LED stands for light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor that emits light when an electric current passes through it.

Like other diodes, it has two electrodes and a small amount of semiconductor material inside.

The semiconductor material in an LED is usually silicon or gallium arsenide (GaAs). The main difference between LEDs and other diodes is that there are no wires connecting the electrodes to the source of electrical power.

Instead, there are typically three terminals: an anode (positive), a cathode (negative), and a common terminal where all three meet.


Best LED Video Lights

What Are LED Lights?

LED lights have become the premier source of light for filmmaking. These lights offer high quality, low maintenance and long lasting performance.

They are perfect for filmmakers who are looking to add a new level of professionalism to their work.

The most important aspect of filmmaking is lighting. There is no more important factor than how well you can light your subject.

It is essential that you use the right type of light when filming anything, including interviews, documentaries and more.

With an LED light kit, you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere for your production.



The most common LEDs are in white light, but red and blue ones are available as well. LEDs can be made to emit any color of light by mixing different colors of semiconducting materials together inside the same cell.

The Basics Of LED Lights

 LED lights are a great option for your home because they use less energy, last longer and have a much lower cost than traditional lighting.

LEDs have been around for a while but they have only recently become more affordable and available to consumers.

There are two main types of LED lighting:

Ambient Lighting: These lights provide soft, natural-looking light that is not too bright and can be used through out your home. They come in many different sizes, shapes and colors so you can choose one that matches your décor or style of living.

Spotlights: These are small fixtures that you can use to highlight an area or accentuate things like artwork on display or other decorative items. They also come in multiple styles and sizes so you can find one that fits into any space you want to illuminate.


What Does LED Stand For?

 LED stands for light emitting diode. They are a type of semiconductor that produces light when current is passed through it. These diodes can be found in a variety of applications and are used in the most advanced devices today, including computers, televisions, flashlights and even Christmas lights.

The first LED was invented by Russian physicist Alexey Ivanovich Nesmeyanov in 1962. He was working on how to improve the efficiency of neon lamps at the time when he discovered how to make them brighter by passing electricity through them more than once.

The first LEDs were made from gallium arsenide (GaAs) crystals, but they had limited lifespans because of their high temperature-resistance needs. To improve their lifetime, most modern LEDs use indium phosphide (InP) crystals instead of GaAs ones because they have lower operating temperatures than GaAs ones do: InP has a maximum operating temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius while GaAs has a maximum operating temperature of 3200 degrees Celsius.

What Advantages Do LEDs Have?

LEDs use less energy than other types of lighting, which means that if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, LEDs will be a great choice. In fact, with the right bulb and fixture, you can save up to 90% on your electricity bill! And because they last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, you’ll have fewer bulbs to replace or change out in the future.

There’s no heat generated by LEDs – which means they won’t burn out as quickly as incandescent bulbs would. They also emit light in all directions, so they don’t blind people – which is an issue with traditional lights that produce light in only one direction.

Because LEDs are more efficient than traditional lighting sources, they can last much longer before needing replacement or maintenance. You can use them in areas where space is limited – like closets and under cabinets – because they’re not bulky like other types of lighting sources might be.

Incandescent bulbs tend to blow out after only a few weeks’ use due to the heat generated by their filament material; but LEDs don’t generate any heat at all!

How Does Video Lighting Work?

Video lighting is used to illuminate the subject in a scene where the primary light source is not visible. It’s also used to create mood, set a tone and add depth to your video.

Video lighting can be used alone or in conjunction with other types of lighting such as natural light, flash or studio lights. Video lighting can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

For example, you might have a beautiful landscape shot taken outside but then add some video lights to create an indoor scene with just the right amount of ambient light.

Video lights are available in many different shapes and sizes including soft boxes, Kino Flo fixtures, Elinchrom fixtures and more. Each type of light has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, soft boxes create pleasing shadows while Kino Flo fixtures provide a brighter fill light that highlights facial features.

The CMYK, Or Four-Color, Model

In the printing world, we refer to the four-color model as “CMYK.” This stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The CMYK model is used in most print production today.

In a four-color process, each color is typically represented by a separate ink. Inks are then applied to paper using different devices or techniques depending on the desired results. Common methods include:

The process generally starts with an application of one ink (usually black) to the substrate (paper or other support). This can be done using either a rotary press or a digital printer.

It’s then followed by applications of two other inks (cyan and magenta), which are applied through different means depending on the desired result.

For example, if you want your product to look more vibrant and vibrant, you will likely use both an offset press and digital printer at the same time to achieve this effect.

Finally comes an application of a third ink (magenta), which is then overlaid onto the previous two colors using a similar technique as described above with regards to the cyan and black layers (printing).

The RGB Color Model

The RGB Color Model is the standard used to describe colors in digital imaging. It is the most commonly used color model, and is used in most computer displays and printers.

The RGB color model describes colors using three components: red, green, and blue. Each of these components can be thought of as a single point on a color wheel. A circle around each point represents that component’s brightness or lightness.

If you’re familiar with the RGB colorspace, you may find it useful to think of these three points as representing different shades of gray — not just pure red, green, or blue.

For example, if we start at 0° on the color wheel (which represents no light), we move clockwise around the circle until we reach 360° (which represents perfect pure white). At 0° and 360° are two different shades of gray: one dark and one light. These points represent opposite ends of our color spectrum (or gamut), which spans from black to white.

Best LED Video Light Kits

LED video lights are a great way to light up your subject. They produce extremely bright, even and natural light that makes your subjects look beautiful while also making it easy to capture the perfect shot.

Here are some of the best LED video light kits available on Amazon:

The Sony HDRI-FX3000 is a durable, portable LED video light kit that can be used with many different cameras and devices. It features three different colored LEDs that can be switched between red, green and blue to create various lighting effects from warm tones to cool whites.

The kit comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transport, as well as an external battery pack for extended use on location.

The Foxy G3 LED Video Light Kit is ideal for capturing high quality footage in any situation. This kit comes with three powerful LEDs that produce over 3200 lumens of brilliant white light, which means you can shoot at night without having to worry about casting shadows on your subject or blowing out ambient light from nearby objects such as trees or buildings in the background.

This kit also features built-in color correction filters so you can adjust the white balance of your footage before shooting it using your camera’s built-in settings or

Bescor Photon LED 2-Light Kit

The Bescor Photon LED 2-Light Kit is a great choice for photographers who want to take their photography to the next level. The kit includes two Photon lights and stands, which are extremely portable and easy to use.

You can easily move them from location to location without having to worry about any problems with the equipment or the stand.

The lights themselves are extremely powerful and can deliver up to 1,200 lumens of brightness. This makes it possible for you to take photos at night without having your subjects blinded by the bright light coming from your camera.

You’ll also get some pretty amazing results when taking photos during the day as well, since these lights have a wide dynamic range that lets you capture more details in your images than most other types of lighting systems.

The stands that come with this package are also extremely durable and sturdy, making them ideal for outdoor shoots where you might be working under harsh conditions or in bad weather conditions.

The stands have 1/4 inch steel tubing that helps keep them sturdy even during heavy winds or driving rainstorms.

Bescor Photon Metal Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light with Built-in Barndoors and Digital Display - 3 Light Kit w/Light Stands & Batteries
  • Color Temperature: 3200 to 5600K
  • Color Accuracy Standard: CRI 97 at 3200KCRI 95 at 4800KCRI 96 at 5600K
  • Photometrics: 5600K: 56.4 fc / 606.9 lux at 3.28' / 1 m4800K: 51.7 fc / 556.3 lux at 3.28' / 1...
  • Dimming: Yes
  • Display: LCD

Bescor FP-312K 2-Point LED Light Kit

This Bescor FP-312K 2-Point LED Light Kit comes with two (2) 200,000 hour LED lights and a remote control. This kit is designed to fit most vehicles and will work with the Bescor HP-187 or HP-187Y 2-Point Light Kits.

The Bescor FP-312K 2-Point LED Light Kit provides a high output of light output which will allow you to see better at night.

This kit is easy to install, simply plug it in, adjust it to your desired position and turn on your headlights!

The Bescor FP-312K 2-Point LED Light Kit features a high efficiency design that uses less power and lasts longer than traditional halogen lights.

It’s also more durable than other types of headlights, so it won’t break easily or burn out quickly. That means you’ll get more use out of your purchase.

Genaray Spectro Essential 500 2-Lights

The Genaray Spectro Essential 500 2-Lights is a great addition to your home. This light fixture is designed with the aim of increasing the illumination in your home.

It is an ideal choice for those who are looking to upgrade their lighting system at an affordable cost. The unit has been designed with a modern design that will blend well with any room décor.

The Genaray Spectro Essential 500 2-Lights comes with a single light bulb that can be easily replaced when required. This ensures that you do not have to buy new bulbs every time they burn out or break down.

The unit also features an easy-to-use remote control so that you can switch on and off your lights from anywhere in the house.

This product comes with a sleek design which makes it look very attractive on your home décor. The chrome finish of this product gives it a very elegant look which will complement any room décor perfectly.

It also features a dimmer function which allows you to adjust the brightness level according to your needs.

Genaray SpectroLED Essential 500IID Daylight LED Light
  • Daylight Color: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 96
  • 13.6 x 9.25 x 2.8" Panel, Dims 0-100%
  • Beam Spread: 60 Degrees. 4790 lux at 3'
  • Multi-Voltage AC Adapter
  • Optional NP-F Battery Power

CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED Fresnel Kit

The CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED Fresnel Kit is a powerful lighting solution for any professional or home studio.

This kit includes two CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED Fresnels, a 15′ cord, two 10′ cords, a power brick and power cord, an on/off switch and an integrated fan to help cool the fixture.

The CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED Fresnel Kit provides you with enough power to illuminate your subject with bright light without having to worry about overheating or burning out your lights.

This kit is perfect for photographers who need more light than just a standard flash can provide but also want to be able to adjust the intensity of their light depending on what they’re shooting.

The CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED Fresnel Kit features high quality CREE LEDs that offer you a wide range of color temperatures from 5200K to 6500K for use in any type of photographic application.

The fixtures are made from durable aluminum construction that allows them to withstand high heat from continuous use without malfunctioning or over heating.

Came-TV Boltzen 55W COB Q-55S Fresnel Focusable Led Video Light,Bi-Color 3200K-5600K CRI96+TLCI97+Lighting Effects Foucsing Light with Filter Set Removable Barn-Door Carry Bag
  • ✈The Boltzen Q-55S High Output Video Light includes an adjustable Fresnel lens to help focus the...
  • ✈CAME-TV Boltzen Q-55S Fresnel Led Lights Enable 3200K-5600K Color Temp,dimmable 0%-100%...
  • ✈Features removable barn doors and barndoor can easily adjust the lighting direction.Filter Set...
  • ✈Multi-Power Input: 1.Accept the NP-F970/750 Battery(Not included).2.Accept V-Mount Battery(Not...
  • ✈6 Pre-Programmed Lighting Effects.Such as Bornfire,Candle Light,Lighting etc.The ideal choice for...

Dracast S-Series LED500 LED 3-Light Kit

Dracast S-Series LED500 LED 3-Light Kit is a great solution for small spaces. It’s a perfect fit for small houses, apartments and other spaces where you want to brighten up the interior.

The kit comes with three different light fixtures that are designed to work together to create a customizable light display.

With this kit, you’ll be able to illuminate your home with light without having to worry about finding an outlet or struggling with installing wiring.

The Dracast S-Series LED500 LED 3-Light Kit includes three different lights that each have their own unique features and benefits. The first light in the set is called the Starlight 3-Light Box.

It has three white LEDs that deliver a bright white light, perfect for illuminating dark areas like hallways and bedrooms at night. This fixture also has a dimmer knob on the back so you can easily adjust the brightness of your room according to your needs.

The second fixture in this kit is called the Moonrise 3-Light Box, which has two white LEDs on each side of its frame that provide soft ambient lighting during daytime hours when it’s not necessary to turn on overhead lights.

Dracast X Series Bicolor LED500 Kit - 3 Pack Includes Panel Lights, Stands, Barndoors, Travel Case | Bluetooth App Control | 3200K - 5600K LED Video Light Kit | Dimmable Lighting 0-100% | CRI TLCI 96+
  • 【3 Light Kit Including Accessories】The Dracast DRX3500BNS LED Video Light Kit includes light...
  • 【Bi-Color Adjustable Color Temperature】Easily match ambient lighting with 3200K - 5600K...
  • 【Remote Control with the Dracast DRX App】Control one or multiple lights simultaneously from over...
  • 【Dracast Build Quality and Included Accessories】Built with an anodized aluminum metal housing...
  • 【AC / DC Power Options】Plug the X Series panel into the wall using the included AC / DC power...

Genaray Contender LED Spot 3-Light Kit

The Genaray Contender LED Spot 3-Light Kit is the perfect lighting solution for any room in your home.

This kit includes three LED spotlights with a total of 1,400 lumens of brightness, which is enough to provide bright and even illumination.

Each fixture can be controlled individually or in group mode to ensure even coverage throughout your room. The three light fixtures are also equipped with multiple colors that can be adjusted by simply pressing a button on the side of each fixture.

The Contender LED Spot provides a warm, natural light that creates an inviting atmosphere and helps you relax after a long day at work or school.

It’s also ideal for use around the house, as it has eight different color settings and four different brightness levels that you can adjust easily with the touch of a button on its side.

Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light
  • Genaray Great Professional Series Compact LED Light
  • For Photo/Video, Weddings and Events, Zoom Calls and More
  • 3200-5600K Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Up to 1400 Lux Brightness at 3 ft
  • 100-10% Flicker Free Brightness Dimmer

Dracast LED1000 Pro LED 2-Light Kit

The Dracast LED1000 Pro LED 2-Light Kit is the perfect solution for any home or office. With its sleek and modern design it will blend into any room in your home.

The kit includes two 60W high intensity LEDs with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and five programmable, dimmable light settings to choose from. The built-in timer allows you to set the brightness level at which you want your lights to turn on and off at different times throughout the day for convenience or ambiance.

This innovative product is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra lighting to their home or office without having to purchase separate fixtures, as well as those who want to save energy by reducing their power consumption.

Dracast Pro Series LED1000 Daylight LED Video Light Panel with V-Mount Battery Plate
  • 【High Output, Ultra Bright 5600K Color Temperature】High output lighting for interviews, studios,...
  • 【Included Accessories】The Dracast Pro Series LED1000 Daylight LED Video Light Panel with V-Mount...
  • 【Dracast Build Quality】Built with an anodized aluminum metal housing and frame for excellent...
  • 【A/C and Battery Power Options】Plug the Pro Series panel into the wall using the included AC /...
  • 【Optional Accessories】 Dracast Pro Series LED panel lights can be outfitted with a number of...

Dracast LED2000 Kala LED 3-Light Kit

The Dracast LED2000 Kala LED 3-Light Kit combines an array of LEDs with a wide color spectrum that can be tuned for any kind of application and needs.

The kit comes with three light fixtures that are equipped with 1000 lumens of power, which means they will provide plenty of illumination for your project.

The Dracast LED2000 Kala LED 3-Light Kit comes with two strips of 22W LEDs, each strip having two 60W LEDs in it. This setup results in a total of 100W per fixture, which is more than enough to illuminate any project you want to work on.

The kit also includes an adjustable color wheel that allows you to change the color temperature from 5500K to 7000K depending on your needs. You can also adjust the color temperature manually if needed.

Each fixture has a built-in cooling fan that helps keep the LEDs running smoothly throughout their lifespan so that they don’t burn out prematurely due to overheating.

The fans are designed to operate silently so that they won’t disturb anyone working nearby but still offer plenty of cooling power for long hours of use without any issues whatsoever!

Dracast Kala Plus Series Bicolor LED2000 Kit with Injection Molded Travel Case - 3 Pack Includes Panel Lights, Stands, Barndoors, Diffusion | App Control | Travel Case | App Control | Dimmable 0-100%
  • 【3 Light Kit Including Accessories】The Dracast DRKP2000B3K LED Video Light Kit includes x3...
  • 【Remote Control with the Dracast Kala Plus App】Control one or multiple lights simultaneously...
  • 【Bi-Color Adjustable Color Temperature】Easily match ambient lighting with 2800K - 6500K...
  • 【DMX512 Input and Output】 Dracast Kala Plus comes ready for studio installation with DMX512...
  • 【0% – 100% Dimming】 Control your lights completely with flicker-free dimming from 0% output to...

ikan Lyra 1 x 1 LED Light Kit

ikan Lyra 1 x 1 LED Light Kit is a mini version of the Lyra LED light kit which is designed for use with the Ikan Mini. The kit contains all the parts needed to create a fixture that can be easily moved from one location to another and easily installed.

The LEDs in this kit are mounted on a plastic frame, with each LED being connected to an individual wire. This allows you to connect multiple lights together if desired, or connect just one light if you don’t want to use multiple fixtures in your room.

The kit comes with two pieces: the frame itself and the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket has four holes on it, allowing you to mount it on top of any surface that is at least 4 inches tall (10cm). It also comes with a screwdriver so that you can easily attach it to your wall or ceiling if necessary.

Ikan Lyra (3X) Bi-Color 3200K-5600K Soft Panel (1) 1 x 1 Studio & Field LED Lighting Kit, Includes Barn Doors, Stands and Case, Bi-Color Adjustable (LB10-3PT-KIT) - Black
  • 95 CRI Chip LEDs paired with 1/2 stop soft diffusion panel
  • Bi-Color adjustable from 3200K-5600K
  • Bright consistent light across all color temperatures
  • Beam Angle of Soft panel 110 degrees
  • Baby 5/8 inch/Junior 1-1/8 Combo Pin adaptor with right angle receiver hole

Q-LION 3×3 LITH Battery LED Kit

The Q-LION 3×3 Lithium Battery LED Kit is a pack of 3 single cell lithium batteries, each with an LED indicator. The Q-LION 3×3 Lithium Battery LED Kit is great for use in small projects or as an emergency backup power supply for your electronics.

The Q-LION 3×3 Lithium Battery LED Kit comes with three lithium batteries and a pack of ten LEDs. Each of the three lithium batteries has its own LED indicator, so you can tell at a glance how much charge each battery has left.

The LEDs are bright enough that they are visible even in daylight, but they won’t dazzle anyone’s eyes if you use them indoors at night. They’re also quite durable, so they’ll last a long time before they need replaced or replaced again.

Quasar Science Q-Lion 3x1 Lithium Ion Battery LED Kit, Software V3
  • Q20LS 24" Q-Lion Battery LEDs - Q10LS 12" Q-Lion Battery LEDs - Q5LS 5" Q-Lion Battery LEDs - 3x...
  • Battery Powered LED Lamp Features
  • Magnetic Feet
  • 3/8" Threaded Receiver
  • NEW Recessed Power Button

Westcott Flex LED Mat 2-Light Travel Kit

The Westcott Flex LED mat is a combination of three different types of light sources that can be used together or individually. It has a strong diffusion effect which results in a soft, even light source across the entire surface.

The flexible design allows you to use the light anywhere you need it, which makes it perfect for video and photography applications.

The Westcott Flex LED mat contains 2 x 10W Edison style bulbs and 2 x 1W globe bulbs in either warm or cool white color temperatures. The mat is made from plastic and has a waterproof rating of IP67, making it ideal for outdoor use.

With this kit you also receive two extra bulbs in case one burns out during use or if you want to add more lights to your setup.

Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color 1-Light Gear Kit, 1'x2'
  • COMPLETE PORTABLE LED KIT WITH OUR BEST ACCESSORIES: Includes a Flex Cine 1x2' Bi-Color 2800-6000K...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY FLEXIBLE LED PANEL WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY: Brighter than comparable flexible light...
  • NEXT GEN FLEXIBLE LED CONTROLLER: AC/DC V-Mount Dimmer with intuitive local controls, digital...
  • DYNAMIC OUTPUT & VERSATILE MOUNTING: Flex panel with up to 360-degree light spread, built-in magnets...
  • SUPERIOR ACCESSORIES FOR PRO FILMMAKING & PHOTOGRAPHY: The AC adapter powers the mat and dimmer,...

Westcott Peter Hurley Flex 4-Light Kit

The Westcott Peter Hurley Flex 4-Light Kit is a great way to add beautiful lighting to your home or office. This kit includes four 60 watt bulbs, which are compatible with most standard light fixtures.

The bulbs are designed to give off plenty of light without being too bright, so they won’t damage your eyes over time.

The bulbs in this kit are dimmable and will allow you to adjust the brightness of your room according to your needs.

Each bulb has an average life span of up to 100,000 hours, meaning that they will last several years without needing to be replaced.

This set comes with everything you need for installation, including mounting hardware, a power cord and instructions on how to use it properly.

The bulbs can also be purchased separately if you want a different color or size of bulb for different rooms in your home or office space.

Westcott Flex Cine Peter Hurley Bi-Color Travel Kit, 1'x2'
  • Kit developed by portrait photographer Peter Hurley
  • Ideal for creating professional headshots
  • Complete 3-light kit with dimmers, power adapters, mounting hardware, and wheeled storage case
  • High output flexible LED mats

Kino Flo FreeStyle 31 LED 2-Light Kit

The Kino Flo FreeStyle 31 LED is a two-light kit that includes two 650W Fresnels and a 1.6K Daylight LED fixture, which can be used individually or in tandem to create an array of light shows.

This is great for any location where you need to illuminate a large area, as well as for situations where you want to use a single source of light over an extended period of time.

The fixtures are connected using the M-Lok system, which makes them easy to mount on your rig or other equipment.

Each fixture also has its own power supply, so you don’t have to worry about running extension cords from one fixture to another if they’re mounted on opposite sides of the rig.

Digital Sputnik DS3 LED Modular Plus

Digital Sputnik DS3 LED Modular Plus is our latest product, which is a high-brightness LED module that can be used in the lighting design of many different places. It has good compatibility with other devices and can be installed into a variety of places.

The light source adopts High-power LED chips, which are more energy efficient and have better brightness than the traditional lights. This product has an excellent performance and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The power supply input range is DC12V/24V, so it can be widely used in various places such as home, office, supermarket, transportation route etc.

Best On-Camera LED Lights On The Market

If you want to light up your shot, there are some great options for on-camera LED lights.

Neewer’s 5-in-1 LED light kit is one of the best on-camera LED lights on the market because it has so many features.

This kit comes with a diffused umbrella, softbox and three different flash heads. You have the option of using all three heads or just one depending on what kind of effect you are looking for.

The Neewer 10W 5-in-1 LED Light Kit also comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to control the light from up to 30 feet away using your smartphone or tablet. There is also an optional battery pack that can power this unit for up to three hours at full brightness or six hours at half brightness.

This is great if you want to be able to take a break from holding your iPhone or iPad while recording and still be able to use it as a remote control when needed during post production (although this feature may not be necessary).

This kit retails for $35 and is available

Bescor Morning Star Series LED-125

The Bescor Morning Star Series LED-125 is a dimmable, energy-saving LED recessed light that offers a wide range of decorative lighting options.

As an energy saver, each unit includes an electronic ballast that operates on only 13 watts of power and saves up to 75 percent in energy costs.

The dimming feature allows you to set the light level to your exact need, which makes it ideal for residential applications. The ballast provides 85 percent brightness, while the reflector creates a soft glow that illuminates larger areas.

The Bescor Morning Star Series LED-125 features a 2-in. diameter x 3/4-in. width x 1/2-in. depth faceplate with an IP66 rating for ease of installation in wet locations or outdoors in high humidity areas with no adverse effects on operation or appearance for indoor use.

Aputure Amaran AL-H198

The Aputure Amaran AL-H198 is a new addition to the Aputure Amaran series. It’s a small camera that can be used for any type of photography and can be attached to any lens or adapter.

The Amaran AL-H198 is also very easy to set up, which means you won’t have much trouble with it after you get it home.

The Amaran AL-H198 has a 2″ LCD screen display on the front of the device, which is nice because it makes it easy for users to see what they’re taking photos of at all times.

The back of this device has a built-in flash that can be used as an extra light source when needed, although it’s not very powerful compared to other flashes in this price range.

The Aputure Amaran AL-H198 also comes with two AAA batteries which are included in the package along with everything else needed for operation.

Aputure Amaran 300c RGB COB Video Light Bowen Mount 2,500K to 7,500K CCT with G/M Adjustment 26,580 lux @ 1m with Hyper Reflector Support APP Control
  • The amaran 300c is amaran’s first-ever full-color 300W Bowens Mount point-source LED light,...
  • Bi-color CCT range of 2,500K to 7,500K with green-magenta adjustment and 360° HSI color control...
  • The amaran 300c also punches well above its weight class, outputting 26,580 lux (5600K) using the...
  • Using Sidus Mesh technology, the amaran 300c can be controlled wirelessly. The Sidus Link App can...
  • With its 48V DC power input the 150c can freely switch between the AC adapter for studio shoots or...

ikan Onyx 120 Bi-Color

The ikan Onyx 120 Bi-Color is a very versatile and lightweight rod that can be used for fishing in almost any conditions. The real beauty of this rod is that it has a unique design that allows you to cast effortlessly with minimal effort.

This rod is made from premium grade fiberglass, which makes it very durable and long lasting. Moreover, it is also equipped with a high quality cork reel seat, which gives it excellent balance and control while casting.

The reel seat features a thin layer of cork, which helps improve the sensitivity of the line when casting. The cork also provides better grip on your line, which helps make it easier to cast accurately without having to worry about losing your line too often.

The Onyx 120 Bi-Color comes with an EVA foam handle that provides comfortable grip while you are holding the rod in your hand during fishing sessions. This EVA foam handle will not only make you feel more comfortable while holding the rod but also makes it easier for you to hold on to the rod when casting at high speeds or when playing around in rough waters.

Ikan Onyx 120 Bi-Color Aluminum On Camera LED Light, Black (OYB120)
  • Made of high quality durable lightweight anodized aluminum frame
  • Bi-color adjustable Variable temperature from 3200K-5600K, dimmable from 10-99%
  • Dual power option: can be powered either by 13-17v DC adapter power supply or np-f550, NP-F750, or...
  • Led display for easy readouts of brightness or color temperature
  • High CRI (color Rendering Index) of 95+

Dracast LED160

Dracast LED160 is a LED media player that can be used to display your favorite videos and pictures on your TV. The product comes with the most advanced technologies to ensure high quality images and sound.

It has been designed to operate perfectly on any device with HDMI port, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC and more.

Dracast Pro Series LED160 Daylight On-Camera Light with Battery and Charger
  • 【High Output, Ultra Bright 5600K Color Temperature】High output lighting for interviews, studios,...
  • 【Dracast Build Quality】Built with an anodized aluminum metal housing and frame for excellent...
  • 【Rechargeable Lithium Ion】 Kit includes one (1) rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be...
  • 【NP-F / L-Series Style】 Kit includes one (1) NP-F Style or L-Series Style rechargeable...
  • 【Portable Wall Charger Included】 Kit includes one (1) portable wall charger for NP-F / L-Series...

Aputure Amaran AL-F7

The Aputure Amaran AL-F7 is a new and improved version of the popular Amaran AL-F4. It has a better battery and an updated housing, which allows for easier access to the controls. The battery compartment is also now accessible without removing the camera from its housing.

The Aputure Amaran AL-F7 offers a lot of features for the price. It’s marketed as a “camcorder” but it can also be used as a still photo camera or video recorder.

The camera comes with a wide range of accessories including a tripod, microphone, remote control, shoulder strap and carry case.

The Amaran AL-F7 has two different lens options – an 8x optical zoom lens or a 5x digital zoom lens.

The 8x optical zoom lens provides about 38mm equivalent focal length which is equivalent to about 28mm on your 35mm film camera system.

The 5x digital zoom lens provides about 30mm equivalent focal length which is equivalent to about 20mm on your 35mm film camera system.

Aputure Amaran 150c COB Video Light,RGBWW 150W,2,500K to 7,500K CCT with G/M Adjustment,15,610 lux @ 1m with Hyper Reflector,APP Control (White)
  • Aputure amaran 150c produces stunning color quality throughout its expanded bi-color CCT range of...
  • The amaran 150c also punches well above its weight class, outputting 15,610 lux(5600K) using the...
  • Using Sidus Mesh technology, the amaran 150c can be controlled wirelessly. The Sidus Link App can...
  • With its 48V DC power input the 150c can freely switch between the AC adapter for studio shoots or...
  • The dual rear-facing side handles and redesigned Bowens Mount release latch even allow for ergonomic...

Dracast Camlux Pro

Dracast Camlux Pro is an application that allows you to create your own videos with the use of a webcam. This program comes with a lot of features, so you can make your videos beautiful and professional looking.

The main feature of this software is that it allows you to add effects and filters to your videos, which makes them look more realistic.

Dracast Camlux Pro also has many other features that make this software very useful, such as the ability to add text or music to your videos.

You can use Dracast Camlux Pro on Windows or Mac OS X computers. It is a free download and very easy to use, even for beginners who have never used any type of video editing software before. 

Dracast X Series LED500 - Bi-Color 3200K - 5600K LED Video Light | Bluetooth App Control | Dimmable Lighting 0-100% | CRI & TLCI 96+ | Dual NP-F Battery Plate | Carry Case
  • 【Bi-Color Adjustable Color Temperature】Easily match ambient lighting with 2800K - 8000K...
  • 【Remote Control with the Dracast DRX App】Control one or multiple lights simultaneously from over...
  • 【Dracast Build Quality and Included Accessories】Built with an anodized aluminum metal housing...
  • 【AC / DC Power Options】Plug the X Series panel into the wall using the included AC / DC power...
  • 【Soft Diffusion Built In】Dracast X Series lights include soft diffusion filters built in, giving...

Genaray LED-6200T 144 LED

The Genaray LED-6200T 144 LED is a powerful single channel LED grow light that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The light has a narrow beam angle and a long distance throw, making it ideal for growing plants indoors under lights.

The Genaray LED-6200T 144 LED includes an integrated fan that helps keep your grow area cool and the light itself is dimmable so you can change the color temperature to match your environment.

The unit also features a simple plug-and-play design, allowing you to set up your system quickly and easily.

Genaray LED-6200T 144 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light
  • Genaray Professional Series LED Light
  • 3200-5600K Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Up to 640 Lux Brightness at 3 ft
  • Stackable Vertically and Horizontally
  • 100-10% Flicker Free Brightness Dimmer

Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED

The Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED is a true high-brightness, long life light that provides an efficient white light for many applications. The Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED has a maximum output of up to 1,200 lumens and lasts up to 10 years.

The Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED offers a wide range of color temperatures from 2800K to 6500K, making it ideal for numerous applications including general lighting and task lighting.

The Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED features an advanced thermal management system that keeps the LED cool so it will not overheat or fail prematurely.

The Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED offers a 98% CRI and has an average cost per lumen of just $0.034 which makes it an efficient addition to your lighting system.

Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light
  • Genaray Great Professional Series Compact LED Light
  • For Photo/Video, Weddings and Events, Zoom Calls and More
  • 3200-5600K Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Up to 1400 Lux Brightness at 3 ft
  • 100-10% Flicker Free Brightness Dimmer

Rotolight NEO 2 LED Light

The Rotolight NEO 2 is a powerful, portable LED light that is ideal for any of your lighting needs.

The unit features a built-in dimmer and power supply, which allows you to control the intensity of the light.

The NEO 2 comes with a variety of accessories to create your own set up or to use as an add on light.

The NEO 2 features a 5500 Kelvin CRI rating and has an output of up to 2000 lumens. The unit also includes an AC adapter, which makes it easy to power from any standard outlet.

The LED lights are covered with a durable plastic casing that protects them from damage and gives them a clean look.

Rotolight NEO 2 LED Camera Light, Continuous Adjustable Color with Built in High-Speed Sync Flash
  • The NEO 2 is a powerful continuous adjustable color LED light & high-speed sync (HSS) flash...
  • The adjustable temperature from daylight to tungsten (6300-3150K) in continuous & flash mode...
  • In flash mode, the NEO 2 provides 500% more light output (mains power) and 250% on AA (NiMh or...
  • Features include True Aperture Dimming which calculates your aperture at a given distance and...
  • The package includes the NEO 2 LED light, 4-piece filter kit (Full and half diffusion, cosmetic...

Dedolight Pocket LEDRAMA

The Dedolight Pocket LEDRAMA is a miniature, portable light that offers a wide range of illumination. It’s designed to fit into tight spaces, including the pockets and bags of photographers. With its power-saving LED technology and battery options, it can run for up to 100 hours on one charge.

The Pocket LEDRAMA features 3 main settings: High, Mid and Low. These settings go from 1/4 power to 1x power output of the main unit.

This gives you total control over the intensity of your light source without having to worry about going through all of your modifiers or switching lights on/off constantly.

The Pocket LEDRAMA also includes a dimming feature that allows you to dim your light source by 2 stops (from 0-100%). The dimmer knob also allows you to adjust the dial speed by 1/5th stop increments at no extra cost!

Best Special Use Case LED Lights

LED lighting is the perfect solution for special use cases. The benefits of using this technology are many, and it’s no wonder that it’s become so popular. It can be used in a variety of different ways, ranging from commercial lighting to outdoor lighting.

One of the best special use cases for LED lights is its ability to be used in outdoor applications such as parking lots and roadways. This technology makes it possible for you to create a more attractive environment for your customers and employees, while also getting rid of any electrical costs associated with traditional lighting solutions.

Another great application for LED lights is commercial spaces. This type of application requires a lot more light than residential ones do, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting an LED solution that will work well in this space.

For example, when it comes time for an office remodel or new building project, you’ll want an LED light kit that provides plenty of illumination without draining your electricity bill too much.

Menik CB-68A 68W Roll-flex LED

The Menik CB-68A 68W Roll-flex Led is a high brightness and low power consumption LED module designed for use in traffic signals, street lights and other applications. The LED module features an aluminum housing with high strength and light weight.

It has a waterproof IP65 protection rating and it can be used in harsh environments. The LED module is available with a choice of warm white or cool white output color temperatures (5000K or 3000K).

The CB-68A’s high brightness (68W) and wide viewing angle make it ideal for high volume applications where additional light is needed. This product has been designed to be easily mounted on a standard traffic signal pole, with a standard mounting bracket included.

Yongnuo YN360 II LED Light Wand

The Yongnuo YN360 II LED Light Wand is a powerful, lightweight, and portable LED light that is perfect for video and photo shoots.

The included batteries allow you to use the LED light wand without recharging them, which is great for when you need to move quickly.

The Yongnuo YN360 II LED Light Wand features a long-range infrared remote control that allows you to choose from eight different color temperatures and adjust the brightness of the light.

In addition to being small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack, this light also comes with two different attachments so that you can use it as a diffuser or bounce card.

The Yongnuo YN360 II LED Light Wand has three different power modes: High Power Mode (4000 lumens), Mid Power Mode (2000 lumens), and Low Power Mode (800 lumens). Each mode uses four AA batteries, which are not included in the purchase price of this product.

YONGNUO YN360 III YN360III Upgraded LED Video Light 5600K, Handheld Photography Ice Light, RGB Full Color Touch Pad Adjustable, App Support, 2.4G Remote Control, CRI 95+
  • 【CRI95+, Wide Irritation Angle】Adopts 360pcs high-quality lamp beads with big luminous chip,...
  • 【Touch Adjusting Mode】 YN360 III Equipped with proprietary remote with touch pad control,...
  • 【10 Special Scene Supplementary Lighting Mode】With YN360III, you can simulate 10 various special...
  • 【Dual mode, RGB full color】Provides RGB full color, you can not only get the fill-in light with...
  • 【Two Power Supply Modes】1.NP-F series lithium battery (NOT included); 2.external 12V2A AC...

Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGBAW LED Light

Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGBAW LED Light is a high-quality, professional, and portable music instrument light. It can be used in any musical performance, such as concerts, performances, or solo shows. It has a strong built-in battery that can work for up to 4 hours on one charge.

The product has two modes: automatic mode and manual mode. When it detects a sound signal from the instrument, it will automatically change to “manual mode” to adjust the brightness of the light according to the sound’s frequency; when there is no sound from the instrument, it will automatically change back to “automatic mode”.

The Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGBAW LED Light is made of an aluminum alloy body that makes it lightweight and durable enough to withstand long-term use without any problem. It also features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to control all of its functions via your mobile device.

Luxli Taiko 2x1 RGBAW LED Light
  • CCT Mode: 2800-10,000K Color Temperature
  • RGB Mode: Total Hue & Saturation Control
  • Floating White Point in RGB Mode
  • High CRI/TLCI: 95/98 Color Accuracy
  • 15,500 lux @ 3', Measures 27 x 17.8 x 3"

LED Video Lights – Wrapping Up

LED video lights are the latest trend in the world of interior and exterior lighting. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your home, this is a great investment to make. There are many different types of LED lights available that can be used inside or out.

The first thing that you should know about LED light bars is that they do not need to be attached directly to your ceiling or wall in order to work.

They can be placed anywhere you want them to go, including on top of tables or desks, under cabinets or even along the side of cabinets.

Another thing that makes these lights so great is their ability to change colors. You can choose from several different colors and they will shine in different directions depending on which color you choose.

This makes it easier for people who may not be able to see well at night because they don’t have perfect vision to still be able to see just fine with these lights shining down on them at night time.

LED light bars are also very energy efficient and will save you money over time by using less electricity than traditional lighting setups do.

This means that if you live in an area where there is high energy costs then these lights will help you save money every month!


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