Quasar lights have become a game-changer in the dynamic world of film production. Renowned for their versatility and efficiency, these lights are a must-have tool for filmmakers seeking to elevate their visual storytelling.

This comprehensive guide takes a look into the essence of Quasar lights, exploring their functionality, unique features, and practical applications in film production.

Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or a budding enthusiast, understanding the potential of Quasar lights can significantly enhance your production’s aesthetic and technical quality.


quasar lights

What Are quasar lights In Film Production?

In the realm of film production, Quasar lights stand out as a revolutionary lighting solution.

Their advanced technology allows for a wide range of color temperatures and brightness levels, making them ideal for various cinematic settings.

Unlike traditional lighting equipment, Quasar lights offer unparalleled flexibility and ease of use, enabling filmmakers to achieve their desired mood and atmosphere with precision.

They are not just lighting equipment; they are tools for creative expression, helping to bring the filmmaker’s vision to life with clarity and depth.



What Are Quasar Science Lights?

Quasar Science lights are a specific brand within the broader category of Quasar lights, renowned for their cutting-edge technology and quality.

These lights are designed with the needs of modern film production in mind, offering features such as LED technology, color accuracy, and energy efficiency.

Quasar Science lights have become a staple in film sets due to their reliability and the superior control they offer over the lighting environment.

Their use extends beyond just illumination, contributing significantly to the overall visual narrative of a film.

They can be used as key lights, fill lights, or backlights. Most often you will see them mounted to something via a suction cup or some other means of mounting.


1. Quasar Science Q-LED R Rainbow Linear LED Lamps

Design and Build

Quasar Science’s Q-LED R Rainbow Linear LED Lamps are a testament to innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with LED lighting.

At first glance, the linear design stands out, offering a unique form factor that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

This design enables a broader spread of light, ideal for situations requiring uniform illumination.

Crafted with a focus on durability, the lamps are encased in a sturdy housing that promises longevity, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of both studio and on-location shoots.

Performance and Light Quality

The Q-LED R Rainbow’s performance is nothing short of spectacular. Beyond the standard bi-color range, these lamps offer a full RGB spectrum, unlocking a myriad of creative possibilities.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle hue or a bold color splash, the Q-LED R Rainbow delivers with precision.

The color rendition is top-notch, with a high CRI ensuring that subjects are showcased in their truest colors.

Additionally, the lamp’s dimming capabilities, combined with its vast color range, allow for intricate mood and atmosphere crafting, vital for narrative storytelling.

User Experience and Control

Quasar Science has placed significant emphasis on ensuring the user experience is seamless.

The Q-LED R Rainbow comes with intuitive onboard controls, allowing for quick adjustments.

Additionally, the lamps can be controlled remotely, a feature that becomes invaluable when they’re placed in hard-to-reach positions.

The linear design, apart from its lighting benefits, also allows for easy rigging and integration into diverse setups, from music videos with elaborate sets to intimate interview settings.

The Quasar Science Q-LED R Rainbow Linear LED Lamps redefine what’s possible with LED lighting.

Combining a unique design with unparalleled performance and versatility, they are a dream come true for filmmakers and photographers striving for creative excellence.


In a world where lighting plays a pivotal role in storytelling, the Q-LED R Rainbow ensures that artists have the right tool to weave their narratives compellingly.

For those in pursuit of the perfect light, both in terms of aesthetics and performance, the Quasar Science offering is hard to overlook.

2. Quasar Science Q-LED T8 30W 120V Dimmable Lamp

Design and Build

Quasar Science’s commitment to crafting state-of-the-art lighting tools shines through in the Q-LED T8 30W 120V Dimmable Lamp.

With a minimalist yet highly functional design, this lamp is indicative of the brand’s emphasis on merging aesthetics with performance.

The T8’s sleek tubular structure is not only visually appealing but is also ergonomically designed for ease of use in diverse settings.

Made with high-quality materials, the lamp promises durability and resilience, catering to the dynamic demands of both indoor and outdoor shoots.

Performance and Light Quality

Performance is paramount when it comes to the Q-LED T8. Emitting a soft, diffused light, this lamp is particularly suited for scenarios demanding a natural and flattering illumination.

Its 30W output provides ample brightness, ensuring that subjects are lit adequately. One of the standout features of this lamp is its dimming capability.

With smooth dimming options, filmmakers and photographers have granular control over the light intensity, allowing them to craft the desired ambiance with precision.

Furthermore, with its high CRI, the Q-LED T8 ensures color accuracy, reproducing subjects in their authentic shades.


Ease of Use and Versatility

The Q-LED T8’s user experience is thoughtfully crafted. Installation is straightforward, and its compatibility with most standard non-shunted T8 lamp holders adds to its versatility.

The fact that it’s dimmable directly without the need for an external ballast or controller makes it a preferred choice for many professionals.

This ease of use, combined with its lightweight design, makes the Q-LED T8 an invaluable asset on set, be it for quick-paced documentary shoots or meticulously planned studio projects.

In the Q-LED T8 30W 120V Dimmable Lamp, Quasar Science has delivered a lighting tool that seamlessly blends simplicity with top-tier performance.

For those in the creative field looking for reliable, high-quality lighting without the fuss of complex setups, the Q-LED T8 emerges as a clear frontrunner.

Its combination of stellar light quality, ease of use, and durable build makes it a worthy investment for both budding enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

In essence, it encapsulates what Quasar Science stands for – cutting-edge lighting solutions that empower creators to bring their visions to life.

3. Quasar Science Crossfade LED Tube Light

Design and Build

The Quasar Science Crossfade LED Tube Light brings a fresh perspective to lighting solutions with its innovative design.

Immediately striking is its tubular form factor, which manages to be both sleek and robust.

Built with the rigors of professional use in mind, the Crossfade LED Tube is encased in a sturdy shell that promises long-term durability.

Its lightweight nature ensures ease of handling, and the streamlined design means it can be integrated seamlessly into a variety of shooting environments.

Performance and Light Quality

When it comes to performance, the Crossfade LED Tube Light truly shines.

The name “Crossfade” alludes to its capability to seamlessly transition between varying color temperatures.

With a range from a warm tungsten 2000K to a crisp daylight 6000K, this light offers filmmakers and photographers an impressive spectrum to work with. The transition is smooth, ensuring no abrupt shifts in color temperature.

With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), it guarantees true-to-life color representation, ensuring that every shot captures the richness and vibrancy of its subjects.

User-Friendly Features and Flexibility

The Quasar Science Crossfade LED Tube Light has been crafted keeping the end-user in mind.

Its intuitive controls make adjustments a breeze, allowing for quick changes on the go. The tube’s design offers a level of flexibility that traditional lights can’t match.

Whether you’re looking to rig it overhead, mount it vertically, or even use it handheld, the Crossfade LED Tube adapts effortlessly.

Its compatibility with a range of power sources, from battery operation to AC power, further enhances its versatility, making it suitable for both studio setups and on-location shoots.

The Quasar Science Crossfade LED Tube Light stands out as a beacon of innovation in the realm of professional lighting.

It delivers not only in terms of impeccable light quality but also offers a level of versatility that creative professionals will appreciate.

Whether you’re a filmmaker aiming to craft the perfect scene or a photographer looking to illuminate a subject just right, the Crossfade LED Tube is a tool that promises reliability and excellence.

In a market teeming with lighting solutions, the Crossfade LED Tube, with its blend of performance and design, makes a compelling case for itself.

4. Quasar Science Q-LED X 7′ Crossfade Linear Lamp

Design and Build

The Quasar Science Q-LED X 7′ Crossfade Linear Lamp, with its elongated form factor, is a testament to how far LED lighting has come in both aesthetics and functionality.

The 7-foot length isn’t just for show; it offers widespread, even illumination, making it particularly suited for scenarios requiring consistent light over larger areas.

The lamp’s build quality is impeccable, designed to stand up to the rigors of demanding shoots, both in studios and challenging outdoor locations.

Its sleek profile ensures it doesn’t intrude visually, making it an excellent choice for both background and foreground placement.

Performance and Light Quality

The standout feature of the Q-LED X 7′ is undoubtedly its “Crossfade” capability, allowing users to transition smoothly between different color temperatures.

The range is impressive, moving from the warmth of tungsten to the clear, cool tones of daylight.

This adaptability means that the lamp can be employed in varied shooting conditions, matching natural light or creating a distinct ambiance as needed.

With an outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI), the lamp ensures that subjects are represented in true, vivid colors, capturing every nuance.

Operational Flexibility

Quasar Science has always prioritized user-friendliness, and the Q-LED X 7′ is no exception.

The controls are intuitive, designed for quick adjustments, catering to the fast-paced nature of modern filmmaking and photography.

The lamp’s linear design, combined with its lightweight nature, offers unique rigging possibilities.

It can be suspended, mounted vertically, or even laid horizontally, providing creatives with multiple lighting angles and setups.

Moreover, its compatibility with varied power sources ensures that the light remains versatile across studio and field settings.

The Quasar Science Q-LED X 7′ Crossfade Linear Lamp exemplifies the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of LED lighting.

Offering a blend of design elegance, superior light quality, and operational versatility, it emerges as an indispensable tool for serious visual artists.

For those seeking a lighting solution that does more than just illuminate – one that enhances, adapts, and elevates the visual narrative – the Q-LED X 7′ is a worthy contender.

Its presence in any setup underscores a commitment to quality, detail, and creative vision.

5. Quasar Science Q-LED Lithium Ion Battery LED Lamp

Design and Portability

Stepping into the realm of battery-powered lighting, the Quasar Science Q-LED Lithium Ion Battery LED Lamp showcases a marriage of innovation and convenience.

The unit sports a sleek and compact design, embodying minimalism without compromising on functionality.

Its lightweight nature, coupled with the in-built lithium-ion battery, promises portability like few other LED lamps on the market.

This design consideration not only makes transportation easier but also ensures quick setups and breakdowns, a boon for on-the-move productions.

Performance and Light Quality

The core strength of the Q-LED Lithium Ion Battery LED Lamp lies in its performance.

The LED emits a pure and consistent light, essential for accurate color representation in both photography and videography.

Its adjustable color temperature range gives creators the freedom to match ambient lighting conditions or create specific moods.

The high Color Rendering Index (CRI) ensures that colors remain true to life, capturing every nuance of the subject.

Furthermore, the lamp boasts an impressive battery life, minimizing the need for frequent recharging during extended shoots.

Versatility and User Experience

Beyond its technical specifications, the Q-LED Lithium Ion Battery LED Lamp truly stands out when it comes to versatility.

Being battery-powered, it liberates the user from the constraints of power outlets, offering greater flexibility in terms of placement and movement.

This feature proves invaluable for outdoor shoots or locations with limited access to power.

The lamp’s controls are intuitive, designed for both seasoned professionals and novices.

Quasar Science has also equipped the lamp with safety features, ensuring that the lithium-ion battery operates efficiently without overheating.

The Quasar Science Q-LED Lithium Ion Battery LED Lamp is a testament to the brand’s forward-thinking approach.

In an industry where mobility and flexibility are paramount, this lamp emerges as a top-tier choice for those unwilling to compromise on quality.

Whether you’re a filmmaker capturing candid moments in remote locations or a photographer seeking the perfect light in dynamic environments, this lamp is poised to be a reliable companion.

In the vast landscape of LED lighting, the Q-LED Lithium Ion Battery LED Lamp by Quasar Science carves its niche, underpinned by innovation, performance, and user-centric design.

6. Quasar Science Q-LED Lamps with Switch

Design and Functionality

The Quasar Science Q-LED Lamps with Switch bring to the table a harmonious blend of design simplicity and practicality.

At a glance, the lamp may seem minimalistic, but its features are anything but basic.

The incorporation of a switch is an intuitive addition that provides users with instant control over the lamp’s output.

The robust build of the lamp ensures it can withstand the demands of rigorous shooting schedules while maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive profile that can effortlessly fit into any shooting environment.

Performance and Light Quality

When it comes to the actual output, the Q-LED Lamps with Switch maintain Quasar Science’s reputation for impeccable light quality.

These lamps provide an even, consistent illumination that can be crucial for achieving accurate color representation and maintaining the integrity of the visual content.

With adjustable brightness settings, users can easily tailor the lamp’s output to suit varied shooting conditions, be it a dimly lit room or a brightly illuminated studio.

The high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of the lamp guarantees that colors are captured in their most genuine form, adding depth and richness to the final image.

Ease of Use and Adaptability

The true charm of the Q-LED Lamps with Switch lies in their user-centric design.

The inclusion of the switch ensures that users can easily toggle between different brightness levels, adapting to changing conditions in real-time.

This adaptability is further heightened by the lamp’s compatibility with various power sources, allowing for seamless transitions between studio and outdoor settings.

Quasar Science has also placed a premium on safety, ensuring that the lamp operates at optimal levels without any risk of overheating, even during extended use.

The Quasar Science Q-LED Lamps with Switch, while seemingly understated, pack a punch in terms of performance, adaptability, and user experience.

These lamps are an embodiment of Quasar Science’s commitment to delivering products that cater to the evolving needs of the visual arts community.

For professionals and enthusiasts alike, these lamps offer a reliable lighting solution that can enhance and elevate their creative endeavors.

In the vast world of lighting equipment, the Q-LED Lamps with Switch stand out as a beacon of quality, simplicity, and efficiency.

7. Quasar Science Q-Lion Lithium Ion Lamp Set

Stepping up the game in portable lighting solutions, we’ve got the Quasar Science Q-Lion Lithium Ion Lamp Set.

This kit is a filmmaker’s portable studio dream, packing versatility and efficiency into each lamp.

Designed with mobility in mind, these lamps free us from the confines of cords and power sources.

They’re instrumental in shoots that require swift movement and adept changes in lighting, especially in remote locations.

Equipped with powerful built-in lithium-ion batteries, Q-Lions boast an impressive runtime.

They also feature a magnetic base, which offers creative freedom to affix lighting in unconventional places, illuminating scenes like never before.

Notable features of the Q-Lion set include – – High output with a range of dimming options

  • Color temperature versatility from 3000K to 5600K
  • Easy mounting with a magnetic base
  • Robust construction, built to withstand the rigors of on-site use

What sets this series apart is its inherent adaptability.

Whether we’re looking to enhance a cozy indie film set or bring to life a complex commercial shoot, the Q-Lion lamps deliver with their capability to switch between various color temperatures rapidly.

The diffusion options available with the Q-Lion series further enhance the quality of light.

Soft, even, and without hotspots, it’s ideal for cinematography that demands a gentle and naturalistic illumination.

Our experiences with the Quasar Science Q-Lion Lamp Set have shown that it’s not just about the quantity of light but the quality.

Smooth, even lighting with excellent color rendition makes these lamps a staple in achieving professional cinematic look.

Ease of use is another big plus with Q-Lions.

The battery status indicator ensures we’re always prepared, and their USB-C charging is a nod to contemporary convenience.

Overall, the Quasar Science Q-Lion Lamp Set stands out as a tool for filmmakers.

It’s a luminary ally that adapts to our dynamic needs, capturing scenes in their best light wherever we go.

8. Quasar Science Q50R RGBX Rainbow 2′ LED Lamp

The Quasar Science Q50R RGBX Rainbow 2′ LED Lamp breaks ground as the ultimate tool in a filmmaker’s lighting repertoire.

It integrates RGBX technology, which provides an extensive color palette, giving us the creative freedom to produce any hue or shade our scene may call for.

With its slim profile, it fits into the most intricate of sets and is particularly useful when space is at a premium.

The lamp generates a broad spectrum of vivid colors and bright whites, making it indispensable for crafting unique atmospheres and moods in our narratives.

The Rainbow 2′ LED Lamp stands out with these key features –

  • Full-color spectrum capabilities
  • High color rendering index (CRI) and tunable whites

Ease of control is one of its defining characteristics; it’s compatible with DMX systems and can be fine-tuned with precision.

We’ve found this to be a lifesaver for on-the-fly adjustments during intense shooting schedules.

Durability is another hallmark of the Q50R.

It’s built to withstand the rigorous demands of film sets, ensuring long-term reliability.

Having gear that’s both flexible and robust is vital for us as we move from set to set, often under diverse and challenging conditions.

The Q50R is more than just a light source; it’s a dynamic tool that shapes visual storytelling.

Whether we’re looking to simulate the golden hour or a moody, neon-lit street, this lamp has us covered.

It’s about syncing our creative vision with practical execution, and the Quasar Science Q50R does just that.

Beyond set use, it’s proven its value in location work, where controlling natural light can be unpredictable.

The battery option expands our capabilities, allowing us to light scenes even in remote locations without power access.

Our expeditions into the field are more productive with this lamp in our kit.

Indeed, the Rainbow 2′ LED Lamp by Quasar is an excellent example of technology meeting artistry.

When we need to alter a setting instantly or apply nuanced light effects, this LED lamp is our go-to instrument for transforming the visual narrative.

9. Quasar Science Q-LED – Q5 5W 7″ Q-Lion Lithium Ion

In the realm of compact lighting, the Quasar Science Q-LED – Q5 5W 7″ Q-Lion Lithium Ion lamp stands out for its exceptional combination of size and power.

We’ve found it to be an indispensable tool, especially when filming in tight or unconventional spaces.

Its slender profile and minimal power requirement make it a top choice for filmmakers who need to quickly add a touch of light without disrupting the scene.

The lamp’s built-in lithium-ion battery ensures that we’re always ready to shoot, no matter where our projects take us.

One of the Q5’s most impressive features is its versatility.

With a choice of mounting options and lightweight design, we’ve effortlessly integrated it into our existing setups.

The brightness and color temperature controls allow us to fine-tune the lighting to match the mood of each shot.

Besides, the Quasar Science Q-LED Q5 promises durability that belies its delicate appearance:

  • Built to withstand the demands of on-location shoots
  • Designed to offer consistent performance time and time again

For those lengthy days on set, the lamp’s efficient power consumption and USB charging capability are lifesavers.

We’re often able to use the lamp continuously without worrying about running out of power or the need for bulky external batteries.

With the Quasar Science Q5, we’ve seen firsthand how a single, small light can have a big impact on the visual narrative.

Its ease of use and reliable output have cemented its place as a go-to light in our filmmaking toolkit.

10. Quasar Science Q-LED Lamps with Polarized Pins

As we jump further into the diverse Quasar Science lighting lineup, we’re highlighting a nifty feature that filmmakers will surely appreciate – polarized pins in their Q-LED lamps.

These specialized pins ensure that electrical connections are consistent, providing an extra layer of safety and reliability for on-set lighting.

The introduction of polarized pins within the Quasar Science Q-LED range brings a new degree of precision to set operations.

Polarized pins prevent reverse insertion, which is essential when dealing with multiple fixtures and complex wiring systems commonly found in film sets.

With this innovation, the lamps safeguard not only our equipment but also our creative process.

It’s easier and faster to set up lights without second-guessing plug orientations, letting us focus on the narrative we’re crafting.

What’s more, the hassle-free setup complements the fast-paced environment of indie filmmaking and tight production schedules.

Given that these Q-LED lamps are used across a breadth of scenarios, including both studio and on-location shoots, the standardization of polarized pins across the Quasar range is a welcomed feature.

This uniformity means:

  • Less time spent on technical setups
  • Reduced risk of electrical issues
  • Improved compatibility with diverse electrical systems

Ensuring that these facets of filmmaking are streamlined and secure allows us to allocate more time towards achieving the perfect shot.

It’s details like polarized pins that exemplify Quasar Science’s dedication to providing practical, innovative solutions for filmmakers.

11. Quasar Science Q25R RGBX Rainbow 1′ LED Lamp

The Quasar Science Q25R RGBX Rainbow 1′ LED Lamp packs a ton of features in a compact form.

Ideal for tight spaces and portable setups, it’s a versatile tool that adds depth to any scene.

With its RGBX technology, the Q25R allows us to paint with light, offering a full spectrum of color possibilities.

This slim yet robust fixture can be the difference-maker when we’re aiming to create a specific mood or style.

Versatility in power options is a crucial component of the Q25R – it operates with ease on set, powered either by traditional AC connections or via battery.

This dual power ability guarantees we’re not left in the dark during the most crucial moments of production.

Among the several attributes that make the Q25R an indispensable addition to our lighting arsenal, some include:

  • Precise color rendering for authentic and vivid on-screen colors
  • Smooth dimming capabilities that range from an intense glare to a gentle glow

Its ease of integration with DMX controllers makes the Q25R a stellar choice for dynamic lighting sequences.

This seamless integration empowers us with the ability to make quick adjustments, ensuring that our workflow remains uninterrupted.

The Q25R also brings a new edge to our lighting with its compatibility across various sets and environments.

Whether we’re filming indoors or out in the open, this lamp is ready to face the challenge head-on.

When crafting intricate lighting setups or needing to move swiftly from one location to the next, the Q25R serves as a reliable workhorse.

Its durability ensures it can endure the rigorous demands of on-the-go filmmaking.

In each of our projects, we notice the Q25R’s contribution to the overall visual narrative; it’s a tool that allows us to sculpt light in ways that elevate our storytelling.

With its compact size yet tremendous output, it consistently proves to be a fundamental piece of our creative vision.

12. Quasar Science Q-LED Q15 15W 12″ Q-Lion Lithium Ion

The Quasar Science Q-LED Q15 is a meticulously designed lamp that ensures filmmakers have the concise control they need for precision lighting.

Its 12-inch length is packed with a robust 15W that delivers a powerful performance in a compact form, making it a staple in our lighting toolkit.

This model features the built-in lithium-ion battery technology, which we’ve found to be a real game-changer for on-location shoots where power access is limited.

The ability to quickly move the light around without the hassle of cables or external batteries allows for smooth transitions between scenes and shots.

With the Q15, we’ve noticed an incredible color fidelity which is essential when capturing the true essence of our subjects.

The following are some key specifications that stand out:

  • Brightness control that ranges from subtle to intense
  • A variable color temperature for diverse lighting conditions

It also includes a magnetic base, just like its Q-Lion counterparts, which vastly increases mounting options – a feature that’s particularly useful when we are working in unconventional or confined spaces.

Besides, Quasar Science’s attention to detail with safety features, such as the polarized pins, gives us extra peace of mind.

We’ve been able to rely on consistent electrical connections, which means less worrying about technical issues and more focus on our creative vision.

Its durability isn’t just a claim; it’s been tested by us in the field, from bustling city streets to quiet indoor sets.

The Q15 thrives in a multitude of environmental conditions, ensuring our production doesn’t skip a beat.

The versatility of the Quasar Science Q-LED Q15 is evident in its application across various filming scenarios.

Whether it’s for subtle accent lighting or as a key light in a compact setup, it has proven itself to be an indispensable tool in our filmmaking endeavors.

13. Quasar Science Q10R RGBX Rainbow 10″ LED Lamp

As ambitious filmmakers, we’re always on the lookout for equipment that brings our creative visions to life.

The Quasar Science Q10R RGBX Rainbow 10″ LED Lamp does just that, providing a splash of color and quality to any production.

Its design embodies a blend of compactness and power, perfect for those seeking to maximize their lighting effects without compromising on space.

What makes the Q10R stand out is its advanced RGBX technology.

This allows for a vast spectrum of color possibilities, delivering the flexibility to craft the exact mood and tone needed for a scene.

The lamp’s 10-inch length is packed with robust capabilities, including:

  • A color rendering index (CRI) above 95 for exceptional color fidelity
  • A wide beam angle that ensures even light distribution

The Quasar Science Q10R is a testament to the concept of ‘small but mighty’.

In our experience, it has seamlessly fitted into cramped spaces and easily integrated with existing setups.

Its durability makes it a reliable companion for outdoor shoots or fast-paced, on-set environments.

Operating with ease under battery power, the Q10R illuminates remote locations without a hitch.

This lamp isn’t just about brightening a set: it’s about ushering in an era of portability and adaptability that’s imperative for modern filmmaking.

Plus, the built-in battery means we’re freed from the constraints of cords and power outlets.

This model’s simplicity is its superpower.

We find that the dimming capabilities and control over color temperature allow for quick on-set adjustments.

It’s a game-changer when time is of the essence and quality cannot be compromised.

The Quasar Science Q10R RGBX Rainbow 10″ LED Lamp enriches our palette of lighting tools.

Its size defies its strength, and with each use, it proves itself an undeniable asset for projects ranging from indie films to commercial shoots.

Its ease of use and superior output have earned its spot as a staple within our lighting kit.

14. Quasar Science Q20R RGBX Rainbow 2′ LED Lamp

As we journey further into the realm of lighting technology, Quasar Science introduces the Q20R RGBX Rainbow 2′ LED Lamp.

This lighting solution infuses projects with vivid color, thanks to its full spectrum RGBX capabilities.

With its impressive CRI of over 95, the Q20R promises accurate color rendition that’s vital in realizing our creative vision.

It’s a workhorse that doesn’t skimp on quality whether on a tight indie set or a bustling commercial production.

The Q20R offers:

  • Balanced light spread with its wide beam angle
  • Dimming without color shift, providing us with absolute control

The lamp operates flawlessly with battery power, delivering consistent performance that’s indispensable when shooting in remote locations.

Its portability and adaptability are why it’s one of the top choices for filmmakers on the go.

Streamlined compatibility with DMX controls aids in seamless integration into any filming setup.

This allows for real-time lighting adjustments, a boon in situations where timing and flexibility are paramount to production efficiency.

Quasar Science Q20R caters to both the aesthetic and practical aspects of our lighting needs.

It’s an essential part of our kit, proving its value time and again, no matter the complexity of the scene.

How To Use Quasar Lights?

Using Quasar lights effectively requires an understanding of both their technical capabilities and the artistic nuances of lighting in film.

These lights can be mounted in various ways, providing both key lighting and accent illumination.

Their dimmable and color-changing features enable filmmakers to quickly adapt to different shooting conditions without compromising the visual quality.

To maximize their potential, it’s essential to experiment with positioning, intensity, and color temperature, aligning these elements with the creative vision of the project.

How Long Does A Quasar Light Last?

One of the many advantages of Quasar lights is their longevity. These LED-based lights are not only energy-efficient but also durable, with a lifespan significantly longer than traditional film lighting.

The average lifespan of a Quasar light can vary based on usage and maintenance, but typically, these lights can last for many years, making them a cost-effective investment for both independent filmmakers and large production studios.

Their durability, combined with the minimal maintenance required, ensures that Quasar lights remain a reliable choice for various filming projects.

How Long Do LED Light Bulbs Last?

LED light bulbs are celebrated for their exceptional longevity, a key factor that sets them apart from traditional lighting options.

On average, an LED bulb can last anywhere between 25,000 to 50,000 hours, significantly outperforming incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

This translates to years, even decades, of use before a replacement is needed, depending on the frequency and conditions of usage.

This durability is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, reducing waste and the frequency of replacements.

How Do You Mount Quasar Tubes?

Mounting Quasar tubes is a testament to their versatility in film production. These tubes can be attached using a variety of methods, depending on the desired lighting effect and the constraints of the filming location.

Common techniques include using standard light stands, clamping them to various surfaces, or even attaching them to the ceiling for overhead lighting.

Specialized mounts and clamps designed for Quasar tubes are also available, providing secure and adjustable options for precise lighting setups.

Quasar Lights Are Quasars Dimmable?

A significant advantage of Quasar lights is their dimmability, allowing for precise control over light intensity.

This feature is crucial in film production, where subtle variations in lighting can dramatically alter the mood and atmosphere of a scene.

Quasar lights can be dimmed smoothly without any flickering or changes in color temperature, ensuring a consistent quality of light.

This capability enables filmmakers to create the exact visual tone they need, from soft, ambient lighting to intense, focused beams.

Quasar Lights Photometrics

Quasar lights’ photometrics are a key aspect of their appeal. Photometrics refers to the measurement of light intensity and distribution.

Quasar lights are designed to provide a uniform and consistent light output, with a broad range of color temperatures.

Their high Color Rendering Index (CRI) ensures that colors are accurately and vividly represented on camera.

Understanding the photometric data of Quasar lights helps filmmakers make informed decisions about the right lighting for their specific shooting requirements.

Quasar Lights Specifications

The specifications of Quasar lights encompass a range of features that make them ideal for film production.

These include various color temperature ranges, high CRI values, adjustable brightness levels, and energy efficiency.

Quasar lights are available in different sizes and shapes, catering to diverse filming needs.

Their LED technology not only provides quality lighting but also ensures low heat emission, making them safer and more comfortable to work with on set.

They come with a 3 years warranty and an extra 3 years of power supply support. They are made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is the main structure material for Quasar Lights.

This material is corrosion-resistant, which is essential for outdoor use in moist weather conditions in different climates. The surface of the light reflects light in a unique way to enhance its brightness by 30%.

It also enables it to produce a better color rendering index (CRI) than other conventional light bulbs have.

CRI is an international standard that measures how well a light source reproduces the colors of objects that appear white under it compared to the same objects under natural daylight.

Quasar Lights – Wrapping Up

Quasar lights represent a significant advancement in film lighting technology. Their longevity, versatility, and quality of light make them an invaluable asset in the filmmaker’s toolkit.

Whether it’s their ease of mounting, dimmable capabilities, impressive photometrics, or detailed specifications, Quasar lights offer a solution to a wide range of lighting challenges in film production.

As the industry continues to evolve, the adaptability and efficiency of Quasar lights will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cinematic lighting.


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