying the process of sharing and transferring files
  • An intuitive touch screen – for ease of control and navigation

Battery life stands out as well; you can count on the V50 Pro to last through your shoots.

Plus, the package includes extra batteries which means less downtime and more shooting.

Overall, the AKASO V50 Pro is a compelling alternative to GoPro.

It ticks the boxes for necessary features while being accessible to filmmakers who are mindful of their budgets.

12. Campark X30

When scouting for the most versatile action cameras, the Campark X30 definitely earns its spot on our list.

Native 4K recording at 60fps ensures that filmmakers capture every detail with clarity.

The device boasts advanced image stabilization.

This feature is a godsend for action scenes where shake-free footage is non-negotiable.

Diving into aquatic filmmaking?

The X30 thrives under these conditions.

It’s waterproof up to 40 meters with its robust case, facilitating underwater shoots without a hitch.

What sets the X30 apart are its compelling shooting modes:

  • Time-lapse recording – for those stunning sped-up sequences
  • Slow-motion – to dramatize every bit of the action
  • Burst mode – ensuring you never miss a moment

Battery life won’t be an issue with the X30.

Continuous shooting is backed by a powerful battery, and yes, like the AKASO V50 Pro, it comes with extra batteries in the package.

Wi-Fi connectivity is the cherry on top, allowing for seamless pairing with phones and tablets.

Sharing content is hassle-free, vital for on-the-go creators who need to post quickly.

For creators who pivot between filmmaking and the occasional foray into photography, the Campark X30 offers a high-resolution 20MP camera.

The image quality is striking, ensuring that stills are just as impressive as video.

While diving deeply into specs, the X30’s ability to adjust exposure is worth mentioning.

Filmmakers can tweak settings to ensure the perfect shot in varied lighting conditions – essential for maintaining visual consistency.

Accessibility is often a stumbling block with tech, but not so with the Campark X30.

Its intuitive user interface makes navigating through options a breeze, ensuring that filmmakers of all experience levels can harness its full potential.

13. EKEN H9R

The EKEN H9R marks its territory as a budget-friendly beast in the action camera domain.

It comes in clutch for filmmakers who demand high performance without the steep price tag.

The H9R captures full HD videos at 1080p with a 30fps rate and boasts a wide-angle 170-degree lens.

For those high-octane moments, it ensures you get every bit of the action.

Diving into the features, we find a 2-inch LCD screen for a real-time viewing experience.

This action cam also offers a 4K shooting option, although at a lower frame rate of 25fps.

Built-In Wi-Fi for instant sharing and a companion app for remote control make the EKEN H9R as connected as any top-range camera.

It’s all about maximizing convenience and keeping creators in the flow of their work.

The camera is equipped with multiple recording modes, which adapt to a variety of filmmaking scenarios:

  • Time-lapse
  • Burst photo
  • Loop recording

Each mode enhances the creative potential, giving users the freedom to experiment.

With an included waterproof case effective up to 100 feet, underwater shoots are no longer just a dream.

It comes with various mounting accessories which is a big plus for adventure filmmakers.

The Battery life extends up to 90 minutes of continuous shooting, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

While the EKEN H9R may not outshine some of its pricier counterparts in specs, it certainly holds its ground with robust features.

Its appealing price point paired with the capacity to deliver decent quality visuals makes it a solid contender.

We’ve seen these capabilities resonate well with beginner filmmakers who are still navigating their style and preferences.

also, it’s a handy backup camera for seasoned professionals who need a reliable secondary option.

14. GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K

When venturing into the realm of high-octane action filmmaking, we often seek cameras that can keep pace with the adrenaline.

The GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K stands out as a robust contender in the action camera market.

Its prowess in capturing crisp and dynamic 4K footage is noteworthy for filmmakers who need professional-grade quality without very costly.

We’ve found that it offers a vivid representation of our most thrilling moments with an array of features that solidify its position as a GoPro alternative.

This camera does not shy away from the challenge of diverse environments and conditions.

The 2-inch display ensures we can quickly review shots and the 12MP sensor captures stunning details, even in challenging lighting.

With a wide range of resolutions and frame rates, the GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K allows us to adapt to various shooting scenarios:

  • 4K at 30fps for ultra-high-definition shots
  • 1080p at 120fps for smooth slow-motion

plus to its versatile filming capabilities, this camera is equipped with integrated WiFi and companion app control, making it an asset for seamless operation during shoots.

The inclusion of a comprehensive set of accessories opens up numerous mounting possibilities, crucial for that perfect angle in action sequences.

Battery performance is a staple concern for us when we’re out in the field, and the GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K holds up well with its extended battery life.

Durability is another box that it ticks effortlessly, sporting a rugged waterproof case capable of withstanding depths of up to 60 meters – this ensures that even our underwater adventures are captured with stunning clarity.

also, the camera’s user-friendly interface facilitates quick setting adjustments, which means we can focus more on the action at hand rather than fumbling with controls.

The image stabilization feature stands as a testament to its caliber, smoothing out the shakes and tremors typical of high-movement shots.

Whether we’re scaling cliffs or carving through waves, this camera ensures our footage remains steady and immersive.

What To Look For When Buying A Gopro Alternative

While the GoPro is feature-packed and one of the highest performance action cameras available today, when choosing an alternative that’s right for you, there are several factors you’ll want to consider ensuring you’re getting the best filmmaking experience.

Below, we’re going to explore some of these points which act as a checklist to make sure you’re spending your budget in the right places.

Image And Video Quality

One of the most attractive features of the GoPro is the 4K image quality, but as we’ve explored today, plenty of action cameras offer this resolution.

When shopping for a GoPro alternative, make sure you’re considering the quality the camera can record in both image and video formats.

Ideally, you’re going to want 4K at 60fps as this is a standard that gives you the ability to record at any resolution you wish.

In terms of still image quality, 16MP is one of the best you’ll get, but if you’re not fussed with image quality, you can turn a blind eye to this feature.

Price (Budget)

Most filmmakers, especially those starting out, will be shopping on a budget, which is why you’ll be looking for a cheaper alternative.

When considering price, take your budget and be detailed in your research to see what you can afford. There’s no denying there’s plenty of great deals out there for you to choose from.

Mounting Options & Equipment

One of the best benefits of an action camera is their unique size and how portable they are.

However, many action cameras will require mounts to fix them to surfaces, people, or in certain positions.

Ideally, you’ll want the mounting equipment to come with your purchase, so make sure you’re considering this and that getting mounting gear won’t up how much you’re spending by too much.

Try to be as organized, and as planned as possible to know what shots you’ll be taking so you get the right equipment right off the bat.


It’s essential to make sure you’re thinking about how your action camera can connect to specific other devices.

Whether you’re sending your media files off wirelessly to your phone or a cloud storage platform, or you’re connecting to a computer using USB, it’s crucial to think about what you need and how you’ll be working.

And then making sure your action camera will fulfill your requirements.


An important element of action cameras is their durability. Since action cameras are typically used in extreme conditions, such as tropical destinations, underwater scenes, and extreme sports, you’ll want to make sure that your camera can keep up with you.

Of course, if you’re going to be setting up still frames in a café, or walking around with a tripod, this may not be as important to you, which means you won’t need something super durable or protected which will help you find a better budget option.

What To Consider When Buying An Action Camera

What to consider when buying an action camera

  •  The price range and budget you have to spend on a good quality action camera.
  • If you are going to be using the camera in extreme conditions, make sure that it has a durable housing (some cameras can withstand up to 100ft underwater).
  • The durability and manufacture quality of the camera itself. You certainly don’t want something that will break if it falls off your bike, after all!

Video Resolution

In the past, an action camera will offer resolutions of 1080p (1920×1080) at 60fps (frames per second). This means that the camera will capture images at 1/60th of a second intervals.

Nowadays, you should look at 4K resolution as an absolute minimum.

Battery Life

We all know that action cameras are a great investment and can make for some awesome footage. The only downside is when the battery dies part way through your big adventure!

How long does an Action Camera Battery Life last?

The average battery life of an action cam ranges from 2-3 hours, depending on what model you have.

This means that if you’re going on a day trip with your friends, it’s best to bring at least two spare batteries just in case one runs out halfway through the day.

Batteries are usually rechargeable and come included with the purchase of the camera or as an additional accessory so be sure to read reviews before making a final decision!

FOV/Image Stabilization

A camera’s field of view or FOV is an important factor in many videographers’ considerations when purchasing a new camera.

A higher FOV means that the image captured will be larger, which can be great for those who want to capture as much detail as possible.

Image stabilization has always been an important aspect of video production. Rest assured, the vast majority of action cameras come with electronic image stabilization as standard.


Action Camera accessories are a must-have for any action camera owner.

They can help you to extend the capabilities of your camera, so it’s important to know what accessories are available for them and what they do before purchase.

MicroSD Cards

Action camera MicroSD cards are the storage chips that give your action cam a way to store footage.

They come in different sizes, with some being more expensive than others depending on their size and speed.

The most popular type of action camera MicroSD card is one that is Class 10 U1, which means it can write up to 10 MB/s and read at least 20MB/s.


Action cameras are a great way to get the perfect shot while you’re on the go.

But, depending on the kind of shot you’re trying to accomplish, they can be hard to use without a tripod.

They’re often too wide, and don’t have a mounting point for connecting them to something like a selfie stick or monopod. This is where action camera tripods come in!


Action cameras are, of course, all the rage these days. They can be mounted on helmets, drones, cars and more to record your adventures in stunning detail. But what if you want to mount your action cam somewhere else?

Mounts for action cameras come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The most popular type is called a selfie stick that allows you to take selfies or group photos while holding the camera at arm’s length away from yourself.

You may also want an adjustable clamp mount so you can attach it easily to any surface up high or down low – like a tree branch or pole. There are even suction cup mounts made just for smooth surfaces like glass windows!

Anti-Fog Inserts

Anti-Fog Inserts are a great way to keep your lens from fogging up and getting blurry. Fogging can happen in any weather, but especially when it’s cold out.

The first thing you need to know is that these inserts are not a replacement for anti-fog sprays or treatments. They can be used in conjunction with them but cannot replace them.

Anti-Fog inserts are small round pieces of material that have been coated in an anti-fogging agent such as silicone oil, alcohols, or fluorocarbon.

When the insert is placed inside your housing it can help prevent fogging by creating a layer of air between the lens and the water droplets on the glass, negating their effect on each other’s surface tension.

It should also be noted that the quality of a camera’s waterproof housing plays a part in reducing camera fog.

Why Consider a GoPro Competitor?

The GoPro has been a staple in the action camera market for quite some time, but is it really the best choice?

There are many reasons to consider a competitor to GoPro. The first reason is that there are other brands that offer more features at a lower price point than what you would find on a GoPro.

For example, Yi Technology offers 4k video recording capability as well as 3 axis image stabilization while still maintaining an affordable price tag of $199 compared to $400-$500 for most GoPros.

For any GoPro alternative, you need to carefully consider video quality and ensure that you have these aspects in any action cam:

  • 4K video ability – resolution 4K is a requirement these days.
  • Built-in Wifi.
  • Good battery life.
  • Remote control.

There’s also Sony which offers wifi connectivity with their cameras and generally better low light performance despite being priced similarly or higher than competitors like Xiaomi or Yi.

Which Cameras Have Higher Resolution Than GoPro?

When it comes to cameras, there are so many brands and models that it can be hard to find the right one for you. How do they compare to the GoPro where resolution is concerned.

The following are some common brands of cameras and their resolutions:

A Canon EOS 5D Mark III has an impressive 30 megapixels.

Canon PowerShot G7 X with 20 megapixels.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 IV with 20 megapixels.

Olympus TG-5 with 12 megapixels.

GoPro Alternative – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions when it comes to GoPro alternatives and your action camera choice.

What Is The Best Alternative To GoPro?

If you’re looking for an alternative to GoPro, then take a look at the various cameras we have featured here. Every action camera we’ve mentioned is worth a look.

These cameras come with 4K resolution and are capable of shooting up to 240 frames per second. They also shoot in 1080p at 120fps which is perfect for slow-motion shots!

These action cameras also come with a great built-in mic so your sound will be as good as your video quality!

Who Is GoPro’s Biggest Competitor?

GoPro, one of the most popular and well-known brands in action cameras, has a competitor that is steadily gaining ground on them.

Sony’s Action Cam is a camera dedicated to capturing high-quality video while being small enough to be worn or mounted anywhere.

GoPro’s biggest competitors are companies such as Sony with their Action Cam line and Panasonic with their 4K camcorder which have been growing at an exponential rate over the last few years.

Is Akaso Better Than GoPro?

It’s no secret that Akaso is the new kid on the block when it comes to action cameras.

They have been in business for a few years now, but their cameras are still not as well-known as some of the more established ones like GoPro.

But while they may be less well-known, what they lack in reputation they make up for with affordability and features.

Is The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 As Good As The GoPro?

The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is an alternative to a GoPro. It’s not as expensive, but it does lack some features.

The Garmin Virb lacks the ability to shoot in 4K or take photos while recording video. It also doesn’t have a touchscreen and no waterproof case for underwater use, which the GoPro has both of those features.

The big differences between them are that they can shoot different types of videos, like time-lapse or burst shots with 24 frames per second versus 30fps respectively on the Garmin side and 60fps on the GoPro side.

Ultimately it’s up to you what you need your camera for!

Is Osmo Action Better Than GoPro?

GoPro is a brand that has been around for a while now and there are many people who have grown to love the company’s products.

Osmo Action is also a great product made by another household name, DJI. So which one of these two is better?

Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses but this article will make an attempt at breaking down the different features of both so you can decide which one suits your needs best!

Is Akaso As Good As GoPro?

In the past few years, Akaso has been on a tear. They’ve launched new products and expanded their line up to include different categories of electronics like dash cams and drones.

But one thing that they’re not currently doing is making cameras, which is where GoPro comes in.

Akaso has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to take over GoPro’s spot as the top camera company. To start with, let’s look at each company’s history:

– Akaso was founded in 2015 by two former Apple engineers.

– GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman.

– The first product from Akaso was its AHD4K Dashcam released in 2016.

Is The Akaso v50 As Good As GoPro?

The Akaso v50 has gained popularity over the years. With its low price point, many people are wondering if the Akaso v50 might be better than GoPro.

Many of these individuals have found that they cannot justify paying more for a name brand when the quality isn’t any better.

We think the GoPro still has the edge, but if you’re on a tight budget, this Akaso might be the camera for you.

Budget Gopro – Is There A Cheaper Alternative To GoPro?

Yes, many of the cameras we’ve featured in this guide come in at price points cheaper than the GoPro.

Anytime you look at a budget GoPro, you should measure it strictly against the requirements we’ve outlined in this guide.

Is GoPro Coming Out With Anything New?

In the past few years, GoPro has been dominating the market with their innovative products. But for the first time in a while, there’s no new product on the horizon to look forward to – at least not yet.

I would expect that to change soon, though, as GoPro are constantly innovating and releasing new action camera products.

Which Is The Best Akaso Action Camera?

Akaso action cameras are an excellent choice for those who want to use their camera as a dashcam.

Akaso manufactures and sells many different types of action cameras, so it can be hard to figure out which one is the best.

Right now, we believe it’s the Akaso Brave 4.

Akaso recently released the A5 action camera in an attempt to compete with the GoPro Hero.

This new product is a 4k, 12MP, and ƒ/2.8 lens that can be used for capturing photos or videos underwater up to 40 meters deep.

The Akaso has some other features as well, such as a 2 inch touchscreen display screen on the back of the camera. This makes it easier to frame shots and navigate menus while also giving you access to all your basic settings including video resolution and field of view among others.

This cool device will cost you a reasonable amount of money depending on where you purchase it from but is perfect if you want something less expensive than a GoPro!

What Is The Best Affordable Action Camera?

Action cameras are a great way to capture your adventures and share them with the world. But which camera should you buy? If you’re on a budget, then don’t worry because I have you covered!

The Yi Camera 4K Action Camera is a great affordable action camera.

What Is The Best Action Camera For Under $100?

The best action camera for under $100 is the Akaso EK7000 4k Action Camera.

The camera includes a 2 inch LCD screen and has 1080p video at 60 frames per second. The camera can also take 12-megapixel photos in RAW or JPEG format with burst shots of up to 30 pictures per second.

It features an electronic image stabilization that compensates for vibrations, and built-in Wi-Fi so you can control it from your phone. It’s waterproof up to 40 meters without any additional housing needed.

It also comes with a remote control that lets you adjust settings while filming if desired, as well as different mounts so you have many options for mounting it on various objects such as bicycles, helmets, cars etc

Is GoPro Really Worth It?

GoPro cameras are one of the most popular choices for videographers today.

They’re like mini-cameras that can be easily attached to helmets, bikes, or surfboards so you don’t have to lug around a large camera. But is GoPro really worth it?

I say yes. However, as we’ve covered in this article, there are times when you might want to invest in a different action camera model.

A lot of people may think that GoPros are just expensive toys, but in reality, they’re really useful tools for filming sports or outdoor activities like mountain climbing without having a heavy camera strapped to your back or helmet.

You probably won’t be able to take as high-quality videos, but if you just want something small and lightweight then this is perfect for you!

Are Cheap GoPros Any Good?

In the past few years, technology has made a huge leap in quality. Cameras are now even cheaper and more advanced than ever before.

The GoPro camera is one of those cameras that has seen such incredible growth and change over the years. These days, you can buy a GoPro for less than $100!

One question people often ask me when I talk about my career as an underwater videographer is “Is a budget GoPro any good?” My answer to them is always: Yes, they’re actually really great!

Best GoPro Alternative – In Summary

As you can see, when it comes to choosing the right GoPro alternative, there’s a huge variety of awesome cameras out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them.

We’ve covered a range of the best GoPro alternatives in 2021 here. There are, of course, a few elements to keep in mind when making your purchasing decision. Let’s recap those here:

  • Good battery life is key for on the run shooting.
  • 4K 30fps.
  • Built in WiFi is always super handy.
  • Multi degree wide angle lens for varied shooting.
  • An LCD screen.
  • Compatible with a range of mounts and accessories.

The best GoPro alternative in 2021 is the one that meets your needs.

If you’re looking for a camera with high-quality video, go with a cam like the Sony Action Cam FDR X3000R or Garmin Virb Ultra 30.

Want something more versatile? Try either the YI 4K+ or Yi Lite Camera which are both also excellent options if you don’t have much money to spend and want advanced features without breaking the bank.

Finally, if you need something small and discreet that’s not limited by memory space, there’s no better option than our favorite little guy -the tiny Olympus TG-Tracker!

Whatever your criteria maybe when it comes to finding the perfect next-level cam for you, we

Be mindful of what you’re looking for as a filmmaker and what you need during your productions to ensure you’re investing your budget in the right equipment for you.

We hope you’ve found this article covering the best GoPro alternatives helpful in making a purchasing decision.

Whilst we endorse all of these action cameras, the best GoPro alternative is very likely in the eye of the beholder.

What is your favorite alternative to the GoPro? Drop us a message in the comments section below.

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